Sigurd "Snake Eye" Ragnarsson King Of Denmark b: Abt 776 in Jutland, Denmark
Bjorn "Ironside" Ragnarsson b: Abt 780 in Sweden
Hvitserk Ragnarsson b: Abt 784 in Denmark
Halfdan White Shirt Ragnarsson King Of Dublin
Rognvald Ragnarsson b: Abt 786 in Denmark
Ragnhildir Ragnarsdottir
Ubbe Ragnarson


Jonathan CALKINS

John Kenney b: 3 NOV 1667 in probably Milton, Massachusetts
Moses Kenney b: 6 OCT 1668 in Milton, Masssachusetts
John Kenney b: 15 JAN 1669/70 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Hannah Kenney b: 18 JUL 1673 in Milton, Masssachusetts
Daniel Kenney b: 2 APR 1675
Jonathan Kenney b: 14 OCT 1677
Samuel Kenney b: 18 OCT 1679 in Barrington, NS (?)
Elizabeth Kenney b: 24 MAR 1682/83
Nathaniel Kenney b: 6 MAR 1684/85 in Milton, Norfolk, Masssachusetts

Children of Robert Finney and "Mother" (?):
Katherine Finney+ (c 1596 - b 05 Jun 1676)
Joyce Finney (09 Apr 1599 - Aug 1603)
Anne Finney (14 Mar 1601/2 - 17 Feb 1602/3)
John Finney+ (15 Mar 1604 - a 07 Feb 1682/83)
Robert Finney (06 Feb 1608 - 07 Jan 1688)
Anne Finney+ (04 Aug 1611 - 04 May 1688)

[S60] The Finney Family of Lenton.

Children of Edward Patten and Elizabeth Tinder:
Christian Patten+ (23 Nov 1608 - 09 Sep 1649)
Elizabeth Patten (1612)
Child Patten (1620)

Children of Jeffery Finney and Ellen Smedley:
Edward Finney+ (c 1561 - b 11 May 1598)
Anne Finney+ (c 1566)
Robert Finney+ (c 1568 - c 1637/38)
Sicille Finney (1570 - 25 Jan 1643/44)
Isabell Finney (1572)

[S60] The Finney Family of Lenton;.

Miss Celine Zinkeisen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Zinkeisen, wasmarried to lieutenant Jehiel Gardner Shipman, O. R C, son of Judge andMrs. George Marshall Shipman, at the MacDowell Gallery, No. 108 WestFifty-fifth Street, last Wednesday. The ceremony was performed by the'Rev. Edmund Hance Carhart, Jr., of Grace Church. The bride's attendantwas her sister. Miss Josephine Zinkeisen, Mr. George Marshall Shipman,Jr., was best man for his brother.
The bride wore a gown of white satin with tulle veil and orange blossoms. She carried lilies of the valley and white orchids. Her sister wore pink satin and chiffon and carried pink roses. Lieutenant Shipman and his bride started on their wedding trip in the South. Later they will live at Fort Lee, VA, where he is stationed with the Field Artillery, U.S.A.
New York Herald, 2 December 1917

Children of Stephan Griffith and Rebecca Rider:
Joseph Griffith (15 Mar 1700)
Stephen Griffith (15 Mar 1702)
Rebecca Griffith+ (18 Jun 1703 - a 04 Dec 1761)
Lazarus Griffith (07 Jun 1708)
Barnabas Griffith (21 Nov 1710)
Thankful Griffith (03 Apr 1714)
Abraham Griffith (31 Jul 1716 - 25 Dec 1717)

[S66] Mayflower Families.

Chodoswintha Of Austrasia b: Abt 550 in Austrasia
Childebert II King Of Franks
Ingonde Princess Of Metz b: Abt 553

Thomas LATHROP b: 21 FEB 1612 in Kent,Eng
Jane LATHROP b: 29 SEP 1614 in Egerton,England
Anne LATHROP b: 12 MAY 1616 in Egerton,England
John LATHROP b: 22 FEB 1617 in Egerton,England
Barbara LATHROP b: 31 OCT 1619 in Egerton,England
Samuel LATHROP b: 1622 in London,Kent,England
Joseph LATHROP b: 11 APR 1624 in London,London,Eng
Benjamin LATHROP b: 11 APR 1624 in London,Eng

Mary Ann LATHROPE b: 4 OCT 1640 in Barnstable, MA
Elizabeth LATHROPE b: 9 APR 1641 in Barnstable
Hannah LATHROPE b: 18 OCT 1642 in Barnstable
Thomas LATHROPE b: 7 JUL 1644 in Barnstable
Melatiah LATHROP b: 22 NOV 1646 in Barnstable
Bethia LATHROPE b: 23 JUL 1649 in Barnstable

John T. CROMWELL and Miss Ada M. PASCHAL were married by Elder C.W.
HAWKINS at the home of the bride's parents on Orchard St., Thursday
everning. The wedding was private, only the members of the family and a
few intimate friends being present. Much taste was displayed in the
floral decorations of the house.

Alaf (Alof) Ragnarsdottir b: Abt 795 in Uppsala, Sweden
Erik Ragnarsson b: Abt 800 in Yorkshire, England
Agnar Ragnarsson b: Abt 790 in Denmark

1. Rollo Thurstan BRICO b: Abt 892 in , Breidabolstadur, Eyjafjordur, Iceland
2. Hallbera HROLLAUGSDATTER b: Abt 894 in , Breidabolstadur
3. Jon Ozui HROLLAUGSSON b: Abt 896 in , Breidabolstadur
4. Turstain Brico HROLF b: Abt 900 in , Breidabolstadur
5. Rollo HROLLAUGSSON b: Abt 905 in , Breidabolstadur

Mary Bunker b: ABT 1638
George Bunker b: AFT 1645 in Nancy, Meurthe-et-Mosel, France
Elizabeth Bunker b: 1646 in Nantucket, MA
William Bunker b: 17 JUN 1648 in Topsfield, Essex, MA
Nathan Bunker b: ABT 1650/51 in Nantucket Island, MA
Mary Bunker b: 11 MAY 1652 in Newbury, Essex, MA
Ann Bunker b: 1654 in Newbury
Martha Bunker b: 28 NOV 1656 in Newbury
Bunker b: ABT 1658 in Newbury

1. John TILSON b: ABT 1540 in Scituate, Plymouth, MA
2. Mary TILSON b: 1631 in England
3. Elizabeth TILSON b: ABT 1634 in Scituate
4. Ephraim TILSON b: ABT 1637 in Scituate
5. Joan TILSON b: ABT 1638 in Scituate

Thomas Look b: 06 JUN 1646 in Lynn, Essex, MA
Sarah Looke b: 12 JAN 1648 in Lynn,
Jonathan Look b: JUL 1651 in Lynn,
Mary Looke b: 15 JUL 1654 in Lynn,
Elizabeth Look b: MAY 1656 in Lynn,
Experience Look b: ABT 1658 in Lynn,

1. Dorothy THOMPSON b: 23 Jul 1621 in Preston Capes
2. Bridget THOMPSON b: 11 Sep 1622 in Preston Capes
3. Dorothy THOMPSON b: 5 Jul 1624 in Preston Capes
4. Nathaniel THOMPSON b: 16 Oct 1625 in Preston Capes
5. Martha THOMPSON b: 17 Dec 1626 in Preston Capes

Bastita Flaitel b: Abt 1025 in Evereux, Normandy, France
William Flaitel b: Abt 1020 in Of Evreux, Normandy, France
Ermentrude Agnes Flaitel b: Abt 1014 in Longueville, Normandy, France

1. Mary Warren b: Abt 1608 in London, Middlesex, England
2. Ann Warren b: 1612 in Devonshire, England
3. Sarah Warren b: Abt 1614 in England
4. Elizabeth Warren b: Abt 1616 in London
5. Abigail Warren b: 1618
6. Nathaniel Warren b: 16 Jul 1624 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
7. Joseph Warren b: 22 Mar 1626/27 in Plymouth

Nils Andersson. b. at Smedsbyn 8, . d. 1698 at Ängesbyn 3
Jöns Andersson Ekman. b. at Smedsbyn 8, . d. före 1707-02-14 at Gammelstad
Dordi Andersdotter. b. 1668-10-.. at Smedsbyn 8, d. 1708-03-29 at Ängesbyn 3
Anders Andersson. b. omkring 1668 at Smedsbyn 8, d. 1747-07-05 at Smedsbyn 8
Sara Andersdotter. b. omkring 1671 at Smedsbyn 8, d. 1740-02-03 at Sunderbyn 17
Karin Andersdotter, b. omkring 1673 at Smedsbyn 8, d. 1758-02-10 at Antnäs 10

1. Thordis THORDARDOTTIR b: Abt 894 in Hof, Hof I Alptafirdi, Sudur Mula, Iceland
2. Orn "Sterkistrong" THORDARSSON b: Abt 896 in Hof
3. Eyvindur "Smidur-Smith" THORDARSSON b: Abt 898 in Hof
4. Groa THORDARDOTTIR b: Abt 900 in Hof

Joan Roscoe's Engagement to Robert De Feo Revealed
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon K. Roscoe, 821 Kornblum, are today announcing the engagement of their daughter, Joan, to Robert J. De Feo, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank De Feo, of Norwood, Rhode Island.
The wedding will be solemnized in August at the Nativity Catholic Church here.
The bride-elect recently returned from Quincy, MA, where she has been employed since her graduation from Torrance High school in June 1956.
The bridegroom-to-be was graduated from the La Salle Academy In Providence, Rhode Island, in 1954. He served three years with the United States Marines stationed at El Toro.
Torrence Herald, 21 March 1957
Joan Roscoe Becomes Bride of Robt. J. DeFoe on May 3
Miss Joan Marie Roscoe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon K. Roscoe, 821 Kornblum Ave., walked down the aisle of Nativity Catholic Church last Saturday morning at 11 o'clock to plight her marriage promises to Robert Joseph De Feo, of Bellflower. Parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. Frank De Feo, Norwood, RI.
Approaching the allar on the arm of her father, the bride was radiant in her wedding gown of white nylon net and Chantilly lace. The floor-length gown ad a scalloped neckline, fitted bodice and a bouffant skirt. Her illusion veil fell from a lace and pearl crown. The bridal bouquet was of white roses tied with white satin bows.
Miss Joyce Noone was her cousin's maid of honor. She wore a nile green lace gown and carried a bouquet of pink rosebuds and green daisies.
Bridesmaids were Mrs. Beverly Foreman, Maurine Bradford and Clieryl Sheehan. Their gowns were of pink lace and each carried a cascade bouquet of pink rosebuds and green daisies tied with green stream.
Little Miss Debbie Rose, wearing white and orchid origanza, was the flower girl.
John Noone performed the duties of best man and ushers were Eldon Roscoe Jr., and Kenneth Ivers.
The Rev. Thomas Glynn officiated at the marriage and the nuptial mass. Mrs. Neil McConologue played the wedding marches and sang "On This Day" and "Ave Maria."
A reception was held for the 100 guests at the YWCA.
The bride attended Avon High School In Massachusetts and was graduated from Torrance High.
Her husband attended LaSalle Academy, in Rhode Island, and Providence College. He served three years with the United States Marine Corps.
The young couple are spending a honeymoon in Palm Springs. Their new address is 1806 Esplanade, Redondo Beach.
Torrence Herald, 8 May 1958

Lowe-Lutz -- Auburn, March 26 -- The marriage of Ruby Pearl Lutz,daughter of Mr and Mrs Roy S. Lutz, Lake Paul and Gerald St Clair Lowe,only son of Mr and Mrs Clarence R Lowe, Millville, was solemnizedWednesday evening, March 20, at the home of Mr and Mrs Fred C Reynolds,Kentville. Rev Freeman Fenerty, pastor of Kentville Baptist Church,performed the ceremony in the presence of relatives and friends.
The bride, given in marriage by her brother, Ervan Lutz, wore a floor-length dress of white sheer, with overskirt of white net, tight-fitting bodice, sweetheart neckline and long sleeves.The long embroidered veil was caught at the head with flowers. She carried a bouquet of American Beauty Roses.
Her sister, Mrs Iona Lutz, was bridesmaid gowned in pink sheer with flower hat and carrying pink carnations. Little Dawne Potter, neice of the bride, dressed in floor-length white net over pale pink, was ring bearer. Maxwell Jefferson, uncle of the groom, Bridgewater, was best man.
Following the ceremony a reception was held. Receiving with the bride and groom were their mothers and Mrs Reynolds. Together the bride and groom cut the three-tier wedding cake. Mr and Mrs Lowe spent several days at Cornwallis Inn, Kentville. They will reside in Millville where the groom is engaged in farming.
Mrs Philip Potter, sister of the bride, assisted in opening the gifts and read the cards. A buffet lunch was served. Serving were Marjorie and Gladys, sisters of the groom, and Kathleen Reynolds and Frances Mailman, friends of the bride.


They had the following children:
F 1. Elizabeth Bliss was born on 20 Nov 1645 in Saybrook, CT. She died on 10 Jul 1680.
F 2. Sarah Bliss was born on 26 Aug 1647 in Norwich, CT. She died on 29 Aug 1730.
F 3. Mary Bliss
M 4. Thomas Bliss was born on 3 Mar 1652 in Saybrook, CT. He died on 29 Jan 1682.
F 5. Deliverance Bliss
M 6. Samuel Bliss
F 7. Ann Bliss was born on 15 Sep 1660 in Norwich, CT. She died on 19 Feb 1714/1715.
F 8. Rebecca Bliss was born on 18 Mar 1663 in Norwich, CT.
She died on 22 Aug 1737 in Norwich, CT.

1. John DAVIS b: 1680/1690 in Haverhill,Essex,MA?
2. Moses DAVIS b: 2 Nov 1684 in Haverhill
3. Jabez DAVIS b: 1685/1701 in Dover, Stafford, NH
4. Ebenezer DAVIS b: 10 Jun 1702 in Dover

1. Sancho Asnarez (d young)
2. Toda of Larraun (b c885, d after 970) m. Sancho I, King of Navarre (b c865, d 11.12.925)
3. Sancha of Larraun m. Jimeno I, King of Pamplona (d 29.05.931)


Mary Calkins
Sarah Caulkins
Mary Caulkins
John Caulkins
Susan Caulkins
David Caulkins
Deborah Caulkins
Rebecca Caulkins
Hugh Caulkins

1. Mary DAVIS b: 6 Nov 1647 in Haverhill,Essex,MA
2. Sarah DAVIS b: 7 Mar 1648/1649 in Haverhill
3. John DAVIS b: 22 Aug 1651 in Haverhill
4. Hannah DAVIS b: 24 Dec 1653 in Dover,Strafford, NH
5. Jane DAVIS b: 29 Dec 1655 in Dover
6. Moses DAVIS b: 30 Dec 1657 in Dover
7. Joseph DAVIS b: 26 Jan 1659/1660 in Dover
8. James DAVIS Col. b: 23 May 1662 in Dover
9. Jane DAVIS b: 15 May 1664 in Dover
10. Jemima DAVIS b: ABT 1666 in Dover
11. Judith DAVIS b: ABT 1667 in Dover

Elizabeth Deane b: ABT. 1630 in Plymouth, MA
Miriam Deane b: ABT. 1632 in Plymouth, MA
Susanna Deane b: ABT. 1634 in Plymouth, MA

Fortun Garces, King of Pamplona (b c830, d after 925) m. (c845) Aurea
1) Inigo Fortun of Pamplona (d c905) m. Sancha of Navarre/Pamplona (dau of Garcia II, King of Pamplona)
(A) Fortun Iniguez of Pamplona had issue
(B) Oria of Pamplona m. Munio Garces
(C) Lupa of Pamplona
m. Sancho Lupez de Araquil
2) Aznar Fortun of Pamplona
(A) Fortun Aznar of Pamplona 'el Huerfano'
(i) Garcia Forun de Cabanas
3) Blasco Fortun of Pamplona
(A) Jimena of Pamplona m. Inigo Garcez, King of Pamplona
(B) Toda of Pamplona m. Inigo Mardonnes de Lucientes
(C) Sancha of Pamplona m. Galindo Jimenez de Pintano
4) Lope Fortun of Pamplona (d young)
5) Oneca of Pamplona (b c847)
m1. (863, div ?) Abdallah I, Emir of Cordoba (d 912)
m2. (880) Aznar Sanchez de Larraun


Abigail TURNER
Ezekiel TURNER
Susanna TURNER

1. Ruhamah Dow b: 24 Feb 1662/63 in Haverhill, Essex, MA
2. Samuel Dow b: 22 Jan 1664/65 in Haverhill
3. Hannah Dow b: 1 Feb 1667/68 in Haverhill
4. Stephen Dow b: 10 Sep 1670 in Haverhill
5. Martha Dow

Elizabeth Ring b: ABT. 1609 in Ufford, SFK, ENG
Susanna Ring b: ABT. 1611
Andrew Ring b: ABT. 1618 in Leiden, Holland

1. Marie (Mary) CHESEBROUGH b: BEF. 2 MAY 1622 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England
2. Martha CHESEBROUGH b: BEF. 18 SEP 1623 in Boston, Lincolnshire
3. David CHESEBROUGH b: BEF. 9 SEP 1624 in Boston, Lincolnshire
4. Jonathan CHESEBROUGH b: BEF. 9 SEP 1624
5. Sarah CHESEBROUGH b: ABT. 1625 in Boston, Lincolnshire
6. Peter CHESEBROUGH b: BET. 1625 - 1626
7. Samuel CHESEBROUGH b: BEF. 1 APR 1627 in Boston, Lincolnshire
8. Andronicus CHESEBROUGH b: BEF. 6 FEB 1628/29
9. Junia\Julia CHESEBROUGH b: BEF. 6 FEB 1628/29
10. Nathaniel CHESEBROUGH b: 28 JAN 1629/30 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
11. John CHESEBROUGH b: BEF. 11 NOV 1632
12. Jabez CHESEBROUGH b: BEF. 3 MAY 1635
13. Joseph CHESEBROUGH b: 18 JUL 1640 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA
14. Elisha CHEESEBOROUGH b: BEF. 4 JUN 1637

Children of Joshua Griffith and Alice:
Thomas Griffith (c 1620)
William Griffith (c 1621 - 1638)
Elizabeth Griffith (c 1625)
Mary Griffith (c 1629)
James Griffith (c 1632 - 1699)
Elizabeth Griffith (1636 - 1640)
Sarah Griffith (1637)
William Griffith+ (1638 - 1723)

1. Ann CHESEBROUGH b: 12 OCT 1660 in Stonington,New London,CT
2. Sarah CHESEBROUGH b: 30 JAN 1662 in Stonington
3. Nathaniel CHESEBROUGH b: 14 APR 1666 in Stonington
4. Bridget CHESEBROUGH b: MAR 1669 in Stonington
5. Hannah CHESEBROUGH b: 1671 in Stonington
6. Samuel C. CHESEBROUGH b: 14 FEB 1674 in Stonington
7. Margaret CHESEBROUGH b: 1676
8. Mary CHESEBROUGH b: 30 JUN 1678 in Stonington

Abigail THOMPSON b: Abt 1657 in Stamford, CT
Elizabeth THOMPSON b: Bef 1659 in Brookhaven
William THOMPSON b: 9 APR 1664 in Brookhaven
John THOMPSON b: Abt 1662 in Stamford
Isaac,Capt. THOMPSON b: Abt 1671 in Stamford
Samuel THOMPSON b: 4 MAR 1689 in Ashford

+ Abigail born 29 May 1804; died July 16, 1867; married James Crocker on May 14, 1827; 1 child known
+ Mary born 2 May 1806; died July 4, 1900; married William Craig on Dec 5, 1832; 8 children
+ Benjamin Foster born 16 Mar 1807; died Nov 28, 1867;
married Dec 10, 1828 Amelia B. Randall; 1 child;
married 2nd May 20, 1836, Irene Simmons; 11 children
+ Deborah born 14 Mar 1810; married Nov 7, 1827 Alexander Patterson; 6 children
+ Sarah born 2 Feb 1811; resided in Wilmot, NS; married Abraham Reagh, 6 children
+ Elizabeth born 7 Jun 1813; resided in Aylesford, NS; married Asa K. Patterson, 2 children
(An Asa H. Patterson, per birth record in the Aylesford township book))
+ Ann Morton born 5 Jan 1815; resided in Wilmot, NS; married Isaac Reagh, 6 children
+ Rev. Thomas Baldwin born 2 May 1817; died Dec 1, 1881;
married Jul 18, 1844 Lucy Rogers Peck; 1 child known
+ Lucy Catherine born 26 May 1819; Died 28 Feb 1890; Resided in Wilmot, NS, unmarried
+ Charlotte Lavinia born 22 May 1821; died Jul 25, 1910;
married Feb 21, 1842 Benjamin Lawrence Palmer; 9 children
+ Charles Francis born 16 Jul 1824 (also a Rev.); died Dec 18, 1887 (or 8/17/1824);
married 1845 to Sarah Elizabeth Peck

Children that died young:
Son GOODWYN was born on 24 Mar 1894 in Sunderland, MA. He died on 12 Apr 1894 in Sunderland.
Twin daughter GOODWYN was born on 24 Mar 1894 in Sunderland. One died on 5 Apr 1894 and the other 12 April 1894 in Sunderland.

1. Hugh de Montfort b: ABT 1072 in Folkingham, Warwickshire
2. Felia de Gand b: ABT 1070 in Folkingham, Bourne, Lincolnshire
3. Emma de Gand b: ABT 1075 in Folkingham, Bourne, LIncolnshire
4. Walter de Gand b: ABT 1080 in Fordington, Lincolnshire
5. Peter de Montfort b: ABT 1085
6. Agnes de Gant b: ABT 1075 in Halton, Cheshire

1. Thomas Dow b: 1528
2. John Dow
3. Edith Dow
4. Christopher Dow
5. Katherine Dow

Stephen HINCKLEY b: 2 FEB 1575 in Harrietsham,County Kent, England
Stephen HINCKLEY b: 15 FEB 1578 in Harrietsham,County Kent, England
Margaret HINCKLEY b: 30 OCT 1580 in Harrietsham,County Kent, England
Elizabeth HINCKLEY b: 30 SEP 1582 in Harrietsham,County Kent, England
Catherine HINCKLEY b: ABT 1584 in Harrietsham,County Kent, England
Mary HINCKLEY b: 5 FEB 1587 in Harrietsham,County Kent, England
Samuel HINCKLEY b: 25 MAY 1589 in Harrietsham,County Kent, England
John HINCKLEY b: ABT 1591 in Harrietsham,County Kent, England

1. Sarah HINCKLEY b: MAY 1669 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
2. Bethia HINCKLEY b: MAR 1673/74 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
3. Hannah HINCKLEY b: 15 MAY 1675 in Dorchester
4. Jonathan HINCKLEY b: 15 FEB 1676/77 in Barnstable
5. Ichabod HINCKLEY b: 28 AUG 1680 in Barnstable
6. Gershom HINCKLEY b: 2 APR 1682 in Barnstable
7. Job HINCKLEY b: 1684 in Barnstable
8. Mary HINCKLEY b: ABT. 1686 in Barnstable
9. Abigail HINCKLEY b: ABT. 1688 in Barnstable
10. Mercy HINCKLEY b: ABT. 1690 in Barnstable
11. Samuel HINCKLEY b: 2 FEB 1670/71 in Barnstable

1. John Dow b: Aft 1633 in Newbury, Essex, MA
2. Thomas Dow b: Bet 1635 and 1640 in Newbury
3. Stephen Dow b: 25 Mar 1642 in Newbury
4. Mary Dow b: 26 Apr 1644 in Newbury
5. Martha Dow b: 1 Jun 1648 in Newbury

1. Marie Dowe b: Abt 1594
2. Lucy Dowe b: Abt 1596
3. Thomas Dowe b: Abt 1599
4. Francys Dowe b: Abt 1600
5. Has Children Thomas Dowe b: Abt 1600
6. Has Children Henry Dowe b: Abt 1605
7. Edward Dowe b: Abt 1607
8. William Dowe b: Abt 1609


William Hieme Count D' Eu b: Abt 970 in Eu, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France
Hawisa (Hedwig) Of Normandy b: Abt 977 in Normandy, France
Papia Of Normandy b: Abt 980 in Normandy, France
Godfrey Fitzrichard Of Brionne b: Abt 953 in Brionne, Eure, Normandy, France
Muriella De Normandy b: Abt 970 in Normandy, France

Gilbert Basset b: Abt 1188 in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
Hawise Basset b: 1182 in Wycombe, Buckingham, England
Fulco Basset b: Abt 1186 in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
PHILLIP Basset b: 1190/1200 in Wycombe, Buckshire, England
Alice (Aline) Basset b: Abt 1184/1192 in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
Catherine Basset b: 1194 in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

Richard TILDEN

William TILDEN

Another child might be Julie Kathleen.

Boleslaw Zapomiany
Kazimierz I Odnowiciel

Married -- At Aylesdord, March 27, 1937, by Rev Milton C Munn, Olive,daughter of Mr and Mrs Spurgeon Jones, Berwick West, to Ervin George,eldest son of Mr and Mrs Roy Lutz, of Lake Paul, NS.

Thursday evening, August 17, it was my privilege to officiate at a quietwedding ceremony held in our home here at South Lancaster. Enar GottfredHallgren, formerly of Gardner, but more recently of Northampton, Mass.,and Miss Eloise Cynthia Hoxie, of Northampton were united in marriage.The bridal party consisted of the parents and near relatives of thegroom, the brother of the bride and a few close friends. Mr. and Mrs.Hallgren will make their home at Northampton, where Brother Hallgren isengaged in farming. Both are members of the Northampton church. We wishthem a happy experience as they build their new home.
F. D. WELLS, Atlantic Union Gleaner, 30 August 1933

Elizabeth TILDEN
Mary or Marie TILDON
Winifred TILDEN
Stephen TILDEN

Either Adeline died or they were divorced between 1910, when they wereliving in Boston, and 1917, when he registered for the draft.

Martha Tupper b: 13 OCT 1662 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Thomas Tupper b: 11 AUG 1664 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Israel Tupper b: 22 SEP 1666 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Elisha Tupper b: 17 MAR 1667/68 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Jane Tupper b: 28 APR 1672 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Ichabod Tupper b: 11 AUG 1673 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Eldad Tupper b: 31 MAY 1675 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Medad Tupper b: 22 SEP 1677 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Anne Tupper b: 14 DEC 1679 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Eliakim Tupper b: 29 DEC 1681 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Berthia Tupper b: 25 APR 1685 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA

Seth CLAPP b: 3 MAY 1746 in Northampton, Hmapshire, MA
Paul CLAPP b: 1752 in Chesterfield, Hampshire, MA

Nathaniel Edwards b: 4 MAY 1749 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Timothy Edwards b: 25 MAR 1751
Solomon Edwards b: 19 JUL 1753
Oliver Edwards b: 29 AUG 1755 in Northampton
Lucy Edwards b: 12 AUG 1757 in Northampton
Lydia Edwards-Edwards b: 30 JUL 1759 in Northampton
Nancy Edwards-Clark b: 16 AUG 1761 in Northampton
Thaddeus Edwards b: 1 AUG 1763 in Northampton
Alanson Edwards b: 8 JAN 1766 in Northampton

1. Ljotur SIDU b: Abt 978 in Thvotta
2. Thorgerdur SIDU b: Abt 982
3. Thorsteinn SIDU b: 994 in Thvotta


They had the following children:
M 1. Henry Hulins was born in 1589 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire.
M 2. Lawrence Hulins was born in 1591 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire.
M 3. John Hulins was born in 1593 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire.
F 4. Margaret Hulins
F 5. Joane Hulins
F 6. Alice Hulins
F 7. Mary Hulins was born in 1601 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire.

William Tupper b: 6 JUL 1735, Sandwich, MA
Ruth Tupper b: 1741 in Lebanon, New London, Ct
Mary Tupper b: 1743
Charles Tupper b: 19 APR 1748 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Abigail Tupper b: 1751
Joanna Tupper b: 1753

Agnes de Clare b. 1112, Tonbridge, Kent
Baldwin de Clare b. 1114, Tonbridge
Basilia de Clare b. 1116, Tonbridge
Richard FitzGilbert de Clare b. 1130

1. (Daughter) Dow
2. (Daughter) Dow
3. Edmond Dow
4. Katherine Dow
5. Henry Dowe b: Abt 1560 in Runham, Norfolk, England
6. Thomas Dow b: Abt 1552
7. Christopher Dow b: Abt 1570
8. John Dow b: Abt 1572

Children of William Griffith and Lydia (?):
Philip Griffith (1662)
William Griffith (1670)
Stephan Griffith+ (c 1674)
James Griffith (1676)
Jeremiah Griffith (1680)

Walter de Clare, b.1086 , d.1149
Margaret de Clare, b.1090 , d.1185 m. (ca. 1108), Sir William de Montfitchet, Lord of Stanstead Mountfitchet.
Adelize/Alice de Clare, b.1092 , d.1163 m. (ca. 1105), Aubrey II de Vere, Justicar of England, Master Chamberlain, son of Aubrey I de Vere and Beatrice. She had nine children though became a nun in later life.
Baldwin Fitz Gilbert de Clare, Lord of Bourne, b.1092 , d.1154 m. Adeline de Rollos.
Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare, b.1094 , d.1136 1st Earl of Hertford.
Hervey de Clare, b.(ca.1096)
Gilbert Fitz Gilbert de Clare, b.(ca.1100) , d.1148 1st Earl of Pembroke.
Rohese de Clare, b.(ca.1105) , d.1149 m. (ca. 1130), Baderon of Monmouth.
Margaret de Clare, b.1101


They had the following children:
M 1. Thomas Bliss
M 2. Lawrence Bliss
M 3. Nathaniel Bliss
F 4. Ann Bliss
M 5. Samuel Bliss
F 6. Mary Bliss
F 7. Hester Esther (Twin) /Bliss
M 8. John Bliss *-3812
F 9. Elizabeth (Twin) Bliss
F 10. Sarah Bliss
F 11. Hannah Bliss was born in 1639 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England.
She died on 25 Jan 1660/1661 in Springfield, Hampden, MA


They had the following children:

M 1. Jonathan Bliss
M 2. Thomas Bliss
F 3. Elizabeth (Betty) Bliss
M 4. George Bliss
F 5. Mary (Polly) Bliss was born about 1593 in Belstone, Devonshire, England.
She died on 31 Aug 1667.
F 6. Agnes Bliss
F 7. Joane Blisse
F 8. Constance Blisse was born about 1597 in Preston Parva, Northampton, England.
M 9. John Bliss was christened on 17 Mar 1615/1616 in Preston Capes, Northampton, England.

James DOWNING b: Abt 1616 in London
Abigail DOWNING b: 1616 in St. Lawrence, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Mary DOWNING b: 1618 in London, England
Emmanuel DOWNING b: Abt 1618
Susan DOWNING b: 1622 in Eng.

Warner Comte De Nantes b: Abt 808 in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, Anjou/Pays DE La Loire, France
Lisois I Seigneur De Craon b: Abt 827 in Craon, Mayenne, Maine/Pays DE La Loire, France
Miss De Nantes b: Abt 829 in Nantes


They had the following children:
M 1. Thomas Bliss
F 2. Agnes Blysse was christened on 15 Mar 1564/1565 in Daventry, Northampton, England.
She was buried on 20 May 1592.
F 3. Anne Blysse was christened on 19 Jul 1573 in Daventry, Northampton, England.

Possible earlier family (ages as of 2006):
Seiler, Renee L. (Age 39)
Seiler, William B. (Age 39)

Peter Phelps b: 1603
Richard Montaque b: 1614 in England
Peter Montague b: 1603 in Boveney, Bucks, England
Robert Montague b: Abt 1605 in Burnham, Boveney, Bucks, England
William Montague b: 1610 in Burnham
Ann Montague b: Abt 1611 in Burnham
Peter Montague b: 1612
William Montague b: Abt 1616 in of Burnham
Elizabeth Montague b: 1618 in Burnham
Peter Montague b: Abt 1618
Anne Montague b: 1620 in of Burnham,
Margaret Montague b: 1622 in Burnham

Emma De Mortaigne b: Abt 1066 in Mortagne-Au-Perche, Orne, Normandy, France
Agnes De Mortaigne b: Abt 1056 in Mortagne-Au-Perche
Denise De Mortaigne b: Abt 1060 in Mortagne-Au-Perche
William De Mortaigne b: 1080 in Cardinan, Cornwall, England

1. Robert I de FERRERS b: Abt 1062 in Derbyshire
2. Eugenulph de FERRERS b: 1064
3. Mélisende FERRERS b: Abt 1065 in Darley, Derby
4. William de FERRERS b: 1066
5. Amicea de FERRERS b: Abt 1068
6. Emmeline de FERRERS b: Abt 1070
7. Gundreda de FERRERS b: Abt 1072 in Darley, Derby
8. Henry FERRERS b: Abt 1079

Mary BASSETT b: 24 DEC 1709
William BASSETT b: 23 NOV 1711
Elisha BASSETT b: 15 FEB 1714
Nathan BASSETT b: 21 AUG 1715
John BASSETT b: 11 APR 1716
Thomas BASSETT b: 4 JAN 1718
Nathaniel BASSETT b: 15 OCT 1719
Johnathon BASSETT b: 6 MAY 1721 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Abigail BASSETT b: 10 Mar 1722/3
Elizabeth BASSETT b: 28 MAR 1724
Elizabeth BASSETT b: 15 FEB 1725
Nathan BASSETT b: 17 DEC 1727
Hannah BASSETT b: 1730

1. Maria HÄGGSTRÖM b: 1786 in Nederluleå
2. Anna Cajsa JOHANSDOTTER b: 23 Mar 1786 in Nederluleå
3. Nils JOHANSSON b: 1790 in Nederluleå
4. Olof JOHANSSON b: 1792 in Nederluleå
5. Eva JOHANSDOTTER b: 1793 in Nederluleå
6. Brita JOHANSDOTTER b: 1796 in Nederluleå
7. Lovisa JOHANSDOTTER b: 1799 in Nederluleå

William Bassett b: 30 MAY 1624 in Plymouth, MA
Elizabeth Bassett b: 1627 in Plymouth, MA
Sarah Bassett b: 1628 in Plymouth, MA
Nathaniel Bassett b: 1630
Ruth Bassett b: 1633
Joseph Bassett b: 1635
Jane Bassett b: 1637


Ezekiel Turner
Jonathan Turner
Joseph Turner
Lydia Turner
John Turner
Elisha Turner
Mary Turner
Benjamin Turner
Ruth Turner
Isaac Turner
Grace Turner
Amos Turner

1. Henri de FERRIHRES b: Abt 1036 in Ferrieres
2. Hugh FERRERS b: Abt 1038 in Ferrieres
3. Isabel FERRERS b: Abt 1040 in Ferrieres
4. Gunred FERRERS b: Abt 1050 in

Hannah BASSETT b: 13 SEP 1653
Mary BASSETT b: 21 NOV 1654
William BASSETT b: 1656
Nathan BASSETT b: 1657
John BASSETT b: 1658
Thomas BASSETT b: 1660
Sarah BASSETT b: 1662
Richard BASSETT b: 1665
Nathan BASSETT b: 25 SEP 1666
Sarah BASSETT b: BEF 1670

Today is the wedding of Anne C Bassler daughter of Mr and Mrs John Hillof Monterey Park and Harold Wfilliam Clapp son of Mr and Mrs G. D. Clappof ...
Los Angeles Times, 20 March 1942

Mary West b: 1640 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony
Samuel West b: 1643 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony
Dr. Thomas West b: 1646 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony
Peter West b: 1648 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony
Ruth West b: 1651 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony

Elizabeth West b: 1678 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
ABNER West b: 9 JUN 1683 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Abigail West b: 9 JUN 1683 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Ruth West b: 1685 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Thomas West b: ABT 1687 in Tisbury, martha's Vineyard, MA
Peter West b: 1689 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
William West b: 1691 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Mary West b: 1692 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Dr. Sackfield West b: 1694 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Judah West b: 1696 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA

John Presbury
Mary Presbury
Mercy Presbury

It is possible that they had two other children, twins, who died at birth.
Need to read death certificates (certid# 1951-MN-027821 and certid# 1951-MN-027822) for
DAVID FRANCIS and DOUGLAS JEROME, who died 12/2/1951.

Mary Presbury
Keturah Presbury
Dorcas Presbury
John Presbury
Abigail Presbury
Drusilla Presbury
Content Presbury
Sarah Presbury

Abigail MONTAQUE b: 1653 in Wethersfield, Hampshire, Mass
Mary MONTAGUE b: Abt 1642 in Wells, York, ME
Sarah MONTAGUE b: 15 Jun 1646 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
Martha MONTAGUE b: 16 Jun 1647 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
John MONTAGUE b: 1649 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass
Mary MONTAGUE, b: Abt 1649 in Wells, York, Maine
Peter MONTAGUE b: 8 Jul 1651 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
Aaron MONTAGUE b: 8 Jul 1651
Mary MONTAGUE b: Abt 1655 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn
John MONTAGUE b: 1655/1656 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT

William Presbury or Preston
Nathan Presbury
Stephen Presbury

Philip De Braose b: Abt 1126
Bertha De Braose b: 1151 in Bramber, Sussex, England
William III 5Th Baron De Braose b: 1153 in Bramber, Sussex, England
Susan Maud De Braose b: Abt 1160 in Bramber, Sussex, England
Engeram De Braose b: Abt 1154 in Bramber, Sussex, England
Reginald De Braose b: Abt 1155 in Bramber, Sussex, England
Roger De Braose b: Abt 1159 in Bramber, Sussex, England
Matilda (Maud) De Braose b: Abt 1146 in Bramber, Sussex, England
Giles De Braose b: Abt 1163 in Bramber, Sussex, England
Sybil De Braose b: 1150 in Bramber, Sussex, England
Avelina Agnes De Braose b: Abt 1145 in Of Shenton, Leicestershire, England

John WARNER b: 1612 in Boxted, Essex, England
John WARNER b: Jun 1615 in Boxstead, Essex, England
Abigail WARNER b: 1614 in Boxstead, Essex, England
Daniel WARNER b: 1618 in Boxstead, Essex, England
John WARNER b: 1515/1516
Hoyt WARNER b: Abt 1616 in Boxtead, Essex, England
Nathaniel WARNER b: 1618 in Boxted, Essex, Eng

Children of James William Hoxie(Hoxse) and Mercy (Hitchcock) Thornton are:
1. Benjamin Hoxie, d. December 26, 1808, died young.
2. John Hoxie, d. March 10, 1822.
3. Benjamin Barnes Hoxie, b. June 24, 1809, Charlemont, d. April 01, 1874, Northampton
4. Joseph Jefferson Hoxie, b. April 08, 1811, Charlemont, Franklin, d. April 15, 1891.
5. James W. Hoxie, b. June 25, 1813, Charlemont, Franklin,NH, d. September 01, 1813.
6. James Hoxie Hoxie, b. July 24, 1816, Charlemont, Franklin,NH, d. August 16, 1816.

Samuel WARNER b: 1640 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
John WARNER b: 1644 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Mark WARNER b: 1646 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Daniel WARNER b: 16 Apr 1661 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Nathaniel WARNER b: 1650 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Joanna WARNER b: 1642 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Joseph WARNER b: 15 Aug 1659 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Eleazer WARNER b: 13 Nov 1662 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Priscilla WARNER b: 25 Sep 1664 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Samuel WARNER b: 1642 in Ipswich Essex Ma
John WARNER b: 1646 in Ipswich Essex Ma
Nathaniel WARNER b: 1650/1655 in Ipswich Essex Ma
Joanna WARNER b: Abt 1651 in Ipswich, Essex, England
Nathaniel WARNER b: Abt 1653 in Ipswich, Essex, England
Oliver WARNER b: Abt 1655
John WARNER b: Bef 1655 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA
Joseph WARNER b: 15 Aug 1657 in Ipswich Essex Ma
Mehitabel WARNER b: 16 Jun 1659 in Ipswich Essex Ma
Mehitable WARNER b: 16 Apr 1659 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA
Daniel WARNER b: 1660 in Ipswich Essex Ma
William WARNER b: Abt 1664 in Ipswich, Essex, England
Priscilla WARNER b: 25 Sep 1666 in Dunstable, Middlesex, England

John SEABURY b: ABT 1630 in Barbados, Caribbean
John SEABURY Jr. b: ABT 1638 in Barbados
Samuel Sebury or SEABURY b: 10 Dec 1640 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
SEABURY b: 1642 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
SEABURY b: ABT 1644 in Duxbury
SEABURY b: ABT 1647 in Duxbury

Mary CLAPP b: 23 Jan 1779
Medad CLAPP b: 5 Nov 1783
Daniel CLAPP b: 1793
Margaret CLAPP

1. John II MARSHALL b: Abt 1144 in Pembroke
2. William I MARSHALL b: 1144-1146 in Pembroke
3. Maud FITZJOHN b: Abt 1148 in Pembroke
4. Unknown MARSHALL b: Abt 1152 in Pembroke
5. Anselm MARSHALL b: Abt 1154 in Pembroke
6. Henry MARSHALL b: Abt 1156 in Pembroke
7. Margaret FITZGILBERT b: Abt 1165 in Wiltshire

Children born in Cornwallis:
1. Joel b. 2/7/1764
2. Drusilla b. 9/7/1766
3. Rebekah b. 11/12/1767
4. Eleakim b. 7/1769

Possible children:
Kristen Elayne Murphy, b. 19 Jan 1982 in Los Angeles
Kevin Michael Murphy, b. 24 Jun 1984 in Los Angeles

William West b: 4 APR 1714 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Nathan West b: 17 AUG 1715 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Thomas West b: 20 FEB 1716/1717 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Lydia West b: 6 JUN 1718 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
John West b: in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Mary West b: 2 JUN 1721 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Paul West b: 1723 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Seth West b: 1725 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA

1. Child b. 1636
2. Sarah b. 14 FEB 1638 in Boston
3. Elizabeth b. 25 APR 1640
4. Deborah b. Oct 1642 in Boston
5. Joseph b. 31 MAR 1649 in Boston
6. Elihu b. 12 FEB 1650 in Boston

John ALEYNE , Sr. b: 1503 in of Thaxted, Essex, England
John Aleyne (Mayor of LONDON)
Christopher ALEYNE b: in of London, Middlesex, England

John ALEYN b: 1538 in Thaxted, Essex, England
Giles ALEYN b: ABT. 1540 in Hatfield, Peverel, Essex, England
Catherine ALEYN b: ABT. 1544 in England
Elizabeth ALEYN b: ABT. 1546 in England
Agnes ALEYN b: ABT. 1548 in England
Christopher ALEYN b: ABT. 1542 in Essex, England

Edmond ALEYNE b: 1558 in Hatfield, Peverel, Essex, England
Thomas ALEYNE , Sir b: 1560 in Goldington, Bedford, England
Elizabeth ALEYNE b: 1565 in Thaxted, Essex, England
Mary ALEYNE b: 1568 in Thaxted, Essex, England

The other children noted here are from (5).

1) Cradock [sic] Fyshe or Fish, b. 1612.

2) Ambrose, b. 1613.

3) Jonathan, 1616-1663 or died 1617-1631 according to Bowman (6).

4) John, 1619-1663 (a twin of Nathaniel given the birth dates?).

5) Nathaniel, b. 20 June 1619 at East Farndon, Northampton, England. The name of his spouse is given in (5) as Lydia Miller; they had at least one son, Ambrose. Nathaniel emigrated before 1650 to America, given that his son was born in Sandwich, MA that year, and died in 1693 at Sandwich, MA.

6) Esther, b. 1622.

7) Hannah, b. 1625.

Sir Edward ALEYN b: 1584 in Little Leighs, Essex, England
Elizabeth ALEYN

1) Augustine Fyshe (Fish), 1578-1646.
2) William, 1581-1658.
3) Katharine, b. 1582.
4) Thomas, b. 1582 (2) or (5) born Wedgenock Park, Warwickshire, bapt. 8 May 1584 at Great Bowden, Leicestershire. He m. in 1609 in Leicestershire, England to Mary Sprigge, b. and baptized 24 January 1584/85 at Lubenham, Leicestershire (7), and daughter of William Sprigge, b. 1550. For their children see next section. Thomas died 12 January 1672/73 at Warwick, England, or (5) he died 12 January 1673 at Great Bowden and was buried 17 January 1673.
5) Sarah, b. 1586.
6) Ambrose, b. 1588.
7) Mary, b. 1589.
8) Elizabeth, b. 1591.
9) Francis, b. 1593.
10) Anne, b. 1596.
11) Alice, baptized 6 November 1597, Market Harborough, Great Bowden, Leicestershire. She m. her cousin Robert Fish (see above). They had 11 children but there is no further information available in (5). This child of John and Margaret is also mentioned by (8): b. 6 November 1597 at Market Harborough and christened 6 November 1597. The pedigree chart of (8) shows one child of Robert and Alice:
Thomas Fish, b. 1618, christened 1 January 1618 at Great Bowden, m. about 1647 to Mary Soule (1619-1699, daughter of Henry Soule), d. 12 December 1687 in Portsmouth, RI and buried at the Old Portsmouth Cemetery. This line eventually leads to Steven Fish, author of (8).
12) Mary, b. 1599.
13) John, 1602-1623.

1. John DENISON b: 7 APR 1605 in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
2. William DENISON b: 5 OCT 1606 in Bishop's Stortford
3. George DENISON b: 15 OCT 1609 in Bishop's Stortford
4. Daniel DENISON b: 18 OCT 1612 in Bishop's Stortford
5. Sarah DENISON b: 8 OCT 1615 in Bishop's Stortford
6. Edward DENISON b: 3 NOV 1616 in Bishop's Stortford
7. George DENISON b: 10 DEC 1620 in Bishop's Stortford

Children of Johan and Brita:
1. Brita Katarina Wikström b: 14 MAY 1790 in Överkalix,BD
2. Per Olov Wikström b: 15 SEP 1793 in Nedertorneå,BD
3. Johan Erik Wikström b: 26 JUL 1796 in Nedertorneå,BD
4. Kristina Katarina Wikström b: 1797 in Nedertorneå,BD
5. Karl Gustav Wikström b: 20 FEB 1800 in Nedertorneå,BD

Dinah Wright b: 24 November 1718 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Esther Wright b: 31 October 1721 in Northampton
Stephen Wright b: 10 February 1725 in Northampton
Eliakim Wright b: 23 October 1727 in Northampton
Dorcas Wright b: 1729 in Northampton
Elijah Wright b: 22 August 1733 in Northampton
Job Wright b: 16 October 1737 in Easthampton
Sarah Wright b: 24 February 1740 in Northampton

Josiah Keene b: 1620 in London Bridge , England
John Keene b: 1621
Elizabeth Keene
Martha Keene
Sarah Keene

Roger Clapp b: 3 Apr 1708 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Elizabeth Clapp b: 29 May 1710 in Northampton; d: 25 Jun 1758 Northampton
Jonathan Clapp b: 2 Sep 1713 in Northampton
Aaron Clapp b: 30 Jun 1715 in Northampton
Asabel CLAPP, b: 1717 Northampton
Supply CLAPP, b: 1721 Northampton
Charles CLAPP, b: 1725 Northampton
Simeon CLAPP, b: 1728 Northampton
Noah CLAPP, b: 1730 Northampton

Thomas Tupper b: 5 MAR 1774
Eliakim Tupper b: 18 JUN 1776
Deborah Tupper b: 22 MAY 1778
Abigail Tupper b: 23 APR 1780
Francis Tupper b: 22 JUN 1782
Samuel Tupper b: 17 APR 1784
William Orestes Tupper b: 16 FEB 1786
Samuel Tupper b: 25 MAR 1788
Wealthy Tupper b: 8 APR 1790
Augustus Tupper b: 13 AUG 1792
Charles D. Tupper b: 6 AUG 1794
His son Charles Tupper, b. 1821 became
Sir Charles Tupper, Prime Minister of Nova Scotia and of Canada.
Nathan Tupper b: 17 OCT 1796
Jeremiah Tupper b: 19 FEB 1800

1. Abigail LATHROP
2. Bathshua LATHROP
3. LATHROP b: 25 JAN 1649/50 in Barnstable
4. Barnabas LATHROP b: 6 JUN 1636 in Scituate
5. LATHROP b: 30 JUL 1638 in Scituate, Massachusetts
6. Abigail LATHROP b: 2 NOV 1639 in Barnstable
7. Bathsheba LATHROP b: 27 FEB 1641/42 in Barnstable
8. John M. LATHROP b: 9 FEB 1644/45 in Barnstable

Ella Andersdotter, b. bef 1679
Brita Andersdotter, b. bef 1683
Anders Andersson, b. abt 1677
Elin Andersdotter, b. abt 1687
Nils Andersson Rutström, b. abt 1690
Anna Andersdotter, 25 Mar 1691

Ruth Tupper b: 30 JUN 1708 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Ann Tupper b: 9 APR 1710 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Eliakim Tupper b: 20 JUN 1711 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Abia Tupper b: 1 NOV 1713 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Elias Tupper b: 12 OCT 1715 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Abrigail Tupper b: 13 AUG 1717 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
ThoMAs Tupper b: 21 NOV 1719 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Hannah Tupper b: 23 AUG 1721 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Joanna Tupper b: 24 MAR 1722/23 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Joanna Tupper b: 26 APR 1724 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Nathaniel Tupper b: 24 APR 1726 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Deborah Tupper b: 24 MAR 1727/28 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Charles Tupper b: 28 DEC 1729 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Salomon Tupper b: 17 OCT 1731 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA

1. John MARSHALL b: Abt 1212 in Hingham
2. Sibyl MARSHALL b: Abt 1213 in Linton, Bromyard, Hereford
3. William MARSHALL b: Abt 1214 in Hingham
4. Alicia MARSHALL b: Abt 1216 in Hingham

Mabel de Clare 1160 1204 m. (ca. 1175), Nigel de Mowbray.
Richard de Clare 1162, Tonbridge Castle, Kent, England 1218 6th Earl of Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford
James de Clare 1164, Clare, Suffolk, England.
Eveline (Aveline) de Clare 1164 4 Jun 1225 m. [1] (ca. 1204), Geoffrey IV Fitz Piers (Fitz Peter), 1st Earl of Essex. m. [2] Sir William Munchensy, (b. ca.1184), son of Warin de Munchensy and Agnes Fitz John.
Roger de Clare 1168 1241, Middleton, Norfolk, England.
John de Clare 1170, Clare, Suffolk, England. Unknown
Henry de Clare 1172, Clare, Suffolk, England. Unknown

a) Anna, 4/2/1705 - 3/6/1791; m Carl Sterner 3/10/1724 in Piteå
b) Olof, 3/25/1707- 4/28/1707
c) Helena, 12/20/1708 - 5/1/1710
d) Margareta, b. 9/17/1711, m. komminister Olof Brunnius in Nedertorneå
e) Petter, b. 1/2/1714
f) Elisabeth, 11/18/1715
g) Erik, 10/17/1717 - 12/16/1717
h) Olof, 1/12/1719 - 8/20/1721
i) Johan, 6/15/1720 - 6/19/1720
j) Maria Elisabeth, f. 1723 - 3/3/1723
k) Elisabeth, 4/3/1724, m Henrik Johan Wahllöf 12/15/1757 in Björsbyn

1. Humphrey Sire De Pont Audemer Harcourt
2. Herbrand Harcourt
3. Gilbert Harcourt
4. Richard Harcourt
5. Turchetil
6. Ilbert Harcourt
7. Josseline Harcourt

Children: Mark, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, Stephen, John, Elizabeth, Jabez,Ruth, and three children whose names have not been conclusivelydocumented--but one may have been Constance, who later married DanielDoane.

1. John BOTILLER b: 17 Jul 1266 in Wem
2. Nigel BOTELER b: Abt 1269 in Wem
3. William BUTLER b: 11 Jun 1274 in Wem
4. Anne BOTELER b: Abt 1280 in Wem

Valdimir Yaroslavich Duke Of Novgorod b: 1020 in Novgorod, Russia
Anna Agnesa Yaroslavna Of Kiev b: Abt 1024 in Kiev, Ukraine
Izyaslav I Yaroslavich Grand Duke Of Kiev b: 1025 in Turov, Polesye, Byelorussia
Anastasia Yaroslavna Countess Of Kiev b: Abt 1026 in Kiev, Ukraine
Svyatopolk I Prince Of Kiev b: 1027 in Vladimir Volynsk, Volyn, Ukraine
Vsevolod I Grand Duke Of Kiev b: 1030 in Kiev
Elizabeth Princess Of Kiev b: Abt 1032 in Kiev
Vyacheslav Yaroslavich Smolensk b: 1034-1036 in Smolensk, Russia
Igor Yaroslavich Vladimir Volynsk b: Abt 1036 in Vladimir Volynsk, Volyn, Ukraine
Smolensk Viacheslav
Dobronega (Maria) Of Kiev b: Bef 1015

Lydia Snow b: 1640 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Alice Snow b: Abt 1641
Abigail Snow b: Abt 1642 in Plymouth
Lidia Snow b: Abt 1646
Alice Snow b: Abt 1650
Sarah Snow b: JUN 1651 in Plymouth
Abigail Snow b: Abt 1652
Snow b: 25 MAR 1655 in Plymouth
Snow b: 25 MAR 1655 in Plymouth
Josiah Snow b: 25 MAR 1655 in Plymouth
Alice Snow b: 18 JAN 1656/1657 in Plymouth
Abigail Snow b: Abt 1661
Lydia Snow b: Abt 1663

Anarawd Ap Rhodri b: Abt 857 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Merfyn Ap Rhodri b: Abt 859 in Of Caer Seiont, Carnarvonshire, Wales
Cadell Ap Rhodri b: Abt 861 in Deheubarth, Wales
Son A Wales
Aeddan Ap Rhodri b: Abt 862 in Wales
Tudwal "Gloff" Ap Rhodri b: Abt 863 in Of Caer Seiont, Carnarvonshire, Wales
Son B Wales
Meurig Ap Rhodri b: Abt 865 in Of Caer Seiont, Carnarvonshire, Wales
Clydog Ap Rhodri b: Abt 862
Rhodri "Fychan" Ap Rhodri b: Abt 866 in Wales
Son C Wales
Gwriad Ap Rhodri b: Abt 867 in Of Caer Seiont, Carnarvonshire, Wales
Gwyddelig Ap Rhodri b: Abt 869 in Of Caer Seiont, Carnarvonshire, Wales
Nest Verch Rhodri b: Abt 870 in Wales
Angharad Verch Rhodri b: Abt 871 in Of Caer Seiont, Carnarvonshire, Wales

1. Roger le STRANGE b: Abt 1476 in Pakenham
2. Robert le STRANGE b: Abt 1477 in Pakenham
3. John le STRANGE b: 1479 in Pakenham
4. Anne le STRANGE b: Abt 1482 in Pakenham

Owain Ap Howell b: Abt 913 in Dynevor, Llandyfeisant, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Maredydd Ap Hywel b: Abt 914 in Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Rhodri Ap Hywel b: Abt 916 in Dynevor,
Gwenllian Verch Howell b: Abt 917 in Dynevor
Rhain Ap Hywel b: Abt 919 in Dynevor
Angharad Verch Hywel b: Abt 907 in Dynevor Castle
Dyfnwal Ap Hywel b: Abt 922 in Dynevor
Edwin Ap Hywel b: Abt 923 in Dynevor
Cynan Ap Hywel b: Abt 925 in Dynevor Castle
Einion Ap Hywel b: Abt 926 in Dynevor

1. Ketill THIDRANDSSON b: Abt 930 in Arneidarstadir, Valthjofstadur, Nordur-Mula, Iceland
2. Groa THIDRANDSDOTTIR b: Abt 932 in Arneidarstadir
3. Thorvaldur THIDRANDSSON b: Abt 935 in Arneidarstadir
4. Hallkatla THIDRANDSDOTTIR b: Abt 940 in Arneidarstadir
5. Joreidur THIDRANDSDOTTIR b: Abt 957 in , Njardvik, Nordur-Mula

Llewelyn Ap Merfyn b: Abt 880 in Of Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Tryffin Ap Merfyn b: Abt 887 in Wales
Yarthyr Mervyn
Iarddur Ap Merfyn b: Abt 889 in Wales
Afandreg Verch Merfyn b: Abt 891 in Powys, Wales

Gruffydd "Maelor" Ap Madog b: Abt 1121 in Maelor, Wales
Llewelyn Ap Madog b: Abt 1123 in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Owen "Fychan" Ap Madog b: Abt 1125 in Of Mechoin, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Cynric Madoc
Elise Ap Madog b: Abt 1127 in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Margred Verch Madog b: Abt 1129 in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Gwenllian Verch Madog b: Abt 1131 in Overton-Madoc, Flintshire, Wales
Efa Verch Madog b: Abt 1133 in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Iorwerth Ap Madog b: Abt 1134 in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Miss Verch Madog b: Abt 1137 in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Rhys ap Madog b: Abt 1118

Mary Bessey
Dorcas Bessey
Anne/Anna Bessey "Besse"
Nehemiah Bessey "Besse"
David Bessey "Besse"
Jane Bessey "Besse"
Elizabeth Bessey "Besse"
Rebecca Bessey "Besse"

Abigail Skiffe b: 2 MAY 1666 in Chilmark, Dukes, Ma
Stephen Skiff b: Abt 1668
Deborah Skiff b: 14 JUL 1670 in Vineyard Haven, Dukes, MA
Nathaniel Skiff b: Abt 1670
Mary Skiff b: 13 NOV 1671 in Sandwich, MA
Sarah Skiff b: Abt 1672
Stephen Skiff b: 4 FEB 1685
Hannah Skiff b: Abt 1692

John ALEYN b: 1538 in Thaxted, Essex, England
Giles ALEYN b: ABT. 1540 in Hatfield, Peverel, Essex, England
Catherine ALEYN b: ABT. 1544 in England
Elizabeth ALEYN b: ABT. 1546 in England
Agnes ALEYN b: ABT. 1548 in England
Christopher ALEYN b: ABT. 1542 in Essex, England

Margred Verch Gruffudd b: Abt 1080 in Wales
Gwenllian Verch Gruffudd b: Abt 1086 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Rhanullt Verch Gruffydd b: Abt 1083 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Susanna Verch Gruffudd b: Abt 1098 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Owain Gwynedd Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1100 in Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales
Elen Verch Gruffydd b: Abt 1089 in Of Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales
Gwladys Gwynedd
Merinedd Verch Gruffydd b: Abt 1091 in Of Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales
Cadwaladr Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1096 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Membyr "Ddu" Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1114 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Rhael Verch Gruffudd b: Abt 1116 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Annes Verch Gruffudd b: Abt 1118 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Tudwal Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1122 in Caernarvonshire, Wales

Experience Look b: 22 NOV 1672 in Nantucket, MA
Elizabeth Look b: 28 NOV 1675 in Nantucket
Sarah Look b: 03 APR 1678 in Nantucket
Jane Look b: 24 DEC 1680 in Nantucket
Patience Look b: 1681 in Nantucket
Samuel Look b: MAR 1683 in Tisbury, Dukes, MA

William Pantuff b: 1171 in Wemme, Shropshire, England
Ivo Pantulf b: Abt 1176 in Wem, Shropshire, England
Emma Pantulf b: Abt 1169 in Wemme, Shropshire, England

Rev. Thomas West b: 26 AUG 1708 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Silas West b: 1 AUG 1710 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Samuel West b: 11 JUL 1712 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Elisha West b: 31 MAY 1714 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Jean Jane West b: 25 AUG 1716 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Peter West b: 21 JUL 1718 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Elizabeth West b: 20 JUL 1720 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Abigail West b: 10 JUN 1722 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Stephen West b: ABT 1724 in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, MA

Nathan West b: 17 NOV 1735 in Martha's Vineyard, MA
Jabez West b: 1737 in Martha's Vineyard, MA
Cyrus West b: 1740 in Martha's Vineyard, MA
Seth West b: 1744 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA
Paul West b: 1746 in Martha's Vineyard, MA
Francis Royal West b: 1748 in Martha's Vineyard, MA
Thomas West b: 1750 in Martha's Vineyard, MA
Deborah West b: 1752 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA
Elizabeth West b: 9 FEB 1754 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA
William West b: 17 FEB 1756 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA

Other childern:
Elisabeth Johansdotter, b. abt 1762 at Rutvik 6, d. 4 Sep 1792 at Sunderbyn.

Waitstill STRONG Deacon b: 1708 in of Northampton, Hampshire, MA
John STRONG b: 2 Dec 1709 in Northampton
Mindwell STRONG b: 30 Oct 1711 in Northampton
Submit STRONG b: Dec 1712 in Northampton
Phebe STRONG b: 3 Dec 1714 in Northampton
Benajah STRONG b: 30 Jun 1716 in Northampton
Eliazer STRONG b: 1 Apr 1721 in Northampton
Ithamer STRONG b: 1 Apr 1721 in Northampton

1. Hannah MAYHEW b: 15 JUN 1635 in Medford, Middlesex, MA
2. Bethiah MAYHEW b: 6 DEC 1636 in Medford
3. Mary MAYHEW b: 14 JAN 1639 in Watertown, Middlesex, MA
4. Martha MAYHEW b: 1642 in Watertown

Children, all born at Börjelslandet 6:
Anders, b. 1699.
Brita, b. July 2, 1701, m. Jöns Larsson.
Hans, b. February 25, 1703.
Maria, b. May 6, 1704, d. February 23, 1786 at Börjelslandet, m. Nils Nilsson.

Hans Persson (1746 - )
Olof Persson (1748 - 1800)
Elisabeth Persdotter (1751 - )
Christman Persson (1753 - )

1. Eunice de BAALUN b: Abt 1050 in Gloucestershire, England
2. Hamelin de BALLON b: Abt 1050 in Ballon, Maine-et-Loire, France
3. Lucy de BALLON b: Abt 1064 in Ballon
4. Berta de BALLON b: Abt 1065 in Ballon
5. Emma de BALLON b: Abt 1066 in Ballon

1. John de HARINGTON b: Abt 1304 in , Aldingham
2. Robert de HAVERINGTON b: After 1305 in Aldingham
3. Michael HARINGTON b: Abt 1309 in Aldingham
4. Thomas HARINGTON b: Abt 1311 in Aldingham
5. Maude HARRINGTON b: Abt 1318 in Aldingham
6. Elizabeth HAVERINGTON b: Abt 1322 in Aldingham

1. Anne EVERARD b: Abt 1553 in Linstead, Suffolk, England
2. Bassingborne EVERARD b: Abt 1555 in Linstead
3. Owen EVERARD b: Abt 1557 in Linstead
4. Thomas Gawdy EVERARD b: Feb 1560 in Linstead
5. Ralph EVERARD b: Abt 1561 in Linstead
6. Edward EVERARD b: Abt 1563 in Linstead
7. William EVERARD b: Abt 1565 in Linstead
8. Elizabeth EVERARD b: Abt 1567 in Linstead
9. Mawdd EVERARD b: Abt 1569 in Linstead
10. Lucy EVERARD b: Abt 1571 in Linstead
11. Katherine EVERARD b: Abt 1573 in Linstead
12. Mary EVERARD b: Abt 1575 in Linstead

1. John FREEMAN b: 1592 in Cranford, Irchester
2. Thomas FREEMAN b: 1594 in Cranford, Irchester
3. Henry FREEMAN b: 1596 in Cranford, Irchester
4. Jane FREEMAN b: ABT. 1600 in Preston Capes
5. Alice FREEMAN b: 21 Apr 1605 in Preston Capes

This was Levi's third marriage and Mary's second marriage.

Rietz - Gilbertson
Julie Jeneen Rietz, daughter of Roger and Sandra Rietz of Albany, and Reagan Sean Gilbertson, son of Curt and Judy Gilbertson of Redmond, are engaged to be married in the spring.
Julie graduated from South Albany High School in 2000, University of Oregon in 2005 and Eastern Oregon University in 2006. She is a teacher for the Redmond School District.
Reagan graduated from Redmond High School in 1999 and Eastern Oregon University in 2006. He is employed by the Redmond School District.
Democrat Herald, 25 September 2010

1. Adelaide "Addie" Elizabeth CLEWETT b: 17 APR 1839 in Green Bay, Brown Co., Wisc
2. George Hugo CLEWETT b: 28 APR 1841 in Madison, Dane, WI
3. Chester C CLEWETT b: 16 OCT 1842 in Madison,
4. Edwin Thomas CLEWETT b: 14 DEC 1843 in Madison,
5. Lucas Charles CLEWETT b: 24 NOV 1845 in Madison,
6. Noami Lydia CLEWETT b: 19 NOV 1847 in Verona, Dane, WI
7. Ruth Harriett CLEWETT b: 23 JAN 1850 in Middleton, WI
8. Sarah Langford CLEWETT b: 20 DEC 1851 in Middleton
9. Ebenezer Middleton CLEWETT b: 11 NOV 1853 in Middleton
10. James Howard CLEWETT b: 1857 in Wisconsin
11. Mary Archer CLEWETT b: 23 OCT 1859 in Madison
12. Frank B CLEWETT b: 6 MAY 1863 in Middleton

1) William Swift, b. 1619 in England (6).

2) Hannah, b. about 1620 at Bocking, Essex, England (3). She married 5 November 1641 at Sandwich (3) to Daniel Wing. Daniel was b. 1617-1618 at Sandwich, Kent, England, son of John Wing and Deborah Bachiler. Hannah died 1 January 1664/65 at Sandwich (5). In June 1666 Daniel remarried to Anna Ewer (3).

3) Susanna, b. 1622 (in Sandwich according to (5) cited in (1) but this presumably in error). She married in 1645 at Sandwich (7) to Ralph Allen and died in 1691 at Sandwich (5). Their daughter Experience Allen is listed in her grandmother's will (see above). There is also a mention of a "Zebadiah Allin".

4) Esther (5), b. 1622 at Bocking, Essex (perhaps a twin of Susanna?). She m. 1645 to Ralph Allen (17). She died 1691 at Sandwich.

5) Edward, mentioned in the note above on his father William although not listed by (1). The note says: "His son Edward was apprenticed to George Andrews, Butcher, in Eastclepe, London." Does this mean he was left behind in England or returned there afterwards on his own?

1. Bartholomew EVERARD b: Abt 1391 in Leverington, Cambridge, England
2. Richard EVERARD b: Abt 1393 in Leverington
3. Martin EVERARD b: Abt 1395 in Leverington

1. Margareta KÖNIGSDOTTER b: 1550 in Baggböle
2. Petrus KENICIUS b: 1555 in Baggböle
3. Helena KENICIA b: in Baggböle
4. Anna KENICIA b: in Baggböle

Four children

1. Barry Wentworth Roscoe
2. Barrister Roscoe
3. Ethel Annie Roscoe
4. Lulu Evelyn Roscoe
5. Murray Eaton Roscoe

1. John CANCEFIELD b: Abt 1263 in Aldingham
2. Agnes CANSFIELD b: Abt 1266 in Aldingham
3. William CANCEFIELD b: Abt 1265 in Aldingham

1. Margaret de MULTON b: 20 Jul 1300
2. Joan de MULTON b: 1304 in Cumberland
3. Elizabeth de MULTON b: Abt 1306
4. Thomas de MULTON b: Abt 1307 in Cumberland
5. John de MULTON b: Oct 1308 in Cumberland>

1. Ralph EVERARD b: Abt 1499 in Linstead
2. Henry EVERARD b: Abt 1501 in Linstead
3. Olyve EVERARD b: Abt 1503 in Linstead

The ten children of William Swift (b. 1619) and Ruth Tobey were all bornin Sandwich, MA. They were:
1) Temperance, b. at Sandwich, ca. 1666. She married to Timothy Bourne.

2) Hester, b. 1668. She married between 1689-1690 at Plymouth, MA to John Gibbs, Jr.
and died in October 1736 at Plymouth.

3) Josiah, b. at Sandwich (8). According to (18), Josiah was b. either ca. 1664 or after 1670.

4) Hannah, b. 11 March 1650/51. She married between 1674-1675 at Sandwich to Ambrose Fish.
Ambrose died in 1691. She remarried to Thomas Tobey in about 1692. Thomas had been
previously married, 18 November 1650 at Sandwich, to Martha Knott and had at least seven
children by her. Thomas died 9 January 1714. She died in March 1720/21.

5) William (12), b. 28 August 1654. He married between 1678-1679 at Sandwich to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was "not the daughter of John Thomson as often assumed".
He died between 1700 and 1701 or by 1705.
Known children, each mentioned in their grandfather's will, include:
William Swift.

6) Ephraim, b. 7 June 1656. He married Sarah Perry, daughter of Ezra Perry.

7) Mara, b. 7 April 1659. She maybe called Maria.
She m. 6 February 1677 to Shubel Smith and died 1 March 1682.

8) Samuel, b. 10 August 1662. He m. Mary.

9) Jirah, b. bet. 1665 - 1670. He married 26 November 1697 at Sandwich to Abigail Gibbs
and subsequently to Mary Besse. He died between 1744-1749 at Wareham, Plymouth, MA.
Two of his sons married sisters of Elias Tupper (they were thus first cousins once removed):
Silas Swift, m. Abigail Tupper.
Nathaniel, b. Abia Tupper.

10) Dinah, b. 1672 (8). She married about 1694 to Benjamin Perry.
Their children were the following (17):
Meribah, b. 11 June 1695.
Remember, b. 13 March 1696.
Seth, b. 19 March 1699.
Benjamin, b. 19 March 1699 (a twin).
Susanna, b. 27 December 1701.
Abner, b. 10 March 1703.
Josiah, b. 18 October 1709.
Nathaniel, b. 2 July 1713.
Eliakim, b. 8 May 1716.

1. Henry EVERARD b: Abt 1525 in Linstead
2. Thomas EVERARD b: Abt 1527 in Linstead
3. John EVERARD b: Abt 1529 in Linstead
4. Olyve EVERARD b: Abt 1533 in Linstead
5. Anne EVERARD b: Abt 1534 in Linstead
6. Mary EVERARD b: Abt 1535 in Linstead

The marriage of Miss Alice Beulah Congdon, daughter of Mrs. GeorgeCongdon of Angola, to Mr. Leo Wesley Corah of Buffalo took place in theparsonage of the First Presbyterian Church in Buffalo, June 29, theRev. Newcomb officiating. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. MeridithDavis. The bride's mother was also present, a dinner followed at theTourraine Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Corah are taking a motor trip to New YorkCity.
County Independent, Hamburg, NY

Dr. and Mrs. Roger Chambers, Orlando, announce the engagement of theirdaughter, Leigh-Angela, to Lt. John Jeffrey Holbrook, Pensacola, son ofMrs. Edmond Holbrook, Plainfield, Ind. and the late Mr. Holbrook. Thewedding is June 15. The bride-elect graduated from Winter Park High,Winter Park, and Central Florida Bible College, Orlando. Her fiancegraduated from Plainfield High and University of Tennessee, Knoxville,Tenn.
Orlando Sentinel, 1 January 1985

1. Nigel D'OYLEY b: Abt 1110 in Greystoke, Cumberland, England
2. Henry D'OILLY b: Abt 1094 in Hook Norton
3. Edith D'OILLY b: 1094 in Hook Norton
4. Gilbert D'OILLY b: Abt 1096 in Hook Norton
5. Robert III DOYLEY b: Abt 1106 in Hook Norton

1. Robert II DOYLEY b: Abt 1070 in Hook Norton
2. Foulk D'OILLY b: Abt 1072 in Oxford
3. Roger D'OILLY b: Abt 1074 in Oxford
4. Nigell II D'OILLY b: Abt 1076 in Oxford

1. Robert ROSE b: 1619 in , Ipswich, Suffolk, England
2. John ROSE b: 1619 in , Elmswell, Suffolk
3. Elizabeth ROSE b: 1621 in , Elmswell
4. Mary ROSE b: 1623 in , Elmswell
5. Samuel ROSE b: 1625 in , Elmswell
6. Sarah ROSE b: 1627 in , Elmswell
7. Daniel ROSE b: 1631 in , Ipswich, Suffolk
8. Dorcus ROSE b: 1632 in , Elmswell
9. Hannah ROSE b: Bef Apr 1634 in , Elmswell
10. Thomas Joseph ROSE b: After Apr 1634 in Branford, New Haven, CT
11. Jonathan ROSE b: 1636 in Branford

Flora M.9; b. abt. 1873 in Williamsburg, Hampshire, MA.
Clara E.; b. abt. 1875 in Williamsburg
Dennis A.; b. Jul 1879 in Williamsburg

Beatrice De Vermandois b: 880 in Vermandois, Normandy, France
Judith De Vermandois b: Abt 882 in Vermandois, Normandy, France
Herbert II Count Of Troyes & Vermandois b: 885 in Vermandois, Normandy, France
Sporte De Bretagne b: Abt 895 in Bretagne, Normandy
Adela De Vermandois b: Abt 890 in Vermandois, Normandy, France
Conradine De Vermandois b: Abt 892 in Vermandois, Normandy, France
Odo [Hugo] De Vermandois b: Bef 902 in Vermandois, Normandy, France

1. Richard Dexter, b. 27 APR 1827 in Granville, Annapolis, NS, d. 24 JUN 1844
2. John Croscup Dexter, b. 22 FEB 1829 in Granville, d. 30 JUL 1898
3. George Barber Dexter, b. 22 FEB 1831 in Granville, d. about 1891
4. Stephen Croscup Dexter, b. 27 APR 1834 in Granville, d. about 1910
5. Samuel Dexter, b. 30 AUG 1837 in Granville, d. 04 OCT 1854
6. Martha Ann Dexter, b. 25 OCT 1840 in Granville, d. 23 OCT 1896
7. Benjamin Rush Dexter, b. 04 DEC 1842 in Granville, d. about 1912
8. Rebecca Lucretia Dexter, b. 27 SEP 1845 in Granville, d. about 1914
9. Mary Augusta Dexter, b. 12 MAR 1850 in Granville, d. 17 MAR 1850

Lydia, b. 17 Feb 1878 at Holyoke, MA; married Levi P. Hughes; divorced Levi P. Hughes; married Harry Gray; married Fred Wagenstein.
George W., b. 25 Apr 1880 at Holyoke, MA; married Agnes Kirby; married Serena Dunham

William Lyman b: 1609 in High Onger, Essex, England
Phyllis Lyman b: 11 SEP 1611 in High Ongar
Richard Lyman b: ABT 1616 in High Ongar
William Lyman b: 18 SEP 1616 in High Ongar
Elizabeth Lyman b: 19 MAY 1619 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Sarah Lyman b: 8 FEB 1619/20 in High Ongar
Anne Lyman b: 12 APR 1621 in High Ongar
John Lyman b: SEP 1623 in High Ongar
Robert Lyman b: SEP 1629 in High Ongar

Turincbertus De Wormgau b: Abt 735 in France
Guerin Of The Thurgovie b: Abt 723 in France
Rutpert Von Wormsgau b: Abt 730 in Thurgau, Bavaria, Germany
Cancor Of Worms b: Abt 737 in France

James Walter; b. 17 Nov 1872 in CA; d. 27 Dec 1947 in Napa County, CA
Jessie; b. Jan 1881 in CA; married Vincent J. Joseph between 1900 and 1910 in CA.

Jane or Joanne Taylor b: 27 Sep 1665 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Thankfull Taylor b: 29 Oct 1663 in Northampton
John Taylor b: 10 Oct 1667 in Northampton
Ruth Taylor b: 26 Sep 1669 in North Hampton, Rockingham, NH
Elizabeth Taylor b: 5 Nov 1670 in Northampton
Elizabeth Taylor b: 13 Jan 1672 in North Hampton
Mary Taylor b: 13 Oct 1673 in North Hampton
Mindwell Taylor b: 19 Aug 1675 in Windsor, Berkshire, MA
Jonathan Taylor b: 19 Sep 1675 in North Hampton
Lydia Taylor b: 18 Mar 1679 in North Hampton
Thomas Taylor b: 4 Nov 1680 in North Hampton
Elizabeth Taylor b: 17 Sep 1682 in North Hampton
Experience Taylor b: Oct 1684 in North Hampton
Samuel Taylor b: 30 Aug 1688 in North Hampton

1. Samuel ALLEN b. 3-Jan-1665.
2. Nehemiah ALLEN b. 1667, d. 1668.
3. Nehemiah ALLEN b. 1669, m. 1710, Ruth RUST. Nehemiah died 1736.
4. Sarah ALLEN b. 22-Aug-1672, Northampton, MA, m. 1694, in Coventry, MA, Joseph STRONG.
Sarah died 15-Aug-1724.
5. Thomas ALLEN b. 17-Jan-1674, d. 6-Jul-1676.
6. Hannah ALLEN b. 1677, m. 1695, Nathan DUMBLETON. Hannah died 1701-1771.
7. Ruth ALLEN b. 5-Jan-1677, m. 1702, Josiah LEONARD. Ruth died 1707-1772.
8. Child ALLEN b. 1683, d. 1684-1777.
9. Silence ALLEN b. 20-Aug-1684, d. 1689.

1. Robert de HAVERINGTON b: Abt 1330 in Fleet Harington, Lincoln
2. Richard HARRINGTON b: Abt 1330 in Fleet Harington
3. Anthony HARRINGTON b: Abt 1330 in Aldingham, Lancashire
4. Simon de HAVERINGTON b: Abt 1334 in Aldingham
5. Michael de HAVERINGTON b: Abt 1334 in Aldingham

Samuel BARTLETT b: 26 AUG 1677 in Newbury, Essex, MA
Sarah BARTLETT b: 13 APR 1679 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Mindwell BARTLETT b: 30 JAN 1681/82 in Northampton
Joseph BARTLETT b: 29 DEC 1683 in Northampton
Ebenezer BARTLETT b: 29 SEP 1685 in Northampton
Elizabeth BARTLETT b: 27 OCT 1687
Preserved BARTLETT b: 1689
William BARTLETT b: 11 SEP 1693 in Northampton
David BARTLETT b: 25 MAY 1695 in Northampton
Benjamin BARTLETT b: 30 DEC 1696 in Northampton

Joseph BALDWIN b: 23 JUN 1640 in Milford, New Haven, CT
Benjamin BALDWIN b: 1642 in Milford
Hannah BALDWIN b: 1643 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts
Mary BALDWIN b: 23 JUN 1644 in Milford
Elizabeth BALDWIN b: MAR 1644/45 in Springfield
Martha BALDWIN b: 1647 in Hadley
Jonathan BALDWIN b: 15 FEB 1648/49 in Milford
David BALDWIN b: 19 OCT 1651 in Milford
Sarah BALDWIN b: 6 NOV 1653 in Milford

Sarah had another girl, born 5/30/1905. I found no record of death, butassume she died before 1920.

1. Hugh de REVIERS b: Abt 1056 in Normandy
2. Richard de REVIERS b: Abt 1060 in Mosterton, Dorset
3. Hawis de REDVERS b: Abt 1075 in Umberleigh, Devon

1. Baldwin de REDVERS b: Abt 1090 in Isle of Wight, Hampshire
2. William de REVIERS b: Abt 1092 in Vernon, Normandy
3. Robert de REVIERS b: Abt 1094
4. Hugh de VERNON b: Abt 1096 in Vernon, Eure, France
5. Hawise de REVIERS b: Abt 1098 in Reviers, Normandy

Children all born in PA:
John b. abt 1853
Anne b. abt 1855
Peter b. abt 1856
Mary b. abt 1858
Catharine b. 1860
Patrick b. abt 1864
Biddy b. abt 1865
Ellen b. abt 1869

1. Hugh
2. William Bigod
3. Roger Bigod
4. John Bigod
5. Ralph Bigod
6. Margaret Bigod
7. Mary Bigod
8. Ida Bigod

Josiah, Jr. and his wife Lydia (Baker) Keen had eleven children, all bornin Duxbury:
* Benjamin, b. 1682; d. Duxbury, 1736; m. 1719 Deborah (Barker) Howland,
dau. of Robert Barker, Jr., widow of Prince Howland.
* Josiah, b. 1683; died young.
* Abigail, b. 1685; m. Nicholas Drew.
* Elener, b. 1687; m. Joseph Thomas, a welshman from Wales.
* Lydia, b. 1690; m. George Partridge.
* Nathaniel, b. 1692; m. in Marshfield 1725 Thankful Winslow, daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia Winslow.
* Samuel, b. 1696; m. in 1719 Ruth Sprague.
* Bethiah, b. 1698; m. 1718 Judah West.
* Josiah, 3rd, b. 1698(?); m. in 1717 Rebecca Rose.
* Isaac, b. 1700; m. in 1719 Deborah Dwelley, daughter of John and Rachel (Buck) Dwelley.
* Hezekiah, b. 1702; m. in 1730 Alice Howland.

Joseph Cooke
Sarah Cooke
Elizabeth Cooke
Mary Cooke b: 12 March 1687 in Hartford, Hartford, CT
Noah Cooke b: Abt 1688 in Northamptonin, Hampshire, MA
Miriam Cooke b: 30 September 1690 in Hartford
Eliakim Cooke b: 6 May 1693 in Northampton
Esther Cooke b: 21 May 1695 in Northampton
Aaron Cooke b: 3 October 1697 in Northampton

* Roger Bigod, 4th Earl of Norfolk, born in 1212.
* Hugh Bigod, Justiciar of England.
* Isabel de Bigod (married first to Gilbert de Lacy)
* Sir Ralph Bigod.
* William Bigod.

1. Hugh Bigod b: ABT 1095 in Belvoir Castle
2. Maud Bigod b: ABT 1088 in Belvoir Castle
3. Jane Bigod b: ABT 1105 in Belvoir Castle
4. Cecily Bigod b: ABT 1090 in Belvoir Castle
5. Gunnor Bigod b: ABT 1096 in Norfolk

1. Joan FITZWILLIAM b: 13 AUG 1397
2. Nicholas FITZWILLIAM b: 1399
3. Ralph FITZWILLIAM b: 1401
4. Janet FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1404
5. Maud FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1405
6. Robert FITZWILLIAM b: 1403
7. John FITZWILLIAM b: 1411
8. William FITZWILLIAM b: 1409
9. Jane FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1415

Anabel Lady de Greene b: Abt 1402 in England
Thomas (Sheriff of Northampton) Greene b: Abt 1428 in Green's Norton, Northamptonshire, , England
Margaret Mary Greene b: Abt 1396 in Sussex, England

Sir Knight William FITZWILLIAM
Joan FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1350 in Emley, Yorkshire; m. Lord Thomas STAPLETON 13 May 1373
John FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1356 in Yorkshire
Anne FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1358 in Yorkshire
Richard FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1360.
Thomas FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1362.

There will be an Open House Bridal Shower for Laura Fridley, future brideof Jamie Larsen on Saturday, October 23 at Terryʼs Fireside Room from2-4pm. The couple is registered at Target and Wal-Mart. Everyone iswelcome.
The Redfield Press, 2 October 2009

1. Charles Murray Damon b: 21 Apr 1889 in Haydenville, MA
2. Edith Belle Damon b: 27 Nov 1884 in Williamsburg, MA; married Harry L. Wells
3. Mabel K. Damon b: 20 Mar 1887 in Williamsburg
4. Maud Esther Damon b: 3 Apr 1891 in Williamsburg
5. Grace Lillian Damon b: 5 Dec 1893 in Williamsburg
6. Hazel May Damon b: 15 Feb 1898 in Williamsburg

Winnfrithe HATCH
Katherine HATCH
Eleanor HATCH
Elizabeth HATCH
Walter HATCH
William HATCH
Thomas HATCH

Alice Talbot b: Abt 1373 in Blakemore, Herefordshire, England
MARY de Talbot b: 1375 in Goodrich Castle, Blackmere, Herefordshire, England
John Talbot b: 1391 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, Earl of Shrewsbury

Daughter Of Hainault b: Abt 920 in Hainault, Lorraine, France
Rudolph De Mons b: Abt 930 in France
Regnier III "Long Neck" Count Of Hainault b: Abt 924 in Hainault, Hainault, Belgium

Mary Louise Schrader Sutter
b. Feb 2, 1930 d. Jan 12, 2004
She was born in Detroit Lakes, Minn and
died in Bella Vista, AR
Adopted daughter of Ernest Schrader and Grace Hatfield Schrader

Thomas HATCH
Margaret HATCH

Rainer IV Hainault b: 950 in Hainault, Belgium
Lambert I "The Bearded" Count Of Louvain b: Abt 960 in Louvain, Brabant, Belgium
Gerberge De Macon De Chalon b: Abt 940
William Bastombourg De Hainault b: Abt 960 in Evreux, Normandy, France

1. Kenelm WINSLOW b: Abt 1635 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
2. Eleanor Or Ellen WINSLOW b: Abt 1637 in Plymouth
3. Nathanial WINSLOW b: Abt 1639 in Of Plymouth
4. Job WINSLOW b: Abt 1641 of Swansee, Bristol, MA

1. Hervey de RAVENSWORTH b: Abt 1125 in Great Carlton, Lincoln
2. Bondo FITZAKARIS b: 1127 in
3. Hugh FITZAKARIS b: Abt 1130 in Great Carlton

Thomas HATCH
William HATCH

1. Abigail LITTLE b: 1634 in Marshfield, Plymouth, MA
2. Patience LITTLE b: 1635 in Marshfield
3. Samuel LITTLE b: 1639 in Marshfield
4. Issac LITTLE b: 2 Nov 1643 in Marshfield
5. Ephraim LITTLE b: 17 May 1650 in Marshfield
6. Samuel LITTLE b: 1656 in Marshfield
7. Thomas LITTLE b: 1657 in Plymouth
8. Ruth Little b: 1636 in Plymouth
9. Hannah Little b: 1638 in Plymouth
10. Mercy Little b: 1639 in Plymouth

1. Bridget Hungerford b: ABT 1565
2. Anthony Hungerford b: 1564
3. Elizabeth Hungerford b: ABT 1568
4. Joann Hungerford b: ABT 1568
5. Anne Hungerford b: 1574

1. Tryphosa Lee b: 1596 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
2. Samuel Lee b: ABT 1598 in Leiden, Netherlands
3. Bridget Lee b: ABT 1600 in Leiden
4. William Lee b: ABT 1606 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Elizabeth BOURNE
Abigail BOURNE
Bathsheba BOURNE

1. Magnus I "Saint Magnus" ERLANDSSON b: Abt 1080 in Arkenejarna
2. Bardolf FITZFORFIN b: Abt 1090 in Arkenejarna
3. Gunnhilda ERLANDSDATTER b: Abt 1083
4. Cecilia ERLANDSDATTER b: Abt 1086 in Arkenejarna
5. Erland ERLANDSSON b: Abt 1089 in Arkenejarna

1. William SHELLEY b: 14 SEP 1518
2. Eleonor SHELLEY b: 1520
3. Richard SHELLEY b: 1522
4. Anne SHELLEY b: 1525
5. James SHELLEY b: 1531
6. Elizabeth SHELLEY b: 1533
7. Bridget SHELLEY b: 1536
8. Mary SHELLEY b: 1537
9. Margaret SHELLEY b: 1542
10. John SHELLEY b: 1544

John Nash b: Bef 1615
Joseph Nash
Mary Nash
Sarah Nash
Timothy Nash b: Abt 1626 in , England, Or Holland

Robert Plumb b: 30 OCT 1617 in Ridgewell, Essex, England
John Plumb b: 27 MAR 1619 in Ridgewell
William Plumb b: 9 MAY 1621 in Ridgewell
Ann Plumb b: 16 OCT 1623 in Ridgewell
Samuel Plumb b: 4 JAN 1624/25 in Ridgewell
Dorothea Plumb b: 16 JAN 1625/26 in Ridgewell
Elizabeth Plumb b: 9 OCT 1629 in Ridgewell
Timothy Plumb b: 1631 in Weathersfield, Hartford, CT
Deborah Plumb b: 28 JUL 1633 in Ridgewell
Dorcas Plumb b: ABT 1635 in Wethersfield

Robert DAWNEY b: 2 JUN 1571 in Kendal, England
Edward DAWNEY b: in Natland, Kendal Parish, England
William DAWNEY
Rowland DAWNEY
Elizabeth DAWNEY

1. Michael FLEMING b: Abt 1241 in Aldingham
2. Eleanor FLEMING b: Abt 1242 in Aldingham
3. William FLEMING b: Abt 1243 in Aldingham
4. Margery FLEMING b: Abt 1247 in Aldingham

Maudalin BULLARD b: ABT 1625 in Barnham, England
William BULLARD b: 19 AUG 1626 in Barnham
Benjamin BULLARD b: ABT 1634 in Barnham
Anne BULLARD b: ABT 1636 in England
Sicily BULLARD b: ABT 1640 in Watertown, Middlesex, MA

1. Richard de REVIERS b: Abt 1120 in Devonshire
2. Henry de REVIERS b: Abt 1123 in Devonshire
3. Hawise de REVIERS b: Abt 1130 in Devonshire
4. Eva REDVERS b: Abt 1138 in Hook Norton, Oxford
5. William de Vernon de REVIERS b: 1155 in Devonshire

Helen Orton Bride of Alfred De Signe
Miss Helen Orton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Orton of 679 Sterling Place, was married on July 29 to1 Alfred De Signe, son of Henry De Signe of Roanoke, IL. The ceremony took place in the Bedford Central Presbyterian Church, with the Rev. Dr. Paul Barackman officiating.
The bride was given in marriage by her father and was attended by her sister, Mrs. Ellsworth Brooks. Mr. Brooks was best man. George Dillon and Lyford Glidderi were the ushers. A reception followed at the home of the bride's parents.
The couple will spend a month in the Middle West with the bridegroom's family and will return late in August and be at home at the home of the bride's parents.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, August 1944

Jane FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1365
Ralph FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1379 in York
Joan FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1381 in Yorkshire
Elizabeth FITZWILLIAM, b: abt. 1398 in Yorkshire

Bill and Betty began living together in 1971, while Bill was renting ahouse at 3505 Columbus Av, Mpls., from his uncle Glen who lived next door.

1. Ralph de GRACE D'ÉVREUX b: Abt 985 in Rouen, Seine-et-Maritime, France
2. Richard D'ÉVREUX b: Abt 986 in Rouen
3. Rodolphe Wacy de ROUEN b: 988 in Rouen
4. Guillaume D'ÉVREUX b: 1005 in Rouen

Shearjashub BOURNE

James Skiff b: 12 SEP 1638 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Capt. Stephen Skiff b: 14 APR 1641 in Sandwich
Samuel Skiff b: 12 OCT 1646 in Sandwich
Sarah Skiffe b: 12 OCT 1646 in Sandwich
Bathsheba Skiff b: 26 APR 1648 in Sandwich
Mary Skiff b: 24 MAR 1649/1650 in Sandwich
Miriam Skiff b: 25 MAR 1652 in Sandwich
Patience Skiff b: 25 MAR 1653 in Sandwich
Benjamin Skiff b: 15 NOV 1655 in Sandwich
Sarah Skiffe b: 1657 in Sandwich
Nathan Skiffe b: 16 MAY 1658 in Sandwich
Elizabeth Skiffe b: ABT 1660

Title: Index to Marriage Records 1846-1920 Inclusive Volume VII LetterS Inclusive
Record Location: Vanderburgh County Indiana
W. P. A. Original Record Located: County Clerk's Office Evansville Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939
Spouse 1: Katherine Seip
Spouse 2: Michael Koch
Marriage Date: 31 Dec 1895
County: Vanderburgh
Book: 18
Original Source Page: 319

1. Lemuel Hunt, b. 13 Sep 1737, Duxbury, Plymouth County, Ma
2. Honner Hunt, b. 15 Aug 1739, Duxbury, Plymouth County, Ma
3. Lydia Hunt, b. 10 Aug 1741, Duxbury, Plymouth County, Ma
4. Asa Hunt, b. 20 Jan 1742/43, Duxbury, Plymouth County, Ma
5. Ziba Hunt, b. 4 Jan 1745/46, Fairfield, Fairfield Cty, Ct
6. Buzi Hunt, b. 4 Jan 1747/48
7. Stillborn Hunt, b. 4 Jan 1747/48
8. Sarah Hunt, b. 8 May 1750

1. Alice FLEMING b: Abt 1118 in Dalton in Furness
2. John FLEMING b: Abt 1120 in Dalton in Furness
3. William FLEMING b: Abt 1122 in Dalton in Furness
4. Michael II FLEMING b: Abt 1124 in Caernarvon Castle

1. Richard FLEMING b: Abt 1147 in Caernarvon Castle, Beckermet, Cumberland
2. William FLEMING b: Abt 1153-1154 in Aldingham
3. Anselem FLEMING b: Abt 1156 in Stanton Stoney, Leicester
4. Marcelius FLEMING b: Abt 1158 in Aldingham
5. Jordon FLEMING b: Abt 1160 in Aldingham
6. Daniel FLEMING b: Abt 1162 in Aldingham
7. Goditha FLEMING b: Abt 1164 in Aldingham

1. Sarah CLARK b: 21 SEP 1758 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
2. Elizabeth CLARK b: 1 MAR 1762 in Northampton
3. William CLARK b: 5 MAR 1764 in Northampton
4. Achsah CLARK b: 5 SEP 1766 in Northampton
5. Abigail CLARK b: 16 JUL 1770 in Northampton

1. Michael FLEMING b: 1197 in Aldingham
2. Daniel FLEMMING b: Abt 1199 in Aldingham
3. Malcomb FLEMING b: Abt 1200 in Aldingham
4. John FLEMING b: Abt 1195 in Aldingham

Sameuel Dexter b: 18 Mar 1724-25 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA
John Dexter b: 1726 in Dedham
Catharina Dexter b: 28 Sep 1733 in Dedham
Catherine Dexter b: 21 Nov 1737 in Dedham
Mary Dexter b: 12 Oct 1743 in Dedham

children born in England

1. Drusilla HOWSE b: in Eastwell
2. Thomas HOWSE b: BEF. 21 AUG 1608 in Eastwell
3. Jemimah "Pinninah" HOWSE b: 1599 in Eastwell
4. John HOWSE b: 19 JUN 1603 in Eastwell
5. Priscilla HOWSE b: BEF. 25 AUG 1605 in Eastwell
6. Samuel HOWSE b: BEF. 10 JUN 1610 in Eastwell
7. Henry HOWSE b: BEF. 28 JUN 1612 in Eastwell
8. Elizabeth HOWSE b: ABT. 1615 in Ashford
9. Hannah HOWSE b: ABT. 1594 in Eastwell

Jonathan Brewster married Lucretia Oldham, originally of Derby on 10April 1624 in Plymouth[4] their eight children were:
* William Brewster (born March 9, 1625)
* Mary Brewster (born April 16, 1627)
* Jonathan Brewster, Jr. (born July 17, 1629)
* Ruth Brewster (born October 3, 1631)
* Benjamin Brewster (November 17, 1633 - September 14, 1710)
* Elizabeth Brewster (born May 1, 1637)
* Grace Brewster (November 1, 1639 - April 22, 1684)
* Hannah Brewster (born November 3, 1641)

Jonathan Brewster married Lucretia Oldham, originally of Derby on 10 April 1624 in Plymouth[4] their eight children were:
* William Brewster (born March 9, 1625)
* Mary Brewster (born April 16, 1627)
* Jonathan Brewster, Jr. (born July 17, 1629)
* Ruth Brewster (born October 3, 1631)
* Benjamin Brewster (November 17, 1633 - September 14, 1710)
* Elizabeth Brewster (born May 1, 1637)
* Grace Brewster (November 1, 1639 - April 22, 1684)
* Hannah Brewster (born November 3, 1641)

1. Abisha WOODWARD b: 2 DEC 1752 in Preston, CT
2. Reubin WOODWARD b: 26 JAN 1755 in Preston
3. Anne WOODWARD b: 20 MAR 1757 in Preston
4. Daniel WOODWARD b: 20 SEP 1759 in Preston

Other son:
1396. *Prentiss, William De Forest. S. of William and Angelina (Hunt), b. N. Y. City, S. 26, 1837.
Prepared Columbia Grammar School, N. Y. City, N. Y. U., 1855-58; A. C., 1858-60. Employed in N. Y. Custom House, 1863-80; in banking and brokerage firm of George H. Prentiss & Co., N. Y. City, 1880-96; r. Norwalk, Conn., 1893-96. 2nd Lieut., 1st Lieut., Capt. 31st N. Y. Vols., 1861-62. D. Norwalk, Conn., May 23, 1896.
Married Je. 25, 1861, Katherine, da. of Geroge Lamb, N. Y. City 1 s., 2 da.

Joanna Cooke b: in Windsor, Hartford, CT
Aaron Cooke b: 21 February 1640 in Windsor
Miriam Cooke b: 12 March 1642 in Windsor
Moses Cooke

1. Robert II de STUTEVILLE b: 1080 in Gressenhall
2. Osmond de STUTEVILLE b: Abt 1089 in Gressenhall
3. Girl STUTEVILLE b: Abt 1088 in Gressenhall

Jonathan Brewster
Love Brewster
Fear Brewster
Wrestling Brewster
Patience Brewster[Caulkins.FTW]

Jonathan Brewster
Love Brewster
Fear Brewster
Wrestling Brewster
Patience Brewster

1. Benjamin Woodward b: 20 SEP 1704
2. Eunice Woodward b: 8 MAR 1705/06
3. Thankful Woodward b: 1709
4. Thankful Woodward b: 13 JAN 1710/11 in Preston, CT
5. Daniel Woodward b: 27 MAR 1714 in Preston
6. Sarah Woodward b: 15 APR 1717 in Preston
7. Reuben Woodward b: 22 DEC 1717in Preston
8. Ruth Woodward b: 23 FEB 1717/18
9. Zephaniah Woodward b: 20 JUL 1723
10. Elizabeth Woodward b: 2 MAR 1727/28

William BULLARD b: ABT 1562 in St. Martin, Barnham, Suffolk, England
Margaret BULLARD b: 2 FEB 1562/63 in Barnham
Katherine BULLARD b: 19 SEP 1567 in Barnham
Ellen BULLARD b: ABT 1569 in Barnham
BULLARD b: ABT 1570 in Barnham
BULLARD b: ABT 1571 in Barnham
Henry BULLARD b: 26 SEP 1574 in Barnham

Robert Plumb b: 1530 in, Toppesfield, Essex, England
John Plumb b: 1532 in, Toppesfield
Alice Plumb b: 1534 in, Toppesfield
Margaret Plumb b: ABT 1536 in, Toppesfield
Mary Anne Plumb b: ABT 1538 in, Toppesfield
Thomas Plumb b: 1540 in, Toppesfield
Daughter Plumb b: ABT 1542 in, Toppesfield
Edmund Plumb b: ABT 1544 in, Toppsfield

Jedediah THOMPSON b: 21 Jun 1730
Joseph THOMPSON b: 19 Mar 1732
Martha THOMPSON b: 7 May 1734

Gwenillian Talbot b: Abt 1270 in Richard's Castle, Herefordshire, England
Gilbert De Talbot b: 18 Oct 1276 in Wyke, Cornwall, England
Joan Talbot b: Abt 1299
Richard V Talbot b: 1278 in Richard's Castle, Eccleswall, Hereford, England

John Dana b: 15 APR 1649 in Brighton, Suffolk, MA
Hannah Anne Dana b: 8 JUL 1651 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA
Samuel Dana b: 13 OCT 1653 in Cambridge
Jacob Dana b: 2 FEB 1653/54 in Cambridge
Abiah Dana b: 21 MAY 1656 in Cambridge
Joseph Dana b: 21 MAY 1656 in Cambridge
Benjamin Dana b: 20 FEB 1658/59 in Cambridge
Elizabeth Dana b: 20 FEB 1660/61 in Cambridge
Daniel Dana b: 20 MAR 1662/63 in Cambridge
Deliverance Dana b: 5 MAY 1667 in Brighton, Suffolk, MA
Sarah Dana b: JAN 1668/69 in Brighton, Suffolk, MA
Sarah Dana b: ABT 1671 in Cambridge

Robert Plumb b: 1587 in, Great Yeldham, Essex, England
Martha Plumb b: 25 MAR 1593 in Spaynes Hall, Yeldham
John Plumb b: 28 JUL 1594 in Spayne's Hall
Thomas Plumb b: 1596 in, Great Yeldham
Mary Plumb b: ABT 1598 in, Great Yeldham
Ethelred Plumb b: 1 APR 1599 in Spaynes Hall
Joseph Plumb b: 25 FEB 1600/01 in Great Yeldham
Frances Plumb b: 1 NOV 1601 in Great Yeldham
Hannah Plumb b: 26 AUG 1604 in Great Yeldham

1. Elizabeth Woodward b: 22 APR 1681 in Medford, Middlesex, MA
2. Mary Woodward b: 15 APR 1683 in Medford
3. Daniel Woodward b: 5 JAN 1683/84 in Medford
4. Abigail Woodward b: 14 FEB 1685/86 in Medford
5. Sarah Woodward b: 5 JUN 1689 in Medford
6. Hannah Woodward b: 7 MAY 1691 in Woburn
7. Amos Woodward b: 5 JUN 1693 in Medford
8. Susannah Woodward b: 23 DEC 1695 in Medford
9. Jonathan Woodward b: 5 MAY 1698 in Charlestown, MA
10. Joseph Woodward b: 5 MAR 1700/01 in Charlestown, MA
11. Thomas Woodward b: ABT 1702 in Massachusetts

1. Joseline de Vetulis
2. Robert Beaumont
3. William de Vielles
4. Dunelme de Vielles
5. Roger de Beaumont
6. Albreda de Preaux

Anne MARTYN b: ABT 1600 in Barnham, England
John MARTYN b: ABT 1602 in Barnham
Thomas MARTYN b: ABT 1606 in Barnham
Magdalene MARTYN b: 29 JAN 1606/07 in Barnham
William MARTYN b: ABT 1610 in Barnham

Margaret Plumb b: 1556 in Great Yeldham, Essex, England
Robert Plumb b: 1558 in Great Yeldham
Joseph Plumb b: 1559 in Great Yeldham
Elizabeth Plumb b: 9 DEC 1560 in Great Yeldham
Thomas Plumb b: 1 MAR 1563/64 in Great Yeldham
Mary Plumb b: 9 OCT 1566 in Great Yeldham
Anne Plumb b: 2 MAY 1569 in Great Yeldham
Edmund (Edmond) Plumb b: 2 SEP 1571 in Great Yeldham
Son Plumb b: 1575 in Great Yeldham
Joseph Plumb b: 25 FEB 1600/01 in Great Yeldham

SENECA FALLS -- Miss Gertrude Katherine Garnsey and John Wallace Spanowere united in marriage at a candlelight service Oct. 22 in TrinityEpiscopal Church in Seneca Falls.
The Rev. Charles Bollinger per formed the double ring ceremony.
The bride's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus P. Garnsey of RD 2, Seneca Falls. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs John J. Spano of E. Bayard St., Seneca Falls.
Escorted to the altar by her father, the bride wore a full length gown of Quiana nylon with an empire line bodice of organza trimmed with Brussels lace and pearls. The full sleeves were trimmed with small Venice flowers and matching lace" Her chapel length veil was trimmed with matching Brussels lace and fell from a mantilla of lace and beaded pearls. The bride carried a floral cascade of white Fiji mums and pink symbidium orchids.
Julie Moses was maid of honor. Mrs. Barbara Griggs, Hillary Shultis and Cathy Delavan served as bridesmaids. The bridegroom's sister, Jackie, was flower girl.
John Cologgi was best man. Rick Bush, Jimmy Peterson and the bridegroom's brother, Bobby, were ushers. The ring bearer was Darin Faircloth.
The music was played by organist Rudy Bliss.
Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the Seneca Manor.
After a wedding trip to Bermuda, the couple will reside in Niceville, Fla., near Eglin Air Force Base where the bridegroom is stationed.
The Geneva Times, 1 November 1976

Abbie and Herbert married twice. Perhaps they were divorced for sometime.

Renaud II Count De Auxerre & Nevers b: 1047 in Nevers, Nievre, Bourgogne, France
William De Nevers b: Abt 1050 in Nevers
Ermangarde De Nevers b: 1051 in Nevers

Eberhard (Unruochinger) Friuli b: Abt 820 in Friuli, Italy
Amadeus Count Of Burgundy b: Abt 799 in Bourgogne, France
Daughter Of Hunroch Of Friuli b: Abt 828 in Friuli, Italy
Berenger Comte Of Toulouse b: Abt 802 in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
Unroch II Comte Di Friuli b: Abt 804 in Friuli, Italy

Hedwige Saxony b: Abt 838 in Germany
Berengar I King Italy b: Abt 850 in Friuli, Italy
Jutte (Judith) Friuli b: 849 in Friuli, Italy
Adalhard Offriuli
Unruoch III Count Of Friuli b: Abt 842 in Friuli, Italy
Rudolf Of Friuli
Ermenfroi Count Of Amiens b: Abt 844 in Amiens, Somme, Picardy, France
Helwise Of Friuli b: Abt 855 in Friuli, Italy
Ingeltrud Of Friuli b: Abt 837 in Friuli, Italy

Cheryl Kimble and John Risty, both of Le Mars, were united in marriageMarch 13, 2009. Their vows were spoken during an intimate ceremony at theLittle Chapel of the West in Las Vegas, Nev.
Witnessing the couple's vows were Rick and Leslie Hoffman.
Cheryl is the dughter of Glen and the late Ruth (Giffin) Jaqua of Hawarden. John is the son of Austin and Joyce Risty of Garretson, S.D.
Le Marss Daily Sentinel, 18 March 2009

THOMAS II De Greene b: 1369 in Green's Norton, Northamptonshire, England
Amabilia de Greene b: Abt 1371 in Green's Norton, Nothhampshire, England
Henry de Greene b: Abt 1370 in England
Joan Green b: Abt 1370

Daughter, ??? Janie Seymour, born 8/1896 at Union, Erie, PA.

Said to be the 5th wife of James.

Matilda b. 1860 Ohio
Lizzie G., b. 1862 Ohio
Caroline M., b. 1864 Ohio
William F., b. 1866 Ohio
Charles Edward, b. 10/1867 Ohio
Annie S., b. 1870 Ohio
Fredrick, b. 1871 Ohio
John, b. 7/1877 Ohio
Louisa, b. 5/1880 Steubenville, Jefferson, OH

Thomas Noel b: Abt 1151 in Ellenhall, Stafford, England
Alice Noel b: 1152
Philip Noel b: 1153
Robert Noel b: 1155
John Noel b: 1157
Richard Noel b: 1159

1. Mary FITZWILLIAM b: 1492
2. Richard FITZWILLIAM b: 1494
3. William FITZWILLIAM b: 1496
4. Ellen FITZWILLIAM b: 1500

1. Milford Henry CLARK b: 18 OCT 1852 in Sunderland, Franklin, MA
2. Flora Frances CLARK b: 11 FEB 1854 in Sunderland
3. Lewis Lee CLARK b: 28 DEC 1861 in Sunderland
4. Ralph Hoyt CLARK b: 16 DEC 1864 in Sunderland
5. Grace Annie CLARK b: 16 MAR 1868 in Sunderland

Ruth HOLTON b: 1640 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
John HOLTON b: 1644 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut
Samuel HOLTON b: in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut
William HOLTON b: 1648 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut
Mary HOLTON b: 1650 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut
Sarah HOLTON b: 1652 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut
Rachel HOLTON b: 1656 in Hartford,Hartford,Connecticut

Mary HOLTON b: 1638 in Hartford,Hartford,CT
John HOLTON b: BETW 1641 - 1646 in Northampton,Hampshire,MA
Ruth HOLTON b: ABT 1643 in Northampton
Sarah HOLTON b: in Hartford
Rachel HOLTON b: ABT 1645 in Northampton
Thomas HOLTON b: ABT 1647 in Hartford
William HOLTON b: ABT 1650 in Hartford
Thomas HOLTON b: 1658

Gwilym Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1245 in Powis, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Owain Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1256 in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Margaret Verch Gruffudd b: Abt 1258 in Wales
Llewelyn Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1248 in Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales

Samuel Stebbins b: 21 JAN 1658/59 in Coldsprings, MA
Abigail Stebbins b: 6 SEP 1660 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Thomas Stebbins b: 6 MAY 1662 in Northampton, MA
Hannah Stebbins b: 8 JUL 1664 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Mary Stebbins b: 10 SEP 1666 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Sarah Stebbins b: 4 JUN 1668 in Norhampton, Hampshire, MA
Joseph Stebbins b: 17 JAN 1669/70 in Northampton, MA
Deborah Stebbins b: 5 MAR 1671/72 in Northampton, Hartford, MA
Rebecca Stebbins b: 20 FEB 1673/74 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Benjamin Stebbins b: 3 MAR 1673/74 in Northampton, MA
Thankful Stebbins b: 11 MAY 1678 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA

Miss De Roucy
Guy, Sire of Braine and Vaudemont b: 1098 in Vaudemont, Meurthe-Et-Moselle, Lorraine, France
Helvide De Baudemont b: 1105 in Baudemont, Val-DE-Oise, Ile-DE-France, France
Eustace De Baudemont b: Abt 1094 in Corbeil, Aube, Champagne, France
Habeline De Baudemont b: Abt 1097 in France
Adele De Rameru b: Abt 1105 in France
Miss De Baudement

They also had a child that died in infancy.

Anne LOWTHROP b: 29 JUL 1576 in Etton,Yorkshire,Eng
Mary LATHROP b: 1578 in Etton,Yorkshire,Eng
Thomas LATHROPE b: 14 OCT 1582 in Yorkshire,Eng
John LATHROP b: 20 DEC 1584 in Etton,Yorkshire,England
William LATHROPE b: 24 MAY 1587 in Yorkshire,Eng

Children: Two boys and a girl born between 1856 anf 1861
Possibly Charles Tupper, b. abt 1860, d. Dec 1866 in Morristown, Aylesford, was their son.

Maredudd Ap Bleddyn b: Abt 1047 in Monmouthshire, Wales
Cadwgon Ap Bleddyn b: Abt 1050 in Wales
Gwenllian Verch Bleddyn b: Abt 1056 in Montgomeryshire, Wales

Delbert and Mary Weber of Mechanicsville, Iowa, announce the engagementof their daughter Theresa to Joshua Sundstrom, of Dubuque. He is the sonof Robert and Hazel Sundstrom, of Sheldon, Iowa.
She attends and he graduated from Clarke College, Dubuque. She is a community trainer at Goodwill Industries, Dubuque. He is a marketing coordinator for Rapid Communications, Morrison, Colo. ....

Shelly Lalk and Douglas Pratt are engaged to be married June 21. Parentsof the bride-to-be are Robert and Janet Lalk of Midland. Parents of theprospective groom are Fred and Elaine Pratt of Owosso. The bride-to-be isa graduate of Midland High School and Purdue University. She is a projectmanager with Triangle Electric. The prospective groom is a graduate ofOwosso High School and Baker College. He is a product designer with GDXAutomotive.

Posible Family ID for 1930 Owego, Tioga, New York, Census
Hazel A Griggs 32
Gean B Griggs 8
Charles R Griggs 2 3/12

A Charles R. Griggs resided in Owego and was born 31 January 1928 and died in April 1973. His wife Alicia W. was born 7 September 1930.
Grant Isaiah Pratt was born Dec. 2, 2004, at Wayne Memorial Hospital, to Stanton and Barbara Griggs-Pratt. Grant joins siblings Jennifer, 27, Evan,12, Nathan, 11, and Dana, 2 .
"We chose Grant Isaiah because both are old family names. We hope he has a healthy, happy life. We enjoy him and are thrilled," said his mother.
Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Griggs of Owego, NY.
Paternal grandparents are Mr. & Mrs. Gerald S. Pratt Jr. of Honesdale.

Adalbert Duke Of Alsace b: Abt 675 in Alsace, France
Eticho II Count Alsace b: Abt 673 in Alsace, France
Ottilia Of Alsace b: Abt 677 in Alsace, France
Roswinda Of Alsace b: Abt 679 in Alsace, France
Hugo Of Alsace b: Abt 681 in Alsace, France

Eberhard Duke Of Alsace b: Abt 697 in Alsace, France
Luitfried I Duke Of Alsace b: Abt 707 in Alsace
Eugenia Of Alsace b: Abt 699
Attala Of Alsace b: Abt 701 in Alsace
Gundlindis Of Alsace b: Abt 703 in Alsace
Maso Of Alsace b: Abt 705 in Alsace

The had two other children both of whom died in in fancy.

Hugh Comte De Bourges b: Abt 798 in Bourges, Berry, France
Adela Adelheid De Tours b: Abt 802 in Tours, Indre-Et-Loire, Touraine, France
Bertha De Tours b: Abt 800 in Tours
Ermengarde De Tours b: Abt 805 in Tours
Luitfried III Count Of Upper Alsace b: 797 in Alsace, France
Aelis Of Alsace & Tours b: Abt 819 in Tours

A very pretty wedding took place this morning at 10:30 o'clock in therectory of St Mary's Church when Miss Gertrude Arlene Connors, daughterof Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Connors of 26 Dexter Avenue, and CharlesKenneth Mahaney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mahaney of 30 Dexter Avenue,were united in marriage by Very Rev. Dean John J. McGrath, pastor of S tMary's Church.
The attendants were Miss Verna R. Keyes of 31 Logan Street and Marvin H. Landers at 13 Pleasant.
The bride was beautifully dressed in a gown of powdered blue chiffon with egg-shell lace trimming and hose and slippers to match. She also wore a horsehair braid hat. Her bouquet was of pink roses.
The maid of honor's gown was of flowered chiffon with hose and slippers to match. She also wore a horsehair braid hat and carried yellow roses.
Following the wedding ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at Springside Inn for members and immediate friends of the family.
The wedding presents were numerous and the bride was also honored at several pre-nuptial festivities.
The couple left this morning for a wedding trip to Rochester, Buffalo and other points of interest in the West. Their future home will he made in the Pearese block of Exchange Street.
The bride is a member of the office staff at the plant of Dune & McCarthy in Washington street while Mr. Mahaney is employed at the Beahulte Cigar store and also as wall as a musician.
The Auburn Citizen, 25 August

Miss Blanche E. Chrisman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Chrisman ofEphratah. was wed to Airman 2C Adrian C. Gray, son of Mr. and Mrs.Clarence Gray of Fort Plain. R.D. 4, Saturday at 11:30 a.m. in theEphratah Reformed Church.
The Rev. Ernest Crounse of St. Johnsville Reformed Church and Chaplain George S. Bieber of Sampson Air Force Base officiated at the double ring ceremony.
Mrs. Edward Roberts, sister of the bride was matron of honor and Mrs. Brooksby S. Gray, sister-in-law of the bridegroom, was her other attendant.
Best man was Brooksby S. Gray, brother of the bridegroom. Ushers were Carl Chrisman, brother of the bride, and Airman 2C Arlo Deibler of Sampson Air Force Base.
The bride was given in marriage by her brother, Claude Chrisman. Her gown had a white imported Chantilly lace Basque bodice and sleeves, Victorian collar, full double nylon tulle skirt with overlay of lace, ending in a long court train.
She wore a fingertip veil of imported silk illusion, edged in Chantilly lace, attached to a cloche of lace trimmed with baby pearls. She carried a white prayer book and orchid.
The matron of honor wore a strapless gown of white nylon net over taffeta with matching cape of nylon net and carried red roses. The bride's other attendant was also gowned in white.
The bride's mother wore a gray sheer dress with white accessories and a corsage of white pompons. The bridegroom's mother was dressed in white and black nylon with a corsage of white pompons.
Miss Katherine Bender of St. Louis, Mo., sang "The Lord's Prayer," "Because" and "Whither Thou Goest." Mrs. C. C. Lull was the organist.
A reception was held in Union Hall, Gloversville. Later the bride and bridegroom left for a wedding trip to New York City, after which they will go to Scott Air Force Base, Scott Field, IL, where the bridegroom is stationed.
Evening Recorder, Amsterdam, NY, 30 June 1952

Quality View Record Name Birth Day Birth County Father Mother
View Record Bradley Alan Paulson 9 Nov 1960 Steele David Arlen Paulson Rebecca Ann Gransee
View Record Brenda Marie Paulson 31 Jul 1965 Steele David Arlen Paulson Rebecca Ann Gransee
View Record Brent David Paulson 26 Jan 1969 Steele David Arlen Paulson Rebecca Ann Gransee
View Record Brian Arlen Paulson 15 Jan 1962 Steele David Arlen Paulson Rebecca Ann Gransee
View Record Bruce Douglas Paulson 25 Oct 1963 Steele David Arlen Paulson Rebecca Ann Gransee

Emliane Aelgiva Princess Of England b: 902 in Wessex, England
Eadgifu Princess Of England b: 904 in Wessex, England
Ethelwerd Elfwerd England b: Abt 900 in Wessex, England
Edwin Sub King Of Kent b: Abt 902 in Wessex, England
Elfleda England b: Abt 903 in Wessex, England
Aethelflaeda (Abbess Of Romset) Of England
Edhild Eadhylde England b: Abt 908 in Wessex, England
Edith (Eadgyth) Of England b: Abt 910 in Wessex, England
Aediva England b: Abt 915 in Wessex, England

Hugo "L'abbe" Holy Roman Empire b: Abt 794 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia
Drogo Bishop Of Metz b: Abt 792 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia
Adelinda, Bastard Of Holy Roman Empire b: Abt 796 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia

Daugthers married
Living FEAVER - Ruth ?
Living GILLESPIE - Isola?
Living HOLT - Jannett ?


Gui I Margrave Of Spoleto b: Abt 785 in Spoleto, Umbria, Italy
Avelina De Nantes b: WFT Est 795 in Nantes, Anjou, France
Lambert II De Nantes b: Abt 783 in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, Anjou/Pays de La Loire, France

Wilbert ("Hap") and Marion Heilman, were married in 1947.
The Heilman's celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary today. Their four children had a small reception for them this afternoon at our church.
Mrs. Heilman told me she weighted 115 pounds the day she was married, and her mother made her wedding dress. They were married in a Lutheran church, in or around Evansville, Indiana.
They made their home in the Evansville area, and over the years, four children were born. As it happened, they had some neighbors whose name was Roeder. In the mid-1960s, the Roeders opened a John Deere implement in Hopkinsville, KY. They invited Hap to work in the repair shop, and Hap accepted the offer.
The Heilmans moved to Hopkinsville, and they've been here ever since. I think the implement had been open a few years already, before they moved here, 35 years ago or so. The three daughters all stayed around Evansville, but their son (the youngest of the family) moved to Hopkinsville with them. He still lives in Christian County.
Hap has retired now, and he and Marion live on a small farm near St. Elmo, in southeastern Christian County. They don't get out much anymore, due to their health. I know that this was quite a day for them.
All of their children were at the reception, and a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren were present also. Hap and Marion raised a nice family. I enjoyed seeing them together today.

Robert "The King's Son" Caen b: Abt 1090 in Caen, Calvados, France
William De Tracy b: After 1090 in Bradninch, Devonshire, England
Alice Princess Of England b: Abt 1099 in Selby, Yorkshire, England
Constance Of England b: 1098 in England

1. HARLAN2 GRAHAM, d. Faribault, Rice Cty, MN.
5. BERNICE ALMIRA GRAHAM, b. 9/24/1909, Faribault
6. RUTH EVALYN GRAHAM, b. 12/20/1911, Faribault

* Lars Henriksson, b. 1723-05-09 at Yttermorjärv 2, Nederkalix, d. 1790.
* Karin Henriksdotter, b. 1724-09-25 at Yttermorjärv 2, d. 1806-11-16.
* Per Henriksson, b. 1726-04-28 at Yttermorjärv 2, d. 1787.
* Maria Henriksdotter, b. 1729-02-23 at Yttermorjärv 2, d. 1768-02-19 at Ersnäs 2, Nederluleå.
* Henrik Henriksson, b. 1731-12-15 at Yttermorjärv 2
* Olof Henriksson, b. 1733-08-01 at Yttermorjärv 2, d. 1733-08-01 at Yttermorjärv 2
* Sigrid Henriksdotter, b. 1738
* Marget Henriksdotter, b. 1739-05-26 at Yttermorjärv 2

Additonal child listing born March 7, 1905 in Stoughton MA, died March11, 1907 in Stoughton, and buried March 12, 1907 at the EvergreenCemetery, Stoughton.

* Sigrid Persdotter, b. 1700-03-30
* Marget Persdotter, b. 1705-01-15 at Bondersbyn 3, Brattland, Nederkalix
* Olof Persson, b. 1707-12-15 at Bondersbyn 3
d. 1789-08-24 at Bondersbyn, Nederkalix
* Jöns Persson, b. 1711-01-10 at Bondersbyn 3

John Wright b: 14 Jul 1569 in Wrightsbridge, England
Edward Wright b: 1589 in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, England
Nathaniel Wright b: 28 Jan 1580/1581 in Wrightsbridge
William Wright b: 1585 in Wrightsbridge
Lawrence Wright b: 28 Jan 1591
Bennet Wright b: 9 Apr 1592

Thomas Le Despenser b: Abt 1169 in of Ellington, Lincolnshire, England
Galfridus (Geoffrey) Le Despenser b: 1155 in Stanley, Lincolnshire, England
Hugh Le Despencer b: Abt 1152 in Stanley
Walter Le Despencer b: 1148 in Stanley
Almaric Le Despencer b: 1150 in Stanley

All children born in Stearns County, MN.
Bernard Peter, b. 24 Aug 1932
Warren Arthur, b. 8 Jan 1934
David John, b. 13 Jun 1935
Arlene Marie, b. 10 Dec 1936
Lance Andrew, b. 16 Oct 1939
Sharon Ann, b. 31 Dec 1940
Phylis Jane, b. 27 May 1944
James Kenneth, b. 26 Dec 1945
Diana Lynn, b. 25 Aug 1947

William De Croft b: Abt 1393 in Croft Castle, Leominster, Herefordshire, England
Nicholas Croft b: Abt 1390 in Of Dalton, Lancashire, England
Thomas Crofts b: Abt 1395
Hugh Croft b: Abt 1400

Everhard (Eberhardus) Count Of Logenahe b: Abt 800 in Logenahe, Germany
Liedrat Fulde b: Abt 821
Engletrude De Paris b: Abt 783
Suzanna De Paris b: Abt 789 in Paris, Seine, Ile-DE-France, France
Leutaud I Count Of Paris b: Abt 785 in Paris, Seine, Ile-DE-France, France
Lisiard De Fezensac b: Abt 782 in Fezensac, Gascony, France

Miss Reba Marguerite Sweet daughter of Rev. Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Sweet ofthis city, and Charles Frederick Tucker of Dallas, Tex., were married atnoon today at the home of the bride's parents, 436 Chenango Street, Rev.Dr. Sweet performing the ceremony. The rooms were tastefully trimmed witha profusion of smilax and other greenery, with which lilies of the valleyand pink roses were lavishly mingled. The bridal music was played by anaccomplished harpist, and the ceremony was performed under an arch ofsmilax and lilies. The bride, an exceedingly attractive young woman, wascharmingly in white imported Swiss. She carried a large bouquet ofbride's roses. Following the ceremony a breakfast was served to theimmediate relatives present, the bride's table being adorned with liliesof the valley and maidenhair ferns. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker left on the 3:30train to spend their honeymoon in Buffalo and Cleveland. Upon theirreturn In about a fortnight they will live in Binghamton for a time.Though the wedding was a quiet 6ne, the bride received a large number ofhandsome and valuable gifts from her many relatives and friends. The outof town guests were St. George Brooke Tucker of New York, a brother ofthe groom, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Miller and sons, Chauncey andWillard, of Scranton.
The Binghamton Press, 19 May 1910

Olof JOHANSSON (1701 - )
Hans Johansson PAMP (1702 - 1778)
Nils JOHANSSON (1706 - 1707)
Jöns JOHANSSON (1709 - )
Samuel JOHANSSON (1712 - )
Nils JOHANSSON (1714 - )
Erik JOHANSSON (1717 - )
Pär JOHANSSON (1724 - )

Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg D. Coye of Throopsville celebrated their goldenwedding at their home, Monday, October 10. Those present were their sonsand daughters and grandchildren, Mrs. Nellie Holcomb and son Orvis whosehome is with them; Mr. and Mrs. William Coye and daughter Marion, Mr. andMrs. Roland Coye and daughter Joan of Auburn, and Mr. and Mrs. ClaytonPratt of Throopsville and Dorothy and Charley Pratt. Three guests were atthe wedding 50 years ago. Mr. Cove's sister, Mrs. Emma Burke of Mandana,and Mrs. Coye's sisters, Mrs. Hattle Briggs of Auburn, and Mrs. AliceMettler of Port Byron.
The Auburn Citizen, 12 October 1927

1. Erik Abraham 1829-1899 (Alvik 15, till Kossuth, Iowa USA 1882),
2. Nils Johan 1830-1831,
3. Johan Jacob 1832-1872 (Sandön 1),
4. Nils Petter 1833-1834,
5. Maria Britta 1835-1879 (Alvik 2),
6. Nils Fredrik 1836-1836,
7. Karl Fredrik 1837-1918 (Alvik 15),
8. Nils 1840-1927 (Långnäs 7),
9. Johanna Lovisa 1843-1919 (Sandön 1, se nedan),
10. August 1846-1866,
11. Kristina Katarina 1848-1865,
12. Isak Olof 1851-1852

Arsende De Ponthieu b: Abt 796 in Crecy En Ponthieu, Picardy, France
Nithard De Ponthieu b: Abt 795 in Crecy En Ponthieu, Picardy, France
Harnid De France b: Abt 790 in Centulleponthieu, , France

1. Appolonia LOEHR b: Apr 1882 in Cleveland, Ohio
2. Emma LOEHR b: 1873
3. Joseph M. LOEHR b: May 1875
4. William Richard LOEHR b: 4 Sep 1877
5. Elizabeth LOEHR b: Nov 1879
6. Caroline LOEHR b: Apr 1887

# Kelly O'CONNOR
# Chris O'CONNOR
# Michael Joseph O'CONNOR

Sarah BRIDGMAN b: 1643 in Hartford, Hartford, CT
John BRIDGMAN b: 7 JUL 1645 in Springfield, Middlesex, MA
Thomas BRIDGMAN b: 14 SEP 1647 in Springfield, Hampden, MA
Martha BRIDGMAN b: 20 NOV 1649 in Springfield, Hampden, MA
Mary BRIDGMAN b: 5 JUL 1652 in Springfield, Hampden, MA
James BRIDGMAN b: 30 MAY 1655 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Patience BRIDGMAN b: 5 Jan 1656/7 in Northampton
Hezekiah BRIDGMAN b: JUN 1658 in Northampton

Miss Susan A. Marshall and Stephen E. Morse were married at 2 p.m. Aug. 4in Holy Family Church, The Rev. Richard Shatzel officiated.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Marshall of 100-1/2 N. Fulton St. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Morse of 120 Cornwell St., Penn Yan.
Maureen Holmes served as maid of honor. Other bridal attendants were Diane Petit, Robbin Nlcolosi, Kristen Anderson and Kelli Anderson.
Escorted by her parents, the bride wore a formal gown designed of ivory silk organza and lace. The bodice had a high neckline, accented with Chantilly lace and sprinkled with seed pearls. The bishop sleeves were encircled with a wide cuff covered in lace. The shirred silhouette skirt fell softly from the natural waistline and flowed into a cathedral-length train. The organza skirt was designed with shirred scalloped gathers that were trimmed with lace appliques. The carriage bridal hat was covered with matching lace and silk illusion to complete her ensemble.
Best man was Bernie Morse, brother of the bridegroom. Ushers were Roger Paddock, Steve Allen, Phillip Yonge, and Brian Winslow.
Flower girl was Kimberly Morse. Ring bearers were Derek Marshall and Michael Constantino.
The reception was held at Holiday Inn and a rehearsal dinner was given at Diana's restaurant.
The bride is a graduate of Auburn high school and Central City Business Institute. She is employed at Dick Van Dyke Clinic at Willard.
The bridegroom attended Penn Yan Academy and is employed oy flew York State Electric and Gas in Dresden.
After a wedding cruise to Bermuda, the couple will live at 106 Grace St, Penn Yan.
The Citizen, Auburn, 5 August 1984

Robert De Nevers b: Abt 1032 in Nevers, Nievre, Bourgogne, France
William Of Auxerre & Nevers b: Abt 1020 in Nevers
Henry De Nevers b: Bef 1027 in Nevers
Guy De Nevers b: Bef 1031 in Nevers
Aelis De Nevers b: Abt 1032 in Nevers

SCOTT'S BAY, Dec 17, [1934] - Miss Dorothy Irene Dykens, daughter of Mrand Mrs Wylie Dykens and Vernon Alden Huntley, son of Mr and Mrs EverettHuntley were united in marriage Saturday, Dec 8, at the United BaptistParsonage, Kentville. Rev W C Machum performed the ceremony. The bridewas dressed in blue and was attended by Miss Annetta Huntley while HowardMacumber [MacCumber, from Joanne] was best man. They will reside atScotts Bay.

1. Jons OLOFSSON b: 1686 in Sweden
2. Christman OLOFSSON b: Abt 1690 in Sweden
3. Brita OLOFSDOTTER b: 1694 in Sweden
4. Karin OLOFSDOTTER b: 1695/1700 in Sweden
5. Lisatt OLOFSDOTTER b: 18 Apr 1702 in Sweden
6. Olof OLOFSSON b: 17 May 1704 in Sweden
7. Nils OLOFSSON b: 17 Jul 1707 in Sweden
8. Anna OLOFSDOTTER b: 7 Oct 1710 in Sweden
9. Anna OLOFSDOTTER b: 1676 in Alvik

Miss Countess Of Metz b: Abt 840 in Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France
Richaut Of Metz b: Abt 845 in Metz
Boso II Count Of Vienne b: Abt 845 in Metz
Richard I "The Justiciar" Duke Of Burgundy b: Abt 860 in Ardennes, Champagne

Children of Stina Johansdotter and Nils Nilsson:
1. Nils Julius, b. 1878 09 01, d. 1879 05 17
2. Nils, b. 1880 05 24, d. 1941 02 17
3. Erik, b. 1882 01 02, d.1942 07 06
4. Anna Evelina, b. 1884 02 25, d. 1964 05 05
5. Tilda Helena, b. 1886 03 14, d. 1963 12 19
6. Ida Kristina, b. 1888 12 11, d. 1888 12 31
7. Ida Kristina, b. 1892 02 16, d. 1969 01 21
8. Fia Maria, b. 1892 02 16, d. 1924 07 28
9. Viktor, b. 1897 10 24, d. 1983 03 28

The home of Mr. and Mrs. George Halladay, No. 8 Foote street, was thescene last evening of a pretty wedding when their daughter, Miss JessieA. Halladay, became the bride of William S. Coye. The wedding party stoodunder a bower of daisies, china asters and smilax while the ceremony wasperformed by Rev. J. Wilson Brainard, pastor of the Second Presbyterianchurch. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Satie J. Halladay, andthe groom's attendant was Thomas C. Shaudley.
The bride was gowned in white silk, trimmed with appliqué, and carried a bouquet of bride roses and maidenhair fern. The bridesmaid was gowned in pink silk, trimmed with chiffon, and she carried a bouquet of carnations and maidenhair fern.
The usual wedding march was played by an orchestra, which also furnished music throughout the evening. Many guests were present from out of town and the bride and groom were the recipients of many beautiful and useful presents. After a brief wedding trip in the West Mr. and Mrs. Coye will be at home at No. 8 Foote street.
The Auburn Bulletin, 8 October 1903

Children of Kristina Sandstrom and Erik Johansson:
1. Nils Elis, b. 1890 06 20, d. 1922 06 28
2. Erik Valfrid, b. 1892 02 05, d. 1979 10 25
3. John Helmer, b. 1894 01 11, d. 1961 07 21
4. Petter William, b. 1895 03 07, d. 1977 05 31
5. Hulda Helena, b. 1897 03 21, d. 1943 04 03

Marie Bacon b: ABT 1434 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
William Bacon b: ABT 1436 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
Francis Bacon b: ABT 1442 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
John Bacon b: ABT 1454 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
Edmund Bacon b: ABT 1456 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England

ODO II (Eudes) Count Of Champagne b: 989 in Chartre, France
Theobald II Count Of Blois b: 985
Eudes II Blois b: Abt 990 in Of, Blois, L-Chr, France
Robert Count Of Blois b: 988
Dietrich Count Of Blois b: 992

1. John WRIGHT b: 1569 in Wrightsbridge, Essex, England c: 14 SEP 1569 in Saint Peters, South Weald, Essex
2. Samuel WRIGHT b: 1571 in Wrightsbridge c: 17 DEC 1571 in Kelvedon Hatch
3. Jane WRIGHT b: 1572 in Wrightsbridge c: 1 JAN 1573 in Wrightsbridge
4. Rachel WRIGHT
5. William WRIGHT b: 1578 in Wrightsbridge
6. Nathaniel WRIGHT b: 28 JAN 1581 in Wrightbridge c: 28 JAN 1583 in Saint Peter, South Weald
7. Thomas WRIGHT

MR. AND MRS. WILLIS D. SWEET of Oneonta announce the engagement of theirdaughter, Miss Sally Ann Sweet, to Joseph P. Campbell of Oneonta. Thebride-elect is a graduate of Oneonta High School and Stephens College forWomen, Columbia, Mo. At Stephens, she was secretary-treasurer of theStephens Independent Association, chairman of the New York State Club anda member of the Prince of Wales Club, an honorary equestrian organizationMr. Campbell, son of Mrs. Buchanan H. Campbell of Oneonta, Is a member ofthe faculty at Walton Central School and a part-time announcer at WDOS inOneonta. He was graduated from Oneonta High School and ColgateUniversity. A winter wedding is planned.
The Sunday Press, Binghamton, 20 November 1955

Francis Bacon b: ABT 1475 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
Robert Bacon b: ABT 1479 in Drinkstone, Suffolk, England
Thomas Bacon b: ABT 1480 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
John Bacon b: ABT 1481 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
Margery Bacon b: ABT 1483 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
Jane Bacon b: ABT 1485 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
William Bacon b: ABT 1487 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
Henry Bacon b: ABT 1489 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
Annie Bacon b: ABT 1491 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England

Thomas Bacon b: ABT 1505 in Northaw, Hertfordshire, England
Barbara Bacon b: ABT 1507 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
Sir Nicholas Bacon b: 1509 in Drinkstone, Suffolk, England
James Bacon b: ABT 1511 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
Anne Bacon b: ABT 1513 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England
John Bacon b: ABT 1525 in Drinkston, Suffolk, England

1. John
2. Hugh our ancestor born 1829and died 1902 in Pavilion, Genesee, NY
3. Margaret b. 1838 in Cape Breton, NS died 1906
4. Daniel born 1840 in Cape Breton
5. Neal or Neil born 1842 in River Inhabitants, NS, died 1917
6. baby not sure of this one born and died 1843
7. Belle

Berthe de Chartres de Blois b: Abt 1015 in Brittany, France
Gilbert De Venables b: Abt 1010 in Venables, Normandy, France
Theobald III Count of Champagne and Blois b: Abt 1015/1019 in Blois, France

Beatrice De Macon b: 974 in Bourgogne, France
Miss De Macon b: Abt 970 in Macon, Saone-Et-Loire, Bourgogne, France
Ermengarde De Macon b: Abt 972 in Macon, Saone-Et-Loire, Bourgogne, France

John Derrick TUPPER b: 16 DEC 1958

Simcoe county marriage record:
10430-84 - William S. KNIGHT, 26, brick layer, Ontario, Alliston, s/o Ebenezer & Ellen, married Bertha HENDER, 26, England, Alliston, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: W.R. MILLER of Toronto & Lydia KNIGHT of Alliston, 16 April 1884 at Alliston

Jonathan (Deacon) Allen b: 1703 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Sarah Ann Allen b: 5 DEC 1701 in Northampton
Samuel Allen IV b: 6 OCT 1703 in Northampton
Samuel Allen IV b: 4 AUG 1706 in Northampton
Joseph Allen b: 5 APR 1712 in Northampton
Hannah Allen b: 1 DEC 1714 in Northampton
Experience Allen b: in Northampton

1. Jonathan Judd b. 7 OCT 1744 in Southampton, MA; d. 30 Jan 1819
2. Silence Judd b: 16 DEC 1750 in Southampton, MA
3. Sylvester Judd b: 1 DEC 1752 in Southampton, MA
4. Sarah Judd b: 12 JUL 1755 in Southampton, MA
5. Solomon Judd b: 26 JAN 1758 in Southampton, MA
6. Frederic Judd b: 29 JAN 1760 in Southampton, MA
7. Clarissa Judd b: 2 OCT 1764

Children born in Northampton, Hampshire, MA:
1. Ruth Edwards, 01 NOV 1778
2. John Edwards, 28 SEP 1781 - NOV 1856
3. Asenath Edwards, 25 JAN 1783 - 18 NOV 1863
4. David Edwards, 10 APR 1784
5. Lucy Edwards, 17 AUG 1788
6. Mary Edwards, 16 MAY 1794 - SEP 1849
7. Esther Edwards, 02 APR 1796 - 28 FEB 1865 Married to Leander Moody

Rebecca Harcourt Tupper b: 28 JAN 1837
Benjamin Foster Tupper b: 29 OCT 1838
William Allen Tupper b: 8 JUN 1840
Mary S Tupper b: 17 APR 1842
Susanna Frances Tupper b: 29 MAR 1844
Deborah Patterson Tupper b: 18 MAY 1841
Charlotte Elizabeth Tupper b: 25 MAY 1846
Charles Francis Tupper b: 17 JUN 1850
Lucy Amelia Tupper b: 26 FEB 1853
Thomas Baldwin Tupper b: 11 JUL 1855
Ida Catherine Tupper b: 27 FEB 1860

Children (all born in Westampton):
Sylvester (1 Jun 1775 - 1 Jun 1775)
Sylvester (24 AUG 1776 - 28 SEP 1776)
Sylvester Judd (22 FEB 1779 - 23 FEB 1779)
Sylvester Judd (1 FEB 1780 - 15 APR 1780)
Hannah Judd b. 10 FEB 1782
Peninnah Judd b. 3 MAR 1785
Jacob Walker Judd (28 FEB 1787 - 03 MAY 1805)
Sylvester Judd b.23 APR 1789 in Westhampton, MA
Sarah Judd b.28 MAY 1791
Hophni Judd b. 8 JUL 1793 d. 15 Mar 1818
Clarissa Judd b. 26 JAN 1797

Cateyrn Ap Gwrtheyrn b: Abt 379 in Wales
Brydw Ap Gwrtheyrn b: Abt 387 in Wales
Pasgen Ap Gwrtheyrn b: Abt 385 in Buellt, Breconshire, Wales
Catigern Cadeyrn Fendigald Ap Gwrtheyrn b: Abt 412

Karin Christiersdotter. Ansedel Född 1690. Död 1756.
Jonas Christiersson. Ansedel Bonde i unbyn. Född 1691. Död 1768.
Brita Christiersdotter. Ansedel Född 1698. Död 1787.
Lisbetha Christiersdotter. Ansedel Född 1699. Död Troligen död i Stockholm omkr 1730-35.
Maria Christiersdotter. Ansedel Född 1700. Död Troligen död vid späd ålder.
Kerstin Christiersdotter. Ansedel Född 1701. Död Troligen död vid späd ålder.
Jöns Christiersson. Ansedel Bonde i Långnäs. Född 1702. Död 1740.
Anna Christiersdotter. Ansedel Född 1708. Död 1708.
Christier Christiersson. Ansedel Född 1709. Död 1709.
Johan Christiersson. Ansedel Bonde i Antnäs. Född 1710. Död 1777.

Children: John the Third Root b: 28 DEC 1642 in Farmington, Hartford, CT
Samuel Root b: 1644 in Farmington
Thomas Root b: 1648 in Farmington
Mary Root b: 6 AUG 1650 in Farmington
Stephen Root b: 1652 in Farmington
Susannah Root b: 1652 in Farmington
Joseph Root b: 1653 in Farmington
Caleb Root, Dr. b: 1658 in Farmington

Sibylle De Bar Le Duc b: Abt 1200 in Of Bar-Le-Duc, Meuse, France
Marguerite De Bar b: Abt 1222 in Bar-Le-Duc
Theobald II Comte De Bar b: WFT Est 1228 in Bar-Le-Duc

Other possible children born in Los Angeles:
Michelle Ann Reynolds 30 Dec 1955
Scott D. Reynolds 7 Jun 1959

Timothy Root b: ABT 1681 in Farmington, Hartford, CT
John Root b: 1685 in Farmington, Hartford, CT
Mary Root b: 1691 in Farmington, Hartford, CT
Sarah Root b: 17 DEC 1693 in Farmington, Hartford, CT
Hannah Root b: 27 OCT 1700 in Farmington, Hartford, CT

William Judd b: 7 MAY 1689 in Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut
Martha Judd b: 11 SEP 1692 in Waterbury
Mary Judd b: 30 JAN 1701 in Waterbury
Rachel Judd b: 13 NOV 1694 in Waterbury
Sarah Judd b: 23 APR 1697 in Waterbury
Hannah Judd b: 2 JUL 1699 in Waterbury
Elizabeth Judd b: 23 JUL 1704 in Waterbury
Ruth Judd b: 9 MAY 1707 in Waterbury
Stephen Judd b: 30 NOV 1709 in Waterbury

Timothy Judd , Esq. b: 28 DEC 1713 in Harpersfield, NY
Stephen Judd b: 17 AUG 1715 in Waterbury, CT
Hannah Judd b: 12 SEP 1717 in Harpersfield, NY
Jonathan Judd b: 4 OCT 1719 in Harpersfield, NY
? Judd b: ABT 1721 in Harpersfield, NY
Elnathan Judd b: 7 AUG 1724 in Cambridge, Hartford, CT
Mary Judd b: 22 NOV 1727 in Waterbury, CT
William Judd b: 12 JAN 1729/30 in Waterbury, CT
Sarah Judd b: 30 NOV 1732 in Cambridge, Hartford, CT

Miss Ann Marilyn Connor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Connor ofOneonta, became the bride of Leroy Y. Schramm, son of Mr. and Mrs. AdolphSchramm of Weedsport June 26. The ceremony was performed by Rev. CarlTruesdale, rector of the Episcopal church of Morris, in the Connor homeand attended by the Immediate families. The bride was given in marriageby her father. The ceremony was performed in front of a flower backedfireplace.
The bride wore a white embroidered summer satin dress, a headdress and hand bouquet of white delphinium and baby's breath. Miss Sally Ann Sweet, cousin of the bride, was maid of honor. She wore a rose colored dress with head-dress and hand bouquet of varicolored daises and baby's breath. Ralph Streeter of Weedsport, brother-in-law of the groom was best man.
The mother of the bride wore a dress of flowered blue, with a corsage of shell pink roses, and the bridegroom's mother wore a navy blue print dress with a similar corsage.
Following the ceremony, a reception was held in the garden. The home and garden decorations were arranged by the bride's grandmother, Mrs. E. L. Sweet
The bride graduated from Oneonta high school and attended Cornell University, the University of Tennessee and graduated from Oneonta State Teachers College. She taught home economics at Sharon Springs Central School.
The groom is a graduate of Hartwick college, and recently returned from overseas duty with the navy. He is associated with Socony-Vacuum in Rochester.
Mr. and Mrs. Schramm are honeymooning in Bermuda. They will live in Chili, N. Y.
Previous to the wedding the bride was given a shower by Mrs. Avery DeLuca, wife of the principal of Sharon Springs Central School and Miss Victoria Baldino. The bride was also honored at a Sharon Springs faculty party, and at a shower given by Miss Carol Cook and her mother of Sharon Springs, attended by the bride's homemaking III class. Mrs. John O'Kelly, Miss Peggy Judd, and Miss Dana Sweet gave a shower.
Port Byron Chronicle and Cayuga County News, 8 July 1954

1. Samuel WRIGHT
2. Jmes WRIGHT
3. Nathaniel WRIGHT
4. Lydia WRIGHT
5. John WRIGHT
6. Hester WRIGHT, b. 12/15/1622
7. Nathaniel WRIGHT
8. Lydia WRIGHT
9. James WRIGHT
10. Sarah WRIGHT
11. Ezekiel WRIGHT
12. Phebe WRIGHT

They had two children that died in infancy.

Hannah Wright b: 1626 in Wrightsbridge, Essex, England
Benjamin Wright b: 1627 in Bolton, Lancester, England
Lydia Wright b: Abt 1630 in England
Samuel Wright b: 23 Oct 1634 in England
Esther (Hester) Wright b: 1635 in Springfield
Margaret Wright b: 1636 in Springfield
Mary Wright b: 1637
James Wright b: 1638
Judah Wright b: 10 May 1642 in Springfield, Hampden, MA
Helped Wright b: 15 Sep 1644

Edward Of Salisbury b: 1060 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Gerold Le Gros b: Bef 1066 in Of Rosmar, Normandy, France
Miss D' Evereux b: Abt 1068 in Rosmar, Normandy, France
Robert Ebrois b: After 1066 in Herefordshire, England

Reginald Fitzroy b: Abt 1100 in Dunstanville, Kent, England
Sibylla Fitzhenry b: Abt 1104 in Domfront, Normandy, France
Gilbert Of England b: 1130
William Constable Of England b: Bef 1105
Eustacia De Normandy b: WFT Est 1085 in Normandy, France
Gunherd Of England
Joan (Elizabeth) England
Emme of England b: Abt 1100 in France
Daughter Of England

Adeliza (Alice) De Beaumont b: Abt 1035 in Beaumont-Sur-Oise
Ives III De Beaumont b: Abt 1040 in Beaumont-Sur-Oise
Emma De Beaumont b: Abt 1030 in Beaumont-Sur-Oise

David BURT b: 17 JUL 1691 in MA
Ebenezer BURT b: 2 FEB 1693 in Northampton, MA
Mary BURT b: 24 AUG 1694 in Northampton
Mary BURT b: 9 OCT 1695 in MA
Thomas BURT b: 26 DEC 1697 in Northampton
Hannah BURT b: 1 AUG 1700 in Northampton
Elizabeth BURT b: 31 MAR 1702 in Northampton
Noah BURT b: 17 AUG 1707 in Northampton

1. Brita Christina AHLMAN b: 11 Jan 1798 in Gammelstad, Nederlulea, Norrbotten, Sweden
2. Eva Catharina AHLMAN b: 6 Jan 1799 in Gammelstad
3. Lisa Johanna AHLMAN b: 6 Dec 1799 in Gammelstad
4. Anna Maja AHLMAN b: 18 Dec 1800 in Gammelstad
5. Johannas AHLMAN b: 13 Jan 1803 in Gammelstad
6. Isak AHLMAN b: 29 Mar 1804 in Gammelstad
7. Gustaf AHLMAN b: 14 Oct 1805 in Gammelstad
8. Matthias AHLMAN b: 6 Jun 1807 in Gammelstad
9. Maria AHLMAN b: 21 Aug 1808 in Gammelstad
10. Lars Olof AHLMAN b: 29 Nov 1810 in Gammelstad
11. Hedvig AHLMAN b: 5 Nov 1812 in Gammelstad
12. Anna AHLMAN b: 29 Aug 1814 in Gammelstad
13. Nils AHLMAN b: 14 May 1816 in Gammelstad
14. Isaac AHLMAN b: 8 May 1817 in Gammelstad
15. Lovisa AHLMAN b: 10 Dec 1818 in Gammelstad
16. Anna Caisa AHLMAN b: 10 Dec 1818 in Gammelstad

1. Stina Chaisa HANSDOTTER b: 1799 in Svartbjörsbyn, Överluleå
2. Mattias HANSSON b: 1800 in Svartbjörsbyn
3. Hans Fredric HANSSON b: 29 Apr 1800 in Svartbjörsbyn
4. Christina Catrina HANSDOTTER b: 5 Jan 1804 in Svartbjörsbyn
5. Lena Johanna HANSDOTTER b: 13 Aug 1808 in Svartbjörsbyn
6. Olof Johan HANSSON b: 26 Apr 1812 in Svartbjörsbyn
7. Eva Elisabet HANSDOTTER b: 8 Nov 1813 in Svartbjörsbyn
8. Hedvig Maria HANSDOTTER b: 13 Jan 1819 in Svartbjörsbyn

1. Ralph Fitz Hubert Castellan of Nottingham b: ABT. 1040 in Rye
2. Hubert Fitz Hubert Castellan of Norwich b: ABT. 1044 in Rye
3. Eudes de Preaux Rie Dapifer of Colchester b: ABT. 1047 in Rye
4. Albreda de Rie b: ABT. 1060 in Normandy, France

Jöns Johansson. Död 1653 i Piteå stad. Tullnär Piteå gamla stad 1650-1654. Gift med Brita Persdotter. Gästgiverska.
Måns Johansson. Född 1622-02-.. i Lillpite, Piteå lfs. Död 1692-10-13. Borgare och rådman i Piteå stad. Riksdagsman 1660 i Göteborg. Skriven 1643-1693 i Piteå stad. Gift 1655 eller 1656. med Elisabet Eriksdotter Orre. Död 1664-11-20 i Piteå stad. Gift senast 1675. med Brita Nilsdotter Ruth. Död 1723.
Anders Johansson Backman. Råd- och handelsman samt borgmästare i Piteå. Skriven 1650-1652, 1662-1697 i Piteå stad. Ägare från 1650 i Lillpite 2, Piteå lfs. Gift med Maria Eriksdotter. Född i Luleå.
Jöran Johansson. Död barnlös. Handlande i Piteå. Omtalad bland de första privata bergsmännen 1636 i Nasafjäll. De hade minst en dotter (Olof Andersson 1999). Nämnd 1631-1640 i Lillpite 2, Piteå lfs. Bosatt 1644-1671 i Piteå stad. Gift med Sara Andersdotter. Född 1626.
Johan Johansson. Nämnd 1627.
Karin Johansdotter. Gift med Johan Nilsson. Borgare i Piteå gamla stad.
Anna Johansdotter. Död 1676-01-22 i Piteå. Gift med Erik Jonsson. Borgare i Piteå gamla stad. Död 1667-03-03 i Piteå stad.
Brita Johansdotter. Gift med Jöns Olofsson. Född i Långnäs, Piteå lfs. Borgare i Piteå gamla stad.
Margareta Johansdotter. Död barnlös. Gift med Nils Portselius. Handelsman i Piteå.
Dordi Johansdotter. Gift med Nils Jonsson. Borgare i Piteå. Död 1728.

Margaret De Brampton b: 27 Oct 1286 in Brampton Manor, Herefordshire, England
Elizabeth De Brampton b: 16 Sep 1294 in Kinlet, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, England
Maud De Brampton b: Bef 1295 in Brampton Bryan, Knighton, Herefordshire, England

Baudouin II "The Bald" Count Of Flanders b: Abt 865 in Flanders, Nord, France
Rudolf (Raoul) Count Cambrai b: Abt 867 in Flanders, Nord, France
Raoul Of Cambray
Ralph Abbott Of Flanders
Widinille (Guinidilde) Of Flanders b: Abt 865 in Flanders, Belgium
Charles Of Flanders b: Abt 861 in Flanders, Nord, France

Henry Spencer b: Abt 1471 in Somerset, Somersetshire, England
Eleanor Spencer b: Abt 1473 in of, , Devonshire, England
Catherine Spencer b: 1477
Robert Spencer b: Abt 1460 in Southmylles, Bedfordshire, England

1. Johan OLOFSSON b: 26 Dec 1700 in Boden, Nederluleå
2. Anders OLOFSSON b: in Boden
3. Karin OLOFSDOTTER b: 1690 in Boden
4. Mans OLSSON b: 1697 in Boden
5. Olof OLSSON b: 1698 in Boden
6. Nils OLSSON b: 25 Nov 1700 in Boden
7. Par OLOFSSON b: in Boden
8. Anna OLOFSDOTTER b: 15 Mar 1703 in Boden

Children of Joseph Rogers and Hannah:
Sarah Rogers (06 Aug 1633 - 15 Aug 1633)
Joseph Rogers (19 Jul 1635 - 27 Dec 1660)
Thomas Rogers+ (29 Mar 1638 - b 07 Aug 1678)
Elizabeth Rogers (29 Sep 1638 - b 04 Jul 1679)
John Rogers+ (03 Apr 1642 - b 10 Aug 1714)
Mary Rogers+ (22 Sep 1644 - a 19 Apr 1718)
James Rogers (18 Oct 1648 - 13 Apr 1678)
Hannah Rogers (08 Aug 1652 - a 18 Oct 1690)

[S66] Mayflower Families.

Children of Thomas Rogers and Alice Cosford:
Richard Rogers (12 Mar 1599)
Thomas Rogers (24 Mar 1598/99)
Joseph Rogers+ (23 Jan 1602/3 - b 15 Jan 1677/78)
John Rogers (06 Apr 1606)
Elizabeth Rogers (26 Dec 1609)
Margaret Rogers (30 May 1613)

1. Gladys PRINZING, b. 10 Jun 1896,
2. Pearl PRINZING, b. 14 Apr 1898,
3. Raymond PRINZING, b. 12 Dec 1899,
4. Alvin PRINZING, b. 24 Apr 1901,
5. Reginald PRINZING, b. <1904>,
6. Kelsey PRINZING, b. <1906>,
7. Ruby PRINZING, b. <1908>,


Eleanor De Montfort b: Abt 1258
Guy De Montfort b: Abt 1244 in Coughton, Warwickshire, England
Richard Fitzsimon De Montfort b: Abt 1242 in Coughton, Warwickshire, England

Translated from MATTSUNDÅRN, Årgång 10, 2005 is below. Following it, isa transcription in the original Swedish:
A wedding for a hundred years ago was celebrated usually for three days and required a long preparation period. A calf would be fattened and slaughtered, tailors and seamstress hired, party and cook and helpers.
On April 16, 1905 is Tolvmannabacken Anders Magnus Näsvall at Nögårn wedding of his youngest daughter, 24-year-old Johanna. The bridegroom is August Sandström from Nisjäisch. The prospective bride and groom have in good time visited the parish priest to take out the banns. They then had to produce written consent from bride's father. Banns of marriage have been published three Sundays in a row in connection with the service in Gammelstads church.
Wedding garden normally, and even in this case, is the bride's parents, have sknrats and cleaned and bakery that is often used as storage and carpenter shop. Copper vessels and silver cutlery is cleaned. It has great baked pretzel, Struve, anise bread, butter cakes, gingerbread, etc. The bakery is collected all the food and here, the invited guests for that first return "stroke results. " This may consist of meat, milk, butter or cheese cake. By gästema contribute to the party, they are not so onerous to organize. The building's own tables and chairs is not always sufficient. Then you get to borrow tables and benches from samlingshus or school. Pans, crockery and cutlery can be borrowed from neighbors and good friends. It's about keeping good order at all borrowed stuff. Cutlery is labeled with different colored threads.
When the wedding day is waking up inside the farm folk in the middle of the night. Although rederskorna is early in the place to start cooking the food that could not be prepared in advance. The table is set and adorned with flowers and candles and napkins will be interrupted. Soon, the woman who has been asked to dress the bride. She has the habit inside after having dressed many previous brides from the village's. Perhaps she also has sewn wedding dress.
It is as contemporary fashion black, but has a white lace trimming the chest and axlama like neck-and sleeve lining. Around the waist is Johanna a white tie belt and in one of her gloved hands are holding her bridal bouquet and a white lace handkerchief. During hems sticking white petticoat lace up. The white bride's vail reaches the floor, its head is shaped like a wreath and decorated with artificial flowers. Perhaps there are also myrtle twigs, but they are difficult to discern. The homes were often just a myrtle, a plant with small leaves was treated well for a few twigs to decorate the family's brides. Sometimes the band a full bridal crown or a wreath of this plant that was donating bnldparet many happy years together. Came to Sweden in the practice of bridal crowns in the 1700s and became common in the 1800s. Another custom was that the bride would plant a cutting from her wreath to her future daughter would be material to its myrtle wreath the day she would be bride.

August is 30 years old. His newly tailored bridegroom,s suite is also black. The he will have use of it for many years to come at the ceremonies in connection with baptisms, weddings and funerals. White shirt with bow, white gloves and shiny black shoes complete the groom's attire. A small bouquet of fresh flowers are attached to both their outfits.
The ceremony takes place in the courtroom in Nögåm and officiated by the assistant vicar John Lundblad who has come by horse-drawn carriage from Gammelstad. A smaller table with white cloth serves as altar where the pastor puts the Church Manual and hymnal. Two velvet-covered stools are placed in front of the table, for the bride and groom to kneel while the priest blesses their marriage.
Many guests have been invited to the wedding. There are primarily members of the two families that this will unite. Wedding couple's friends and neighbors are also included. All packed inside the courtroom during the actual wedding ceremony. When one begins eating, the children hangout in the chamber and kitchen, which are also set up tables and benches. If the wedding had been held in the summer, they would had been able to set the tables in the yard. But now in the month of April, all are fit inside.
Johanna has four older sisters, Matilda, Augusta, Elise and Fia, and a younger brother, Arvid. Three of the sisters, Matilda, Augusta and Fia are married and their husbands and children are among the guests.
Matilda is married to Axel Larsson from Äirik. Axel and his brother Frederick bought a few years ago Äirik homestead and is now written for each part. Matilda and Axel have five children, three girls and two boys, ages twelve to one year.
Augusta is then four years married to John Jacob Öström. They have two sons and Sven Rudolph. Sven must complete four years in June and Rudolph is just over a year old.
Johanna's sister, Elise is still single. She has turned 30 years old and it is not sure that she had the time to meet her future husband.
Fia has in nearly five years, been married to Tilius Öströrn. She has given birth to three sons, Robert who is four years, Arvid, who died of "congenital weakness" on the day he was born and Konrad who just turned one year.
The youngest among the siblings in Nögårn and only son is Arvid Näsvall. This summer he will complete 22 years. His fiancee called Maria Larsson and live in Ersnäs. Now, at the wedding, he presented her to the guests.

The bridegroom, August, is the youngest in a family of five children. His parents are both dead and two of his siblings, a sister who was only nine years old and a brother, John, who emigrated to the United States, where he died at 24 years old.
His sister Stina Lena is 43 years old. She married in 1889 with Erik Johansson from Päräisch and became the farm's mistress. She has given birth to four sons and one daughter, widowed in 1897, the year her daughter was born, but now six years later, she remarried to Gustavus Sundqvist from a neighboring Pärnösch farm.
August's brother Nils Petter 41 years old is unmarried. Until now he has lived with the August in Nisjäisch, where the two brothers now have a mistress.
The couple spent then wedding night in Nisjäisch, which for many years to come will be their home. Maybe some of their friends had been there before and played a joke, the bed linens of fine bridal sheets that Johanna has so carefully sewn and fitted with lace and embroidery, were strewn bed with hard bread crumbs. Many couples have after an exhausting day found such surprises.
The day after the wedding, the bride and groom and many of the guests returned to the bride's home. Now, only the relatives and their closest neighbors who received an invitation to the Easter celebration. August has again taken the wedding suit, but Johanna has her Easter dress. It is sewn to be used for the first time that day. It is not black like the wedding dress but has a dark color, maybe brown or gray. You can not tell from the black-white photo. This dress will be of great use to Johanna on the weekends and parties, while bridal gown is probably too good to reuse and may be kept as a souvenir or possibly be altered.
Also on this day shoes are are placed in the yard. Remains of food from the previous day were reheated and put on clean dishes. There are served to steak and sausage with potatoes and sauce. For dessert served fruit-cream with full-cream milk. A couple of cheesecakes were stored and served with whipped cream and jam.
After the meal, a surprise was announced. Everyone would be photographed. A few of the guests, it was an exciting first-time experience, while others have been photographed before. But then one had to go into town and the Sisters Tegström photography studio. One has to make the opportunity when friends who live in Luleå invited to a party. Dressed in their best clothes, the family packed up in horse-drawn carriage and traveled the nearly two miles into town. (A Swedish mile is about six English miles.]

Ett bröllop för hundra år sen firades vanligen i dagarna tre och krävde långa förberedelser. En kalv skulle gödas och slaktas, skräddare och sömmerska anlitas och kalas kokerska och hjälpredor tingas.

Den 16 april 1905 håller tolvmannen Anders Magnus Näsvall i Nögårn bröllop för sin yngsta dotter 24-åriga Johanna. Brudgummen är August Sandström från Nisjäisch. Det blivande brudparet har i god tid besökt församlingens kyrkoherde för att ta ut lysning. De har då fått uppvisa ett skriftligt medgivande från bmdens far. Lysning till äktenskap har därefter kungjoits tre söndagar å rad i samband med gudstjänsten i Gammelstads kyrka.

Bröllopsgården som vanligen, och även i detta fall, är brudens föräldrahem, har sknrats och städats liksom bagarstugan som ofta används som förråd och snickarbod. Kopparkärl och silverbestick har putsats. Det har bakats storkringla, struvor, anisbröd, smörbakelser, pepparkakor m.m. I bagarstugan samlas all mat och hit kommer de inbjudna gästerna för att i förväg lämna "förning". Denna kan bestå av kött, mjölk, smör eller ostkaka. Genom att gästema bidrar till kalasen, blir de inte så betungande att ordna. Husets egna bord och stolar räcker inte alltid till. Då får man låna bord och bänkar från samlingshus eller skola. Kokkärl, porslin och bestick lånas från grannar och goda vänner. Det gäller att hålla ordning och reda på alla lånade prylar. Besticken märks med olikfärgade trådar.

När bröllopsdagen är inne vaknar gårdens folk i ottan. Även rederskorna är tidigt på plats för att börja tillaga den mat som inte kunnat beredas i förväg. Borden ska dukas och prydas med blommor och ljus och servetter ska brytas. Snart kommer den kvinna som har ombetts att klä bruden. Hon har vanan inne efter att ha klätt många av byns tidigare brudar. Kanske är det hon som också har sytt brudklänningen.

Den är enligt dåtida mode svart, men har en vit spetsgarnering över bröstet och axlama liksom vid hals- och ärmlinningama. Runt midjan har Johanna ett vitt knytskärp och i den ena av de handsklädda händerna håller hon brudbuketten och en vit spetsnäsduk. Under kjolfållen sticker underkjolens vita spetskant fram. Den vita bmdslöjan, som når ända till golvet, är på huvudet formad som en krans och prydd med konstgjorda blommor. Kanske finns där också myrtenkvistar, men de är svåra att urskilja. I hemmen fanns ofta just en myrten, en småbladig växt som vårdades väl för att några kvistar skulle pryda familjens blivande brudar. Ibland bands en hel brudkrona eller en krans av denna växt som ansågs skänka bnldparet många lyckliga år tillsammans. Till Sverige kom seden med brudkronor på 1700-talet och blev vanlig på 1800-talet. En annan sed var att bruden skulle plantera en stickling ur sin krans för att hennes blivande dotter skulle få material till sin myrtenkrans den dag hon skulle stå brud.

August är 30 år gammal. Hans nyskräddade brudgumskostyrn är också svart. Den kommer han att ha användning för i många år framöver vid högtider i samband med barndop, bröllop och begravningar. Vit skjorta med rosett, vita handskar och blanka, svarta skor fulländar brudgummens klädsel. En liten bukett av fräscha blommor är fäst vid bådas kläder.

Vigseln sker i salen i Nögåm och förrättas av lie komminister Johannes Lundblad som har färdats med hästskjuts från Gammelstad. Ett mindre bord med vit duk fungerar som altare och där lägger prästen kyrkohandbok och psalmbok. Två sammetsklädda pallar har placerats framför bordet, för att brudparet ska kunna knäfalla, medan prästen välsignar deras äktenskap.

Till bröllopet har bjudits många gäster. Det är i första hand medlemmar ur de båda släkter som här ska förenas. Brudparets vänner och närmaste grannar finns också med. Alla trängs inne i salen under själva vigselakten. När man ska börja äta får barn och ungdomar hålla till ikammaren och köket, där man också ställt in bord och bänkar. Om bröllopet hade hållits på sommaren, hade man kunnat duka ute på gården. Men nu i april månad måste alla rymmas inomhus.

Johanna har fyra äldre systrar, Matilda, Augusta, Elise och Fia samt en yngre bror, Arvid. Tre av systrarna, Matilda, Augusta och Fia är gifta och deras män och barn är med bland gästerna.

Matilda är gift med Axel Larsson i Äirik. Axel och hans bror Fredrik har några år tidigare köpt Äirikhemmanet och är nu skrivna för var sin del. Matilda och Axel har fem barn, tre flickor och två pojkar, i åldrarna tolv till ett år.

Augusta är sen fyra år gift med Johan Jakob Öström. De har sönerna Sven och Rudolf. Sven ska fylla fyra år i juni och Rudolf är drygt ett år gammal.

Johannas syster Elise är ännu ogift. Hon har fyllt 30 år och det är inte säkert att hon hunnit träffa sin blivande make.

Fia har i nära fem år varit gift med Tilius Öströrn. Hon har fött tre söner, Robert som är fyra år, Arvid, som dog av "medfödd svaghet" samma dag han föddes och Konrad som nyss fyllt ett år.

Den yngste i syskonskaran i Nögårn och den ende sonen är Arvid Näsvall. Till sommaren ska han fylla 22 år. Hans fästmö heter Maria Larsson och bor i Ersnäs. Nu vid bröllopet får han presentera henne för gästerna.

Brudgummen August är den yngste i en syskonskara på fem barn. Hans föräldrar är båda döda liksom två av syskonen, en syster som bara blev nio år och en bror, Johannes, som emigrerade till USA, där han avled 24 år gammal.

Systern Stina Lena är 43 år. Hon gifte sig 1889 med Erik Johansson från Päräisch och blev den gårdens matmor. Hon har fött fyra söner och en dotter, blivit änka 1897, samma år som dottern föddes, men är nu sen sex år omgift med Gustaf Adolf Sundqvist från ett annat grannhemman, Pärnösch.

August bror Nils Petter 41 år är ogift. Han har hittills bott tillsammans med August i Nisjäisch, där de båda ensamma bröderna nu får en matmor.

Bröllopsnatten tillbringar brudparet i Nisjäisch, som i många år framöver ska vara deras gemensamma hem. Kanske har några av deras vänner varit där innan och ställt till spratt, bäddat säck av de fina brudlakanen som Johanna så omsorgsfullt har sytt och försett med spets och broderi. Eller bestrött sängen med hårda brödsmulor. Många brudpar har efter en ansträngande dag nåtts av sådana överraskningar.

Dagen efter själva bröllopsdagen är brudparet och många av gästerna tillbaka i bröllopsgården. Nu är det bara släktingarna och de närmaste grannarna som fått inbjudan till annandagsfest. August har åter tagit på sig bröllopskostymen men Johanna har sin annandagsklänning. Den är uppsydd för att användas för första gån gen just denna dag. Den är inte svart som brudklänningen men har mörk färg, kanske är den brun eller grå. Det gär inte att se på ett svart-vitt foto. Denna klänning kommer Johanna att ha stor användning för framöver vid helger och kalas medan brudklännin gen nog är för fin för att återanvända och får bevaras som ett minne eller möjligen bli omsydd.

Också denna dag är rederskorna på plats i gården. Rester av maten från dagen innan har värmts och lagts upp på rena fat. Det bjuds på stek och isterband med potatis och sås. Till efterrätt serveras fmktkräm med oskummad mjölk. Ett par ostkakor har sparats och serveras med vispgrädde och sylt.

Efter måltiden meddelas en överraskning. Alla ska fotograferas. För några av gästerna är det en spännande förstagångsupplevelse, medan andra har varit med om det tidigare. Men då har man varit tvungen att resa in till stan och systrarna Tegströms fotografiatelje. Man har passat på när vänner som bor i Luleå bjudit på kalas. Uppklädd i sina bästa kläder har familjen packat in sig i hästdroskan och rest de nära två milen in till stan.

Richard Clapp b: 1528 in of Sidbury, Devon, England
Florence Clapp b: Abt 1530 in of Sidbury
Gyllian Clapp b: Abt 1533 in of Sidbury
Alice Clapp b: Abt 1535 in of Sidbury
Beaton Clapp b: Abt 1537 in of Sidbury
Johanne Clapp b: Abt 1539 in of Sidbury

Children of Rebecca Griffith and Gershom Phinney:
Gershom Phinney+ (07 May 1726 - 1816)
Lazarus Phinney+ (07 Mar 1728/29)
Sarah Phinney (28 Feb 1730/31 - 1731)
Thankful Phinney+ (1731 - 22 Jun 1818)
Isaac Phinney+ (10 May 1733 - Aug 1820)
Rebecca Phinney+ (17 Apr 1736 - 21 Feb 1822)
Temperance Phinney+ (09 Jul 1738)
Mehitable Phinney (30 Oct 1740)
James Phinney+ (01 Apr 1742 - 12 Jan 1830)
Seth Phinney+ (14 Jul 1745 - 1782)
Rhoda Phinney+ (27 Mar 1748 - 23 Jul 1788)

[S66] Mayflower Families.
[S63] Mayflower Marriages.

a) Elisabeth, b. 1756 20/9 (baptism 21/9), d. 1756 27/11 (bur. 9/12).
b) Johan, b. 1757 4/10 (baptism 6/10), d. 1757 16/11 (bur. 27/11).
c) Justina, b. 1758 12/10 (baptism 14/10), d. 1758 24/10 (bur. 7/11).
d) Christina, b. 1759 2/12 (baptism 3/12), d. 1760 15/3 (bur. 20/3).
e) Johan Henrik, b. 1761 19/2 (baptism 20/2), d. 1761 7/6 (bur. 14/6).
f) Anders, b. 1762 3/6 (baptism 5/6), d. 1763 4/1 (bur. 11/1).
g) Fredrik, f 1763 24/10 (baptism 25/10), d. 1763 16/11 (bur. 22/11).
h) Adam, b. 1764 24/12 (baptism 27/12).
i) Abraham, b. 1765 22/12 (baptism 22/12).
j) Isak, b. 1765 22/12 (baptism 22/12), d. 1766 5/4 (bur. 20/4).
k) Anna Maria, b. 1768 5/3 (baptism 7/3), d. 1768 8/9 (bur. 11/9).
l) Margareta, b. 1769 16/9 (baptism 17/9).
m) Maria Elisabeth, b. 1771 13/6 (baptism 15/6).
n) Isak, b. 1772 18/10 (baptism 20/10), d. 1775 22/9 (bur. 26/9).
o) Still born girl 1776 21/2 (bur. 25/2).


They had the following children:
M 1. Robert Blysse was born about 1515 in Oadby, Leicester, England.
M 2. William Blysse
M 3. Henry Blysse

Children are likeley adopted. They had no children living with themScott in 1860, yet in 1870 in Friendship George is living with them andMary isn't but she is in1880.

1. Nathaniel Edwards b: 1692 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
2. Nathaniel Edwards b: 26 Jul 1694 in Northampton
3. Joseph Edwards b: Feb 1696 in Northampton
4. Joseph Edwards b: 19 Mar 1698 in Northampton
5. Elizabeth Edwards b: ABT 1700 in Northampton

Linda Tix, daughter of Mrs. Wilma Tix of Hill City, MN. , and RichardBishop were married at Hill City on Aug. 11th. Mrs. Tix is a formerHankinson resident and a sister of Mrs. Dick Krump.
23 August 1962

1. Johannah Gibney, b. Feb. 1889 in Minnesota, living unmarried with her parents in 1910 but no longer living with them in 1920.
2. Anna E. Gibney, b. Oct. 1890 in Minnesota, d. ____, and buried at Our Lady of Manannah, sharing a tombstone with her younger sister, Agnes Gibney. She was living unmarried with her parents in 1910 but no longer living with them in 1920. She m. ____ Borman, who we have not identified. From various evidence, her husband was pretty clearly not the Clement H[erman?] Borman (1893-1983) buried in the same cemetery.
3. Willie Gibney, d. in infancy 11 Nov. 1893, and buried at Our Lady of Manannah, sharing a tombstone with his younger brother Johnny.
4. Maggie Blanche Gibney, b. probably in July 1893 in Minnesota, still living unmarried with her parents in 1920, when she was a public-school teacher.
5. Mary E. Gibney, b. in July 1895, called "May" in the 1913/14 directory and in the 1920 census; still living unmarried with her parents in 1920, when she was a public-school teacher.
6. Sarah Jane Gibney, b. in Jan. 1897, d. 26 May 1905, and buried at Our Lady of Manannah.
7. Willie Gibney, d. in infancy 11 Feb. 1901, and buried at Our Lady of Manannah, sharing a tombstone with his elder brother Willie.
8. John Gibney, b. 1910-11 (aged 9 in 1920) in Minnesota.
9. Agnes Gibney, b. 1912-13 (aged 7 in 1920) in Minnesota, d. (unmarried) 1931, and buried with her sister, Ann (Gibney) Borman.

Johan Eliasson. b.1718-01-25 in Öjebyn, Piteå. Bårpengar 1718-04-26 in Öjebyn 23 Hamnen, Piteå.
Sara Eliadotter Rehn. b.1719-02-22 in Öjebyn, Piteå. Married 1754-11-21 in Piteå to Samuel Rosenius. Kyrkoherde in Råneå bet. 1770-1779. b.1720-05-21 in Rosvik, Piteå. d. 1779-04-19 in Råneå.
Lisbeta Eliasdotter. b.1721-12-13 in Öjebyn 23 Hamnen, Piteå.
Anna Eliadotter. b.1724-02-22 in Öjebyn, Piteå.
Olof Eliasson Rehn. b.1726-01-31 in Öjebyn, Piteå. d. 1769-06-25 in Keupan, Piteå. Bonde in Öjebyn 24. Married 1749-04-09 in Piteå to Brita Andersdotter. b.1730-09-04 in Pitholm 26, Piteå.
Johan Eliasson Rhen. b.1728-02-12 in Öjebyn 23 Hamnen, Piteå. d. 1798-07-09 in Öjebyn, Piteå. Bonde in Öjebyn 27 Ståhl. Married 1750-03-25 in Piteå. to Brita Eriksdotter Ståhl. b.1727 in Öjebyn, Piteå, d. 1796 in Öjebyn, Piteå.

Other children:
Nils Månsson Häggman, b. 1/28/1676, d. 7/13/1742. Councilman and merchant in Piteå.
Married 3/5/1699 to Brita Strandm, b. 3/06/1678 in Piteå, d. 3/16/1720 in Piteå.
Married 8/19/1722 to Brigitta Larsdotter Bookman, d. 2/23/1743.

Hans Månsson. Född 1677-06-17 i Piteå stad. Död 1677-09-01 i Piteå stad.
Måns Månsson. Född 1678-06-21 i Piteå stad. Död 1678-07-20 i Piteå stad.
Brita Häggman. Född i Piteå stad. Gift med Westling. Handelsman i Kristinestad i Finland.
Margareta Månsdotter. Född 1680-05-29 i Piteå stad. Död 1680-06-12 i Piteå stad.


They hadhe following children:
F 1. Francis Hulins was born about 1560.
M 2. Thomas Hulins was born about 1562.
M 3. William Hulins was born about 1564.
M 4. John Hulins
M 5. Henry Hulins was born about 1566.
F 6. Alice Hulins was born about 1568.
F 7. Elizabeth Hulins was born about 1570.
F 8. Agnes Hulins was born about 1572.

Children of Isaac Phinney and Elizabeth Kenney:
Heman Phinney (02 Aug 1754)
David Phinney+ (28 Mar 1756 - 29 Aug 1832)
Mercy Phinney (18 Nov 1758 - 1774)
Sarah Phinney (08 Aug 1760 - 1776)
Temperance Phinney+ (30 Mar 1763 - 13 Jun 1824)
Isaac Phinney+ (01 May 1764 - 05 Aug 1860)
Nathan Phinney+ (14 Aug 1766 - 1805)
Zenas Phinney+ (08 Jun 1770 - 28 Oct 1846)

26 Sep 2003 Family Group Sheet from Bonnie
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
Husband: Isaac Phinney #309
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
Born: 10 May 1733 in: Harwich, Mass 1
Baptized: 1733 in: Brewster, MA 2
Died: in:
Buried: in:
Other: in:
Ref: Occupation:
Father: Gershom Phinney #333
Mother: Rebekah Griffith #334
Dismissed to church in Casanovia, NY on February 4, 1810 per "Doings of the
Church", Corbin Manuscript Collection, Williamsburg Congregational Church
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
Wife: Elizabeth Kinney #310 died at age: 63
Married: 31 Jan 1754 in: Harwich, Mass. 3
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
Born: ca 1746 in: Chatham, Barnstable, MA 4
Baptized: in:
Died: 1 Jan 1809 in: Williamsburg, MA 5
Buried: in:
Other: in:
Ref: Occupation:
Father: Nathan Kenney #353
Mother: Mercy Smith #354
removed to Hardwick, MA
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
M Child 1 Heman Phinney #311
Born: 2 Aug 1754 in: Hardwick, MA 6
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
M Child 2 David Phinney #312
Born: 17/28 Mar 1756 in: Hardwick, Mass. 7
Died: 29 Sept 1832 in: Eagle Village, NY
Buried: in: Christ Church, Manlius, NY 8
Spouse: Judeth Nash #318 b. 23 Nov 1760 d. 24 Aug 1839
Married: 17 May 1780 in: unknown 9
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
F Child 3 Mercy Phinney #313
Born: 10/18 Nov 1758 in: Williamsburg, MA 6
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
F Child 4 Sarah/Sally Phinney #165 died at age: 98
Born: 15 Jun 1760 in: Williamsburg, MA 10
Died: 24 Mar 1859 in: Williamsburg, MA 11
Buried: in: Williamsburg, MA 12
Spouse: Cyrus Miller #164 b. ABT 1757 d. 17 Jun 1826
Married: 20 Aug 1780 in: Whately, MA 13
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
F Child 5 Temperance Phinney #315 died at age: 62
Born: 31 Mar 1762 in: Hardwick, MA 14
Died: 13 Jun 1824 in: Cazenovia, NY 15
Buried: in: Cazenovia Cemetery 16
Spouse: Roswell Cleveland #2879 b. 2 Jul 1759 d. 9 Jun 1848
Married: 9 Dec 1781 in: Williamsburg, MA 17
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
M Child 6 Isaac Phinney #314 died at age: 96
Born: 1 May 1764 in: Hardwick, MA 18
Died: 5 Aug 1860 19
Buried: in: Peck Hill Cemetery 19
Spouse: Hulda Vinton #1382 d. 10 Jul 1853
Married: 25 Jan 1785 in: Williamsburg, MA 20
in Cazenovia, NY in 1810 Madison Co. census
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
M Child 7 Nathan Phinney #316
Born: 14 Aug 1766 in: Hardwick, MA 21
Spouse: Susanna Rogers #711
Married: 19 Jan 1794 in: Williamsburg, MA 22
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
M Child 8 Zenas Phinney #317
Born: 18 June 1770 in: Williamsburg, MA 23
Died: 28 Oct 1846 in: Cicero, NY 19
Buried: in: Christ Church, Manlius, NY 24
Spouse: Rhoda Cleveland #712 d. 13 Jan 1830
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

1 Vital Records, Town of Harwich, MA,p. 54/55, pub. 1982

2 Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, v. 2, p. 238

3 Chatham, MA Vital Records, other date listed is 8 Jan 1754
Vital Records, Town of Harwich, Massachusetts 1694-1850, intention of marriage
cont'd -Isaac Phinney of Harwich and Elizabeth Kinney of Chatham, Dec 29, 1753

4 Ancestry.Com Family information
Corbin Manuscript Collection, Williamsburg Bill of Mortality 1809
"wife of Mr. Isaac Phinney, age 63

5 Corbin Manuscript Collection, Williamsburg Bill of Mortality 1809
"wife of Mr. Isaac Phinney, age 63

6 Williamsburg, Mass. VR from "Williamsburg, Mass Fact & Fable" p. 122
Hardwick Vital Records, p. 87

7 Williamsburg, Mass. VR from "Williamsburg, Mass Fact & Fable" p. 122
Vital Records of Hardwick, Massachusetts to the year 1850 - p.87
Williamsburg, Mass. VR shows date as March 17, 1756

8 Christ Church Burials, Manlius, NY, copied from handwritten records by
Nancy Schiffhauer, 1993
date of death shown as 29 Aug 1837, age 76

9 Letter dated January 1965 from Charles N. Phinney citing "Some Phinneys of the
Pacific Northwest" by T.C. Phinney - no source noted in letter

10 Williamsburg, Mass. VR from "Williamsburg, Mass Fact & Fable" p. 122
Actual birth believed to have occurred in Hardwick, MA

11 Williamsburg, MA cemetery records
Williamsburg, MA town records, certified copy dated 16 May 2001

12 Saw grave - died age 98 years and 4 months

13 Williamsburg, Mass. VR from "Williamsburg, Mass Fact & Fable" p. 137
Revolutionary War records show that in her own words she was actually married
in Whately, MA (adjoining town)

14 Williamsburg, Mass. VR from "Williamsburg, Mass Fact & Fable" p. 122
Vital Records of Hardwick, Massachusetts to the year 1850 - p.87
Williamsburg, Mass. VR shows date as March 30

15 Revolutionary Soldiers Resident or Dying in Onondaga Co, NY

16 Rev. Soldiers Resident or Dying in Onondaga Co., NY

17 Revolutionary Soldiers Resident or Dying in Onondaga Co, NY
Corbin Manuscript records says Nov 1781

18 Williamsburg, Mass. VR from "Williamsburg, Mass Fact & Fable" p. 122
Vital Records of Hardwick, Massachusetts to the year 1850 - p.87
Conflict with Williamsburg records

19 Notes from Town Historian, Cazenovia, NY

20 Corbin Manuscript Collection in NE Historic Genealogical Society

21 Williamsburg, Mass. VR from "Williamsburg, Mass Fact & Fable" p. 122
Vital Records of Hardwick, Massachusetts to the year 1850 - p.87
Williamsburg, Mass. VR shows date as September 9

22 Williamsburg, Mass. VR from "Williamsburg, Mass Fact & Fable" p. 139
Vital Records of Hardwick, p. 224

23 Williamsburg, Mass. VR from "Williamsburg, Mass Fact & Fable" p. 123

24 Notes from Town Historian, Cazenovia, NY
Christ Church Burials, Manlius, NY, copied from handwritten records by
Nancy Schiffhauer, 1993 - saw gravetone - have picture

Witness at wedding was O. D. Sundstrom.

William Williamson 9/1877
Theodore Williamson 6/1878
Rea or Ray 2/1879
John Williamson 8/1882
Mary Williamson 7/1884
Harry Williamson 8/1885
Lizzie Williamson 2/1888
Lillie Williamson 4/1890
Hattie Williamson 11/1893


He had the following children:
M 1. Henry Blysse was born about 1450 in Daventry, Northampton, England.
He died before 1524.
M 2. Thomas Blysse was born about 1460 in Hill Leamington, Warwick, England.
M 3. Richard Blysse

1. Sarah Jane Perkins, b. March 1840, Conn., d. 1911.
2. Phebe H. Perkins, b. 1834.
3. James Perkins, b. 1837, CT.
4. Andrew J. Perkins, b. 1837, d. 1842, CT
5. William Perkins, b. 1842.
6. Mary E. Perkins, b. 1844.
7. Elisha Perkins - lived in Oskaloosa, IA
8. George Perkins - lived in Oskaloosa, IA

1. Thomas HOOPER
2. Mary HOOPER
3. Margaret HOOPER
5. Ezekiel HOOPER

Mary WRIGHT b: 28 Jan 1764 in Southampton, Hampshire, MA
Elijah WRIGHT b: 30 Aug 1765 in Southampton
Hannah WRIGHT b: 1 Nov 1767 in Southampton
Daniel WRIGHT b: 29 Oct 1769 in Southampton
Medad WRIGHT b: 4 May 1772 in Southampton
Ichabod WRIGHT
Ichabod WRIGHT b: 24 Aug 1776 in Southampton
Esther WRIGHT b: 1778
Asenath WRIGHT

William THOMPSON b: 23 Jul 1695
Nathaniel THOMPSON b: 30 Dec 1697
John THOMPSON b: 3 Oct 1699 in Stonington, CT
Samuel THOMPSON b: 27 Sep 1701 in Stonington, CT
Jedediah THOMPSON b: 10 Jul 1704

1. Anna WILSON b: 29 JAN 1771 in Yorkshire,England
2. Mary WILSON b: 1774 in Thornton, Yorkshire
3. Leonard WILSON b: 26 NOV 1776 in NS
4. James WILSON b: 20 DEC 1778 in Nova Scotia
5. William WILSON b: 31 AUG 1782 in Nova Scotia
6. Robert WILSON b: 27 OCT 1784 in Granville,NS

1. Mary COOK b: 5 SEP 1732 in Thornton
2. Ann COOK b: 11 DEC 1736 in Thornton
3. Jane COOK b: 6 JUL 1738 in Thornton
4. Margaret COOK b: 12 DEC 1739 in Thornton
5. Elizabeth COOK
6. James COOK b: 9 FEB 1749 in Thornton

1. Willa I DE PROVENCE b: Dec 0861 in Vienne
2. Ermengarde de BURGUNDY b: 0862
3. Kunigunde PROVENCE b: 0863
4. Louis III of HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE b: 0883
5. Louis III (Blind) BURGUNDY b: 0882
6. Boso II ITALY

1. William WILSON b: in Sandholm
2. Thomas WILSON b: in Sandholm
3. Leonard WILSON b: 1735 in Sandholme

Thomas Stebbins b: 1620 in Ipswick, Suffolk, England
Sarah Stebbins b: 1623 in Bocking, Essex, England
Elizabeth Stebbins b: 1628 in Bocking
John Stebbins b: 1625/1626 in BockingChildren:
Thomas STEBBINS b: 1620 in Bocking, Essex, England
Sarah STEBBINS b: 1623 in Bocking
John STEBBINS b: 1626 in Bocking

His obit states that he was survived by one son and two daughters.
Article on her 75 birthaday states that she has three daughters, which are listed herein.
It is possible that one is step-daughter and the son died.

Married - At Aylesford, February 10, 1939, by Rev. Milton C. Munn, HattieIrene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lutz, Lake Paul, to Philip McDonald,son of Mr. and Mrs. William Potter, of Aylesford, N.S.

Another record from
Title: Index to Marriage Records 1846-1920 Inclusive Volume VII Letter S Inclusive
Record Location: Vanderburgh County Indiana
W. P. A. Original Record Located: County Clerk's Office Evansville Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939
Spouse 1: Jacob Seip
Spouse 2: Mary Riepe
Marriage Date: 26 Nov 1885
County: Vanderburgh
Book: 13
Original Source Page: 218

Married in Northampton, Mass., Feb. 24th, by the Rev. D. M. Crane, Mr.Seymour P. Miller, of Scott, Cortland county, N. Y., to Miss Miriam C.Witberell, ol the former place.
Columbian, Skaneateles, NY

1. Ethelreda de DUNBAR b: Abt 1059 in Dunbar
2. Dolfin de DUNBAR b: Abt 1060 in Cambria, Wales
3. Waltheof DUNBAR b: Abt 1062 in Dunbar
4. Uchtred II DUNBAR b: Abt 1070
5. Gunnilda de DUNBAR b: Abt 1072 in Dunbar
6. Fergus de GALLOWAY b: Abt 1077

1. Isabel BOTELER b: 1289 in Wem
2. Alice BUTLER b: Abt 1300 in Longford
3. William BOTILLER b: 1308 in Wem
4. Ankarette BUTLER b: Abt 1309 in Wem
5. Joan de BOTILLER b: Abt 1309 in Wem

Jonathan CLAPP b: 8 Oct 1735
Joseph CLAPP b: 3 Nov 1736
Benjamin CLAPP b: 16 Dec 1738
Submit CLAPP b: 14 Oct 1741
Hannah CLAPP b: 15 Jun 1742
Lucy CLAPP b: Aug 1744
Rhoda CLAPP b: 19 Dec 1746
Lois CLAPP b: Oct 1748
Phebe CLAPP b: 1749
Beulah CLAPP b: 30 Dec 1750
Merab CLAPP b: 19 Oct 1755

Children of Thomas Phinney and Sarah Lockwood:
Gershom Phinney+ (21 Mar 1699/0 - 09 Jul 1762)
Thomas L Phinney+ (17 Feb 1702/3 - bt 06 Jun 1778 - 30 Jun 1778)
Abigail L Phinney+ (08 Jun 1704 - 1779)
James A Phinney (15 Apr 1706 - 1707)
Mercy Phinney+ (24 Aug 1708)

[S64] Mayflower Births and Deaths Volume 2.
[S66] Mayflower Families.
[S63] Mayflower Marriages.

1. Arthur Carlson, B. 1869; D. Infancy.
2. Caroline Erika Carlson, B. 1871; D. 1890.
3. Selma Carlson, B. 12/31/1873, Manson; D. 12/17/1956; M. Andrew Westlund, 6/24/1898.
4. Hilma Carlson, B. 12/28/1875; D. 6/24/1950; M. August Westlund.
5. Eleanore Easie Carlson, B. 2/2/1878; M. Albert Bergren, 5/10/1899.
6. Richard Helmer Carlson, B. 4/10/1880, Clay County, Sd; D. 8/6/1963, Sutter County, Ca.
7. Eddie Theodore Carlson, B. 6/25/1882, Clay County, Sd.
8. Mabel Anna Carlson, B. 8/1/1884, Clay County, Sd; M. Julius Peterson, 6/12/1909; B. 12/24/1876, Rockfield, Clay, Sd.
9. Esther Nancy Carlson, B. 8/31/1886, Komstad, Clay, Sd; D. 2/9/1920, Beresford, Sd; M. Edward Samuel Heglin, 2/19/1910.

The couple lived in Måttsund, probably with Adolf's parents in Olof-Ers.Some time after that
they married. Anna Lovisa Karlsdotter came from Piteå Country. In Måttsund in 1878 their first child, Hilda was born. The couple moved to Karlsvik, where Adolf worked as a blacksmith. They had five more daughters and one son. Two of the girls were twins

Children of John Phinney and Mary Rogers:
John Phinney+ (05 May 1665 - 27 Nov 1746)
Melatiah Phinney (Oct 1666 - Nov 1667)
Joseph Phinney+ (28 Jan 1667 - 29 Jun 1726)
Thomas Phinney+ (Jan 1671 - 30 Nov 1755)
Ebenezer Phinney+ (18 Feb 1673 - 28 Nov 1754)
Samuel Phinney+ (04 Nov 1676 - a 1723)
Mary Phinney+ (03 Sep 1678)
Mercy Phinney (10 Jul 1679 - b 08 Jul 1731)
Reliance Phinney+ (27 Aug 1681 - 04 Dec 1735)
Patience Phinney (27 Aug 1681 - 1682)
Benjamin Phinney+ (18 Jun 1682 - b 19 Jul 1758)
Jonathan Phinney+ (30 Jul 1684 - Oct 1738)
Hannah Phinney (28 Mar 1687 - 10 Feb 1689)

[S65] Mayflower Increasings.
[S66] Mayflower Families.
[S60] The Finney Family of Lenton

At the Duke University Chapel in Durham, N.C., Dr. Pamela Preston Reynolds, a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Reynolds of Akron, Ohio, was married yesterday to Dr. John Robert Ball, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ball Jr. of Auburn, Ala. The Rev. Noel Calhoun, a Presbyterian minister, officiated.
The bride, who is the president of the American Medical Student Association in Reston, Va., will keep her name. She received a master's degree in history, a doctorate in the history of medicine and a medical degree at Duke. She is an internist. Her father is an endocrinologist.
The bridegroom, also an internist, is the executive vice president of the American College of Physicians in Philadelphia. He was a senior policy analyst in the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Carter Administration. He graduated from Emory University and received medical and law degrees from Duke. His father retired as the purchasing director of Auburn University. His previous marriage ended in divorce.
New York Times, 10 January 1988

Benjamin Stebbins b: 11 Apr 1658 in Springfield, Hampden, MA
Joseph Stebbins b: 24 Oct 1652 in Springfield - later known as Longmeadow
Sarah Stebbins b: 18 Aug 1654
Samuel Stebbins b: 12 Sep 1646 in Springfield
Thomas Stebbins b: 31 Jul 1648 in Springfield
Hannah Stebbins b: 1 Oct 1660 in Springfield
Rowland Stebbins b: 1 Oct 1660 in Springfield
Edward Stebbins b: 14 Feb 1657 in Springfield

Madog "Fychan" Ap Madog b: Abt 1255 in Merthyr, Tudful, Glamorganshire, Wales
Llywelyn Ap Madog
Gwilym Sais Ap Madog b: Abt 1280
Joan Verch Madog b: Abt 1285

Mehitable Stebbins b: 1682/1683 in Springfield, Hampden, MA
Sarah Stebbins b: 8 Jun 1688 in Springfield
John Stebbins b: 10 Jan 1693 in Springfield
Joseph Stebbins b: 7 Oct 1674 in Springfield

Infant Strong
Mehitable Strong b: 19 Aug 1706 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Noah Strong b: 23 Feb 1708 in Northampton
Jonathan Strong b: 15 Dec 1708 in Northampton
Caleb Strong b: 27 Mar 1710 in Northampton
Ichabod Strong b: 17 Oct 1711 in Northampton
Elias Strong b: 21 Feb 1713 in Northampton
Experience Strong b: 10 Apr 1714 in Northampton
Thomas Strong b: 1714-1715 in Northampton
Joseph Strong b: 31 Oct 1717 in Northampton
Elisha Strong b: 22 Dec 1718 in Northampton
Lois Strong b: 13 Mar 1720 in Northampton
Lois Strong b: 16 Apr 1721 in New Marlborough, Berkshire, MA
Lucia Strong b: 8 Sep 1722 in Northampton
Sarah Strong b: 1726 in Northampton
Sarah Strong b: 1727 in Northampton
Elijah Strong b: 1724
Hannah Strong b: 1729 in Northampton

Ichabod STRONG b: 1735
Aaron STRONG b: 1736 in of Southampton, Hampshire, MA
John STRONG b: 1739 in of Southampton
Solomon STRONG b: 1741
Mary STRONG b: 1744 in of Southampton
Solomon STRONG b: 1746 in of Southampton

Miss Inez Nelson and Clarence W. Orton, both of Johnstown, were marriedSaturday morning at 11 o'clock at the First Presbyterian Church parsonageby the Rev, Harry B. Erkman, pastor.
The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Cornell, North Broadalbin.
After a wedding trip to Vermont, Mr. and Mrs. Orton will make their home in Johnstown.
Evening Recorer, Amsterdam, NY, 12 April 1948

1. Jane Jean PEASLEY b: ABT 1624/1627 in England
2. Elizabeth PEASLEY b: ABT 1638 in England
3. Mary PEASLEE b: ABT 1640
4. Sarah PEASLEY b: 20 Sep 1642 in Newbury, Essex, MA
5. Joseph PEASLEE Jr. b: 9 Sep 1646 in Haverhill, Essex, MA

Clemence De Bar-Le-Duc b: Abt 1115 in Bar-Le-Duc, Meuse, Argonne/Lorraine, France
Renaud II De Bar b: Abt 1115 in Meuse, France
Mathilde De Bar-Le-Duc b: Abt 1120 in Mousson, Meurthe-Et-Mosel, France
Agnes De Bar-Le-Duc b: Abt 1114
Stephanie De Bar

ST. BONAVENTURE, NY - St. Bonaventure University's Friary Chapel was the setting of the Oct. 23, 1982 double-ring marriage ceremony, which united Marsha Ann Booth of 132 S. 2nd St., and Carl J. Case of Bolivar. The bride is the daughter of Margaret Booth of Bolivar and the late Frederick Booth. Mr. Case is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Case of 73 Prospect St., Bolivar.
Rev. Brian Cullinane, OFM, officiated the service, with music provided by Mrs. Noreen Ferris, organist.
Mrs. Case, mother of the groom, served as the matron of honor. The Flower girl was Amy Booth of Olean, daughter of the bride. Serving as the best man was Mr. Case, father of the groom. The usher was John Case of Bolivar, brother of the groom. A luncheon reception was held in honor of the couple at the L'Alcove Restaurant in Olean.
The bride is a graduate of Archbishop Walsh High School. She is an executive secretary employed at St. Bonaventure University. Her husband graduated from Bolivar High School and received his B.B.A. and M.B.A. degrees from St. Bonaventure University. He is Assistant Director of Financial Aid at St. Bonaventure University. Following a wedding trip to Niagara Falls, Canada, the couple will be making their home at 132 S. 2nd St., Olean, NY.

LITTLE GENESEE, NY - Miss Judy Kay Case, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Case Jr. of 73 Prospect St., Bolivar, became the bride of Gerry David Rathbun of Ceres, July 17, 1982 in Faith Bible Church. Mr. Rathbun is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nelson Rathbun of Ceres. Rev. David Parsons officiated the double-ring ceremony, with the music provided by Kim Seeley and Dave Herne, soloist, and Betty Cornelius organist and pianist.
Given in marriage by her father, the bride was attired in a sheer satin gown, which was made by the mother of the bride. The dress featured a bodice enhanced with lace and adorned with pearls, stand up collar accented with white floral lace, long full sleeves caught with lace at the wrists, and peplum styled of bridal lace over sheer satin. The full skirt extended to a chapel-length train, encircled with floral lace at the hemline.
A headpiece of stephanotis and angel's lace held a fingertip length sheer illusion veil, trimmed with white floral lace, made by the mother of the bride. She carried a fan topped with yellow roses, white sweetheart roses, stephanotis, angel's lace and satin ribbon streamers. Susan Schiralli of Bolivar, served as maid of honor. She chose a yellow silk polyester dress with accordion pleated skirt, which fell from a semi-empire waistline, complemented by a matching cape of sheer illusion. Adorning her hair was a comb enhanced with yellow rosebuds and angel's lace and she carried a bouquet of yellow rosebuds, angel's lace and green fern.
Attired similarly to the honor attendant, only in shades of green, blue, and pink, respectively, were the bridesmaids, Debbie Cook of Stannards, sister of the bride; Cindy Jordan of Ceres, sister of the groom, and Karen Bentley of Bolivar.
Donned as a miniature honor attendant was the flower girl Hollie Neal of Wellsville. She carried a basket of daisies to match the colors of the attendant's gown and wore a matching floral headpiece. Brian Olear of Houston Texas, served as best man. The ushers were Donny Scott, Dan Jordan, brother-in-law of the groom; and John Case, brother of the bride.
Scott Childs of Little Genesee, nephew of the groom served as the ringbearer.
Immediately following the ceremony, a reception was held in honor of the couple in the church gymnasium.
The bride is a 1982 graduate of Bolivar Central School. Her husband graduated from Bolivar Central School in 1978 and Alfred State Collage in 1981. He is assistant manager of the Market Basket in Bolivar.
Following a trip to Toronto, Canada, the couple will be making their home in Portville, NY

LITTLE GENESEE - The Faith Bible Church in Little Genesee was the setting for the marriage, May 30, 1981, of Debora Lynn Case, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Case of 73 Prospect St., Bolivar, to Steven L. Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cook of RD 1, Richburg. The Rev. Robin Mimma, pastor, officiated for the double-ring, candlelight ceremony for which David Herne Sr., and David Herne Jr., provided music.
Given in marriage by her father, the new Mrs. Cook wore an organza over bridal taffeta gown featuring silk Venice lace appliqués accented with seed pearls. The gown was styled with a split neckline, raised waistline trimmed in satin ribbon sash and bishop sleeves. The full, bouffant skirt was edged with a flounce of organza and lace, which formed the cathedral length train.
Her three-tiered, waltz-length veil; was held by a bridal cap of silk Venice lace, seed pearls and iridescence. She carried a bouquet of white open roses, rainbow of colored rosebuds and angel's breath. Linda Case of Bolivar, a sister of the bride, served as maid of honor and selected a gown featuring a bodice of yellow emeraude and skirt of yellow shimmer satin. She carried yellow-tipped rosebuds and green fern around a yellow candle in a clear glass whiskey snifter. Dressed similarly to the honor attendant but in gowns of pink, blue, peach, and green, respectively, were the brides-maids Judy Case, a sister of the bride; Vicki Smith and Tammy Wolfgang, all of Bolivar, and Dixie Church of Alma.
Tosha Cook of Wellsville, a niece of the groom, and Amy Cameron of Bradford, PA, served as flower girls. They were dressed identically to the honor attendant and carried white baskets filled with green, yellow, pink, peach and blue rosebuds with green fern, Tim Harvey of Richburg was the best man, ushers included Kirby Cook of Wellsville, a brother of the groom; Gary Faulkner of Richburg, Randy Johnson of Bolivar and Jim Ruding of Portville. The groomsmen wore shirts to match the brides-maids dresses.
The ringbearer was Chris Jenkins of Tehachapi, Calif. a nephew of the groom.
The Richburg Firemenʼs Clubhouse was the site of a reception to honor the newlyweds with music by "Paradox". The couple's wedding trip was to Disney World in Florida and the Grand Ole' Opry in Tennessee.
The new Mrs. Cook is a graduate of Bolivar Central School and Olean Business Institute. She is employed at the Bolivar Market Basket.
Mr. Cook is a graduate of Richburg Central School and is employed at Dresser-Clark as well as the Village Market in Richburg.
The couple plan to reside on Kansas Hollow Road, RD 1, Bolivar, NY 14715.

Other possible children are Jake and Mike W. Raibley.

WEST WINFIELD - The marriage of Patricia Lynn Gurdo and Glenn David Coleytook place on April 24 at St Joseph's Church.
The bride, given in marriage by her father, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Gurdo here. Her husband is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coley Sr., Deland, FL.
Honor attendants were Lisa Berberick, the bride's sister and Vincent Cercione Frankfort.
A reception was held m Hart's Hill Inn, Whitesboro.
Mr. and Mrs. Coley will make their home in West Winfield.
The Observer Dispatch, 2 May 1982

1. Emily Lavinia Roscoe b: 4 AUG 1869 in Kings County, NS
2. Mary Roscoe b: 8 JUN 1872 in Kings County, NS
3. Edna Everetta Roscoe b: 31 AUG 1874 in Kings County, NS
4. Everett Abraham Roscoe b: 1876 in Sheffield Mills, Kings County, NS

Rhain "Dremrudd" Ap Brychan b: Abt 420 in Brycheiniog, Breconshire, Wales
Meleri Verch Brychan b: Abt 428 in Brycheiniog, Breconshire, Wales
Tudglid Verch Brychan b: Abt 450 in Brycheiniog, Breconshire, Wales
Nyfain Verch Brychan b: Abt 460 in Brycheiniog, Breconshire, Wales

Charlotte TUPPER b: 5 SEP 1801 in Kentsville, NS, Canada
William ARCHER TUPPER b: 7 OCT 1803 in Cornwallis, Kings, NS
Eunice TUPPER b: 17 OCT 1805
James Henry TUPPER b: 8 FEB 1808
Thomas Handley TUPPER b: 1 APR 1810
Ansel TUPPER b: 3 AUG 1812

Rhys Ap Maredudd b: Abt 963 in Deheubarth, Wales
Cadwallon Ap Maredudd b: Abt 966 in Deheubarth, Wales
Lleucu Verch Maredudd b: Abt 972 in Deheubarth, Wales
Angharad Verch Maredudd b: 982 in Deheubarth, Wales

1. Mehetabel Worthen b: 12 OCT 1733
2. Hannah Worthen b: 31 JAN 1734/35
3. Elizabeth Worthen b: 12 APR 1735
4. Ezekiel Worthen b: ABT 14 AUG 1737
5. SAMUEL Worthen b: 26 APR 1739 in Hampstead, Rockingham, NH
6. Oliver Worthen b: 11 MAR 1742/43
7. Amos Worthen b: 1 JAN 1745/46
8. Mary Worthen b: 16 SEP 1751

Walter Harcourt b: Abt 972 in Turqueville, Normandy, France
Anchetil De Harcourt b: Abt 991 in Normandy, France
Thurcytel De Neufmarche b: 988 in Neufmarche, Seine-Inferiere, Normandy, France
Lesceline (Lezieline) De Harcourt b: Abt 996 in Turqueville Near Cherbourg

Oda Of Aquitaine b: Abt 625 in Aquitaine, France
Emma Princess Of Franks b: Abt 603 in France
Son Prince Of Franks b: 622 in France

1. Benjamin FOSTER b: 24 MAY 1755 in Hampstead,Rockingham,NH
2. Jacob FOSTER b: 1757 in Hampstead
3. Sarah FOSTER b: 15 OCT 1760 in Granville,Annapolis,NS
4. Isaac FOSTER b: 24 AUG 1763 in Granville
5. Mehitable FOSTER b: 23 MAR 1766 in Granville
6. Elizabeth FOSTER b: 17 DEC 1768 in Granville
7. Samuel FOSTER b: 1 OCT 1770 in Granville
8. Oliver FOSTER b: 1 MAY 1773 in Granville
9. Asa FOSTER b: 24 NOV 1776 in Granville
10. James FOSTER b: 24 JAN 1780 in Granville

Miss Verch Gwerystan b: Abt 974 in Powys, Wales
Nest Verch Gwerystan b: Abt 976 in Powys, Wales
Cynfyn Ap Gwerystan b: Abt 982 in Powys, Wales
Ithel Ap Gwerystan b: Abt 980 in Powys, Wales
Lleuki Verch Gwerystan b: Abt 985 in Powys, Wales
Elinor Verch Gwerystan b: Abt 980 in Powys, Wales

1. Mehitable Foster, B. May 6, 1778, Granville, Annapolis, NS.
2. Elizabeth Foster, B. September 1, 1780, NS; D. March 09, 1888, Cornwallis, NS.
3. Benjamin Foster, B. August 02, 1782, Granville; D. August 05, 1882, Cornwallis, Kings, NS.
4. Samuel Foster, B. September 09, 1783, Granville; D. July 29, 1879, Hampton, Granville.
5. Susanna Foster, B. August 31, 1786, Granville.
6. Mary Foster, B. December 29, 1788, Granville.
7. Isaac Foster, B. April 09, 1791, Granville; D. November 19, 1867, Granville.
8. Abner Foster, B. May 09, 1793, NS; D. August 12, 1875, Granville.
9. Lucy Foster, B. May 24, 1795, Granville.
10. Solomon F. Foster, B. August 03, 1797, Granville.
11. Philip Foster, B. July 03, 1799, Granville.

Possible Simmons family members from internet listing:
Alexander (<1795- )
Mary (<1799- )
- Rebecca (1/12/1815- )
- Irene (17/4/1818- )
- Benjamin (1/2/1818- )
- Alexander (c182x- )
- Margaret (c182x- )
- Thomas (c182x- )
- James Leonard (c1829- ) lived in Clarence, Annapolis, and was married to Elizabeth Criss (c1848) have at least one sone, James Leonard
- Ezekiel (c1830- )
- John Wilson (c1831) lived in Harbourville, Kings, NS and was married to Mary J (c1836)
- Mary Eliza (27/2/1834- )
- William Allen (7/10/1835- )
- Wesley Sleep (24/12/1841- )
- Henrietta (17/6/1845- )
- Eric Sylvestis (29/3/1847- )

William Count Of Troyes & Eu b: Abt 1015 in Eu, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France
Pons Fitzwilliam b: Abt 1017 in St. Pons, Charente-Maritime, France
Hugh Of Lisieux b: Abt 1023 in Gloucestershire, England
Robert Count D' Eu b: Abt 1019 in Eu, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France

Galindo Aznarez I Count Of Aragon b: Abt 803 in Aragon, Spain
Miss Aznarez b: Abt 788 in Aragon, Spain
Garcia Aznares Count Of Comminges b: Abt 805 in Comminges, Aude, France

Nine grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren

1. James DAVIS b: 1620/1628 in Marlboro? England
2. John Davies James DAVIS Ensign b: ABT 1623 in Marlboro?
3. Judith DAVIS b: ABT 1627 in Marlboro?
4. Ephraim DAVIS b: 1629/1639 in of Haverhill,Essex,MA
5. Samuel DAVIS b: 1640/1643 in Essex County, MA
6. Sarah DAVIS b: 1640/1645

Ringentrude II Of Austrasia b: Abt 631
Sigebert III King Of Austrasia b: After 630 in Austrasia
Adela Of Austrasia b: Abt 650 in Metz, Austrasia, France

Miriam C. , b. 1828
John K., b 1840
Alphonso, b. May 1843
Elizabeth Fidelia, b. 12 Apr 1846 (not in 1850 census)
Eliza Jane, b. 30 Aug 1849
And there were several other brothers based on the 1840 census.

1. Mary Stewart.
2. Olive Eliza Stewart.
3. Howard C. Stewart.
4. Minnie Rebecca Stewart
5. Clarence T. Stewart.

Lithuise Of Eu And Troyes b: Abt 1052 in Troyes, Aube, Champagne
Agnes D' Eu b: Abt 1045 in Eu, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France
Margaret De Eu b: Abt 1037 in Gloucestershire, England
Jean Comte De Soissons b: Abt 1060 in Soissons, Aisne, Picardy
Ramtrud De Soissons b: Abt 1065 in Soissons, Aisne, Picardy, France
Ade De Soissons b: Abt 1058 in Soissons

Amlaid Sitricsson
Olaf Cuarajn Sitricsson King Of York & Dublin b: Bef 928 in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Gofraid Sitricsson
Gyda Sitricsson

Married cousins. No children.
Treated as outcasts by some of the family.

Isabelle CAPET b: 2 MAR 1241/42
Louis CAPET b: ABT. 1244
Philippe III "the Bold" CAPET , King of France b: 3 APR 1245 in Poissy
Jean CAPET b: 1247
John CAPET , Count of Tristan b: 1248
Peter I CAPET , Count of Alencon, Blolis, Chartre b: 1251
Marguerite CAPET b: 1254
Robert CAPET , Count of Cleremont b: 1256
Agnes CAPET , Dutchess of Burgundy b: 1260
Jean Tristan CAPET , Count of Nevers, Valois b: 1250

Eudes De Orleans b: 798 in Orleans, Loiret, France
Waldrada (Wiltrude) De Orleans b: Abt 810
Dau Of Hadrian De Orleans b: Abt 820

Hunuld Duke Of Aquitaine b: Abt 664 in Aquitaine, France
Hatton D' Aquitaine b: Abt 665 in Aquitaine, France
Aznar Of Aragon b: Abt 666 in Aragon, Spain

Sancho Loupez Of Gascony b: Abt 775 in Gascony, France
Centule I De Bearn
Sancha Of Gascony
Donat Loupa Comte De Bigorre b: Abt 785 in Gascony, France

Annun (Dyfed) Ap Macsen b: Abt 355 in Wales
Sevra Verch Macsen b: Abt 357 in Wales
Gratian Verch Macsen b: Abt 374 in Wales

Miss Lois Ann Hawkes and George E. Case Jr., were united in marriage Saturday (July 23, 1955) at 2 p.m. in the Methodist Church at Shinglehouse, PA. The Rev. Roy E. Black pastor performed the double ring ceremony.
Miss Hawkes is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lorne G. Hawkes, Shinglehouse, PA. Mr. Case is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Case Sr., Little Genesee, NY.
Traditional wedding music was played by Mrs. Neva Price, Shinglehouse.
Given in marriage by her uncle, George L. Fisk, Friendship, NY, the bride was lovely in her ballerina length gown of white nylon net with an over skirt of embroidered nylon and strapless fitted bodice and matching nylon bolero jacket with long pointed sleeves and peter pan collar. Her fingertip veil of nylon illusion was caught to a tiara of net and seed pearls. She carried a colonial bouquet of pale pink carnations. Mrs. Helen Randolph, sister of the groom, as matron of honor, wore a ballerina length gown of light blue nylon net and lace with strapless fitted bodice.
Miss Caroline Hawkes, sister of the bride was maid of honor wearing a ballerina length gown of turquoise blue nylon net and Chantilly lace with a strapless fitted bodice. Both wore a headdress of blue flowers and each carried colonial bouquets of pink carnations. Harvey L. Case was best man for his brother. William Mitchell Shinglehouse was usher.
The mother of the bride chose a pink dress with white accessories. The mother of the groom wore a deep rose colored taffeta dress with matching over skirt. Each wore corsages of white carnations and lavender sweet peas.
A reception was held immediately following the ceremony at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buchanan, Academy St. with Mrs. Buchanan, sister of the bride and Mrs Williams acting as hostesses. The refreshment table was centered with a three-tiered wedding cake topped with a wedding bell and miniature bride and groom.
The bride attended Shinglehouse High School and was employed at Hi-Q Aerovox Corp., Olean, NY. The groom attended Bolivar Central School and is employed at Daystrom Inc., Friendship, NY.
After a brief wedding trip they will reside in their trailer home in Cuba, NY. Guests were present from Bolivar, Little Genesee, Friendship, Portville, Andover, Eldred, PA Coudersport, PA, Shinglehouse, and Arlington, Texas.
Miss Lois Ann Hawkes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Hawkes, Shinglehouse, became the bride of George E. Case Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. George Case, Little Genesee, Saturday afternoon at the Shinglehouse Methodist Church. The Rev. Roy Black officiated.
Given in marriage by her uncle, the bride was attired in a ballerina length gown of white enbroidered nylon. Her finger tip veil was held in place by a crown of seeded pearls and sequins. She carried a colonial bouquet of pink carnations with white streamers.
The Maid of honor, Miss Caroline Hawkes, sister of the bride wore a gown of turquois embroidered nylon over taffeta with matching headpiece.
The Bridesmaid, Mrs. Helen Randolph, sister of the bridegroom, was gowned in a powder blue ensemble of embroidered tulle over nylon and taffeta. The attendants carried colonial bouquets of yellow carnation with white streamers.
Following the wedding, a reception for 60 guests was held. The couple will reside in Cuba.
The bride is a graduate of Shinglehouse High School, her husband is a graduate of Bolivar High School.
Guests attended the wedding from Arlington, Texas, Friendship, Coudersport, Little Genesee, Bolivar, and Andover.

A pretty wedding took place last evening at 115 Cayuga street, when MissEsther L. Stratton became the bride of Colin C. Mackenzie. Tho Rev.Arthur W. Bulley of Keene, N. H., formerly pastor of the GeddcsCongregational church, performed the ceremony.
The young couple are active church workers. Mr. Mackenzle being the superintendent of the Geddes church
Sunday school and Miss Stratton, a teacher. After the wedding supper Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie departed on their wedding tour, which includes a visit to Rochester and Conesus lake.
The groom is a member of the Arm of Mackenzie &. Co., electrical contractors, and the young couple will make their home in this city.
Evening Telegram, Syracuse, NY, 1905

William De Toeni b: Abt 1067 in Belvoir, Leicestershire, England
Beringar De Toeni b: Abt 1068 in Belvoir Castle
Adeliza (Alice) De Toeni b: Abt 1070 in St Saveur, Normandy, France
Agnes De Toeni b: Abt 1074 in St Saveur
Geffery De Toeni b: Abt 1072 in Belvoir Castle
Robert De Toeni b: Abt 1071 in Belvoir Castle
Eudo De Toeni b: Abt 1073 in Belvoir Castle

Judith Princess Of France b: 844 in France
Louis II "The Stammerrer" King Of France b: 1 Nov 846 in France
Charles Aquitaine b: 847 in France
Lothaire "The Lame" Franks b: Abt 847 in France
Rothilde De Neustria b: Abt 844 in France
Rotrude Franks b: 852 in France
Carloman Prince Of Franks b: 849 in France
Ermentrud Princess Of Franks [Abbess O b: Abt 854 in France
Hildegarde Franks b: Abt 856 in France
Gisele Franks b: Abt 858 in France
Hersent Of France b: 865 in France
Drogo Of France
Pippin Of France
Godehilde Princess Holy Roman Empire b: Abt 868 in France

Sihtric "Silken Beard" King Of Dublin b: Abt 970 in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Harald Of Dublin b: Abt 975 in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Dubgilla Olafsson
Gofraid Olafsson

Possibly a second child, Bethany

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Mary Cameron Stone and Samuel Alexander McElreathwere united in marriage at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, August 4, 2007 at SaintMark's Episcopal Church in Jacksonville, Fla. The Rev. Jonathan B.Coffey, Jr. officiated.
Cameron is the daughter of Mr. Winthrop Domingo Acosta and Mrs. Mary McIlwain Acosta and Mr. William Tupper Stone and Mrs. Janan Carver Stone, all of Jacksonville, Fla. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Margaret Calhoun McIlwain, the late Mr. Hugh Herndon McIlwain, and Mr. and Mrs. John Patrick Stone, all of Jacksonville, Fla. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics; she was also a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. Cameron is employed by Southern Orthopaedics as a Medical Sales Representative.
Sam is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Farris McElreath of Augusta. He is the grandson of Mrs. Marie Jones McBride and the late Mr. Samuel Elijah Jones, Jr., and the late Mr. Thomas E. McBride of Louisville, Ga., and the late Mr. and Mrs. William Charles McElreath of Wadley, Ga. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Biology; he was also a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Sam is employed by Brasfield and Gorrie as a Project Manager.
Given in marriage by her father and stepfather, Cameron chose her cousin, Morgan Elizabeth McIlwain of Boca Raton, Fla., to serve as maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Brett Randolph McIlwain of Jacksonville, Fla., cousin of the bride; Caroline Carver Stone of Jacksonville, Fla., half sister of the bride; Sarah Elizabeth Launey of Tampa, Fla.; Amanda DeLoach Miller of Valdosta, Ga.; Susan Summer Holman of Athens, Ga.; Brandy Lynn McClain of Augusta; Molly Patricia Richardson of Atlanta; Barrett Cyr Summerlin of Washington, D.C., all friends of the bride, and Carrie Haskins McElreath of Macon, sister-in-law of the groom.
Sam chose his father to serve as best man. Groomsmen were Benjamin Farris McElreath, Jr. of Macon, brother of the groom; William Tupper Stone, Jr. and Bradley Douglas Stone of Jacksonville, Fla., half brothers of the bride; William Donald Handberry, Jr. of Macon, cousin of the groom; Seth Thompson Wylie of Orlando, Fla.; Preston Monroe Kimbrel of Atlanta; John Emory Cochran of Columbus, Ga.; Reed Hastings Garner of Augusta, and Daniel Miles Dunstan of Augusta, all friends of the groom.
Readers were Jessica Mackay Lowe and Danielle Nicole Caldwell. Program attendants were Chapman Handberry Godwin, Mary Allison McElreath, Marjorie Anne McElreath, all of Augusta, and Leigh Anne Lynott of Atlanta.
Following the ceremony, a reception was held at Timuquana Country Club in Jacksonville, Fla. The newlyweds are honeymooning in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands and will reside in Atlanta.
The August Chronicle, 12 August 2007

Hawise De Guines b: Abt 958 in Castle At Guines, Artois/Pas-DE-Calais, France
Heloise De Guines b: Abt 963 in Castle At Guines, Artois/Pas-DE-Calais, France
Ardulf Comte De Guines b: Abt 965 in Castle At Guines, Artois/Pas-DE-Calais, France

Meen I Seigneur De Fougeres b: Abt 960 in Fougeres, Ille-Et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France
Sigebrand De Mayenne b: Abt 980 in Mayenne, Maine/Pays DE La Loire, France
Isemberg Seigneur de Lude Mayenne b: Abt 970 in Lude, Maine-Et-Loire, Anjou/Pays DE La Loire, France

Domnall Macmuircán O'fáeláin King Of Leinster
Mael-Mordai Na Leinster b: Abt 850 in Leinster, Ireland
Cerball Macmuirecán O'fáeláin King Of Leinster

Boleslaus the Long, Duke of Silesia
Richeza of Poland who married Alfonso VII, King of Castile and Leon.

The Merriman Wedding
Love never gives up. It's always hopeful. Love endures all things. That's a verse commonly heard at weddings. And it takes on a whole new meaning for one Sioux Falls couple.
We first told you about Tristen Larson on Thursday night's Eye on KELOLAND. She's 25 years-old and is fighting her way through Hodgkins Lymphoma. This is the fourth time she's had to battle the cancer. But from now on she won't have to fight it alone.
Music is what first brought them together... and today the music guided the ceremony.
Bridesmaid Dawn Gardner says, "They both have an extreme love for music. So music is definitely a pivotal part of their relationship."
The bond goes far beyond the music. When Tristen found out in January that her cancer had returned, Jake wouldn't let her fight it alone. No matter how hard she tried to push him away, he'd pushed even harder to stay together. And, it worked.
Groom Jake Merriman says, "Ever since I fell in love with you I have felt unworthy of you. I see more and more clearly now the man I want to be and see that I am not yet that man. I'm more willing than ever to become that man."
Bride Tristen Merriman says, "I didn't realize that I would meet someone who exceeded my list."
Friend Dave Colley says, "It's amazing that she's given such a gift as a man like Jake to be able to be with her and to be able to share her life with her."
And today is a new beginning for two people who've already been through so much.
Tristen's mother Marlys Larson says, "It's been a real emotional rollercoaster over the last few years. But today I'm just celebrating with them both. Love 'em both. It's been a wonderful day and now we still have more to come."
The next step is their honeymoon. The Merrimans will be spending it at a resort in Minnesota. They leave sometime next week.
by Nikole Muzzy, KELOLAND TV, 8 March 2003

Dúnchad Macmurchada O'dúnlaing King Of Leinster
Faelan Na Leinster b: Abt 698 in Leinster, Ireland
Bran Bec Macmurchada O'dúnlaing King Of Leinster
Muiredac Macmurchada O'dúnlaing King Of Leinster

1. Alice de Ros b: ABT 1319 in Helmsley Castle
2. Elizabeth de Ros b: ABT 1325 in Helmsley Castle
3. William de Ros b: 19 MAY 1329 in Frieston, Lincolnshire
4. Maud de Ros b: ABT 1334 in Helmsley Castle
5. Thomas de Ros b: 13 JAN 1336/37 in Stoke Albany, Northamptonshire

David Lockwood and Wendy Lieberg, both of Viborg, announce the engagementof their daughter, Lindsey Lockwood, to Tony Hauger, son of Randy andPhyllis Hauger, of Irene.
Lindsey and Tony are both students at the University of South Dakota. Lindsey is majoring in Business Management and Human Resources. Tony is majoring in Business Management.
An August 16, 2008, wedding is planned to be held at the First Baptist Church in Viborg. A reception and dance will follow at the Bridges of Beresford.
Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan, 6 August 2008

1. John de Vaux b: ABT 1215 in Freiston, Boston, Lincolnshire
2. Roger de Vaux b: ABT 1214 in Pentney, Norfolk
3. William de Vaux b: ABT 1225 in Freiston

Bertrada Of Merovingia b: Abt 660 in France
Bertha Of Neustria b: WFT Est 685 in Neustria, Belgium
Childebert II Of France b: Abt 670 in France
Clotaire IV King Austria b: Abt 672 in France
Clovis III King France b: 682 in France

1. William IV de Ros b: BEF 1285 in Helmsley Castle
2. Agnes de Ros b: 1285 in Helmsley Castle
3. John de Ros b: ABT 1287 in Helmsley Castle
4. Thomas de Ros

RICHBURG - George and Irene Fisk of 11 E. Water St., Friendship,celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a celebration from 1-5p.m. Aug. 23, 1997 at the home of Steve and Debora Cook of Richburg.
The event was hosted by George and Lois Case, niece of the couple,
of Olean.
The former Irene Wells and George Fisk were united in marriage Sept. 4, 1937, at the Friendship Catholic Church Rectory. Glenn and Evangeline Williams, cousin of the bride, attended.
The couple has two nephews, Charles Hawkes of Little Genesee and Gordon Hawkes of Obi; and three nieces, Mrs. Case of Olean, Marion Buchanan of Shinglehouse, PA, and Caroline Mitchell of Smethport, PA.
Mr. Fisk has been retired from Acme Electric in Cuba since 1979.
Previously, he worked at Daystrom in Friendship. Mrs. Fisk taught school and retired from Allegany County Social Services in 1972.
The couple are members of their local Catholic church.

Children by Hannah WOODFORD:
1. Hannah ALLEN b. 12-Feb-1660, Northampton, MA, m. 20-Jun-1679, in
Northampton, MA, Nathaniel ALEXANDER, (son of George ALEXANDER
and Susannah). Hannah died 29-Oct-1742.
2. Thankful ALLEN b. 15-Jul-1663, Northampton, MA, d. 14-Oct-1711, Northampton, MA.
3. Child b. 22-Mar-1665, Northampton, MA, d. 1661-1764.
4. Sarah ALLEN b. 28-Jul-1668, Northampton, MA, m. 7-Jun-1664, Ebenezer MILLER.
5. Son ALLEN b. 24-Feb-1669, Northampton, MA, d. 27-Feb-1669,
Northampton, MA.
6. Joseph ALLEN b. 20-Nov-1672, Northampton, MA, m. 27-Sep-1695, in
Northampton, MA, Elizabeth MUDGE, (daughter of Micah MUDGE and
Mary). Joseph died 29-Mar-1739, Northampton, MA.
7. Chloe ALLEN b. 1674, d. 7-Oct-1707.
8. Samuel ALLEN b. 6-Jul-1675.
9. Ebenezer ALLEN b. 31-Jul-1678, Northampton, MA, m. 1695-1713, Mary
SEAGRAVE. Ebenezer died 1716, Pittsgrove, NJ.
10. Thomas ALLEN b. Feb 1680, Northampton, MA, d. AFT 1754.
11. Mindwell ALLEN b. 4-Feb-1682, Northampton, MA, m. (1) 8-Aug-1712, in
Northampton, MA, Thomas HOLTON, b. 23-Oct-1681, Northampton,
MA, (son of John HOLTON and Abigail FISHER) ref: Claude Barlow, d. 13-
Aug-1723, Northfield, MA, m. (2) 8-May-1730, David CHAPIN, b. 16-Nov-1682,
Chicopee, Hampden, MA, (son of Japhet CHAPIN and Abilenah COOLEY) ref: Claude
Barlow, occupation: Deacon, d. 17-Jul-1772, Chicopee, Hampden, MA.
Mindwell died 21-Oct-1758, Springfield, MA.

1. Aaron MILLER b: 8 FEB 1782 in Williamsburg, MA
2. Alauson MILLER b: 4 SEP 1783
3. Phidena MILLER b: 6 OCT 1784
4. Theodore MILLER b: 28 AUG 1785
5. Stephen MILLER b: 8 OCT 1789
6. Hannah MILLER b: 21 MAR 1792
7. Anna MILLER b: 22 MAR 1794
8. Patty Martha MILLER b: 7 APR 1796
9. Hezekiah MILLER b: 25 MAR 1798
10. Jarius MILLER b: 25 MAR 1798
11. Hiram MILLER b: 23 FEB 1803
12. Orlando MILLER b: 7 APR 1807

Guiburge De Montfort b: Abt 1195 in Montfort-L'amaury Castle, Ile-DE-France, France
Amaury VII De Montfort b: Abt 1195 in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
Simon V De Montfort b: Abt 1208 in Montfort-L'amaury Castle, Ile-DE-France, France
Amicie De Montfort b: Abt 1213 in Leicestershire, England

Philip and Cicely are likely to be the parents of Jean Ann Shoemaker, aninfand that died 29 July 1964 and is burried at Riverside Cemetery inNorristown, PA.

Gwrwst "Ledlwm" Ap Ceneu b: Abt 400 in South Reged, Britain
Mar Ap Ceneu
Pabo "Post Prydyn" Ap Ceneu b: Abt 424 in Pennines, Britain

Sigurd "Rise" Haraldsson b: Abt 902 in Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
Halfdan Haraldsson b: Abt 914 in Hadeland, Askerhus, Norway
Ingeborg Haraldsdottir b: 910 in Trondheim
Gudrod Haraldsson b: Abt 916 in Hadeland
Rognvald Haraldsson b: Abt 918 in Hadeland

Huldy Porter 25 Feb 1788 in Cornwallis, NS
Achsah Porter 8 Dec 1789
Stephen Porter 28 Jun 1797
Ruby Porter 12 Aug 1802
Kinsman Porter 24 Jul 1810 in Cornwallis, Kings, NS

Gelduin II De Saumur b: Abt 980 in Saumur, Maine-Et-Loire, Anjou/Pays DE La Loire, France
Marsire Dame De Doue b: Abt 971 in Doue-la-Fountaine, Maine-et-Loire
Adelaise De Saumur b: Abt 965 in Saumur

Alice\Adela Of Champagne b: Abt 1140 in Of Blois, Loir-Et-Cher, France
Henry I The Liberal Count Of Brie & Champaigne b: Abt 1126 in Champagne, France
Mary Of Champagne b: 1128 in Champagne, France
Theobald IV Count Of Blois
Thibaud V Of Blois b: Abt 1134 in Champagne, France
William De Champagne
Agnes Of Blois b: Abt 1138 in France

Marriages from April through June 1945, from The Register, Berwick, NS.
GATES - MELDRUM marriage
Donald Franklyn GATES, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Fred GATES, Parker Road, Aylesford, Kings Co., NS
to Violet Mae MELDRUM, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Edgar MELDRUM, Aylesford, Kings Co., NS

Efa Verch Bleddyn b: Abt 1058 in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Hunydd Verch Bleddyn b: 1067 in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Cadwagn Nannau ap Bleddyn b: in Wales

3 step-children:
Stanley Ray (Johnson) Easton: b. 12/20/1968
Steven Ray (Johnson) Easton: b. 9/2/1969
Scott Ray (Johnson) Easton: b. 11/22/1970

Lindsay Ann Ohm and Timothy Daniel Thissell, both of Beresford, S.D.,announce their engagement and upcoming marriage.
Lindsay is the daughter of Cheryl Kimball and John Risty of Le Mars and James Ohm of Las Vegas, Nev. Timothy is the son of Dan and Carol Thissell of Beresford, S.D.
The couple will be married in an Aug. 2, 2008, ceremony at Presbyterian United Church of Christ in Le Mars, with the reception and dance to follow at the Le Mars Convention Center.
Daily Sentienel, Le Mars, IA, 10 July 2008

Owain Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1176 in Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Lleucu Verch Gruffudd b: 1202 in Cardiganshire, Wales
Nest Verch Gruffudd b: 1178 in Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Mawd Verch Gruffudd b: Abt 1180 in Meisgyn Penychen, Glamorganshire, Wales

Rhys "Gryg" Ap Rhys b: Abt 1150 in Dynevor Castle
Gruffudd Ap Rhys b: 1153 in Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Angharad Verch Rhys b: 1155 in Dynevor Castle
Gwenllian Verch Rhys b: Abt 1158 in Dynevor Castle
Anarawd Ap Rhys
Catrin Verch Rhys b: Abt 1162 in Dynevor Castle
Efa Ap Rhys
Margred Verch Rhys b: Abt 1163 in Dynevor Castle
Maelgwn Ap Rhys b: Abt 1151 in Dynevor Castle
Howel Ap Rhys

Erwin G. Schnabel b. 24 Mar 1901 in Yellow Medicine County, MN
Robert F. Schnabel b. abt 1906 in North Dakota
Helma Schnabel b. abt 1908 in North Dakota
Walter Schnabel b. abt 1910 in North Dakota
Lucille J. Schnabel b. abt 1913 in North Dakota

1. Eustace FitzJohn b: ABT 1083 in Knaresborough Castle, Yorkshire
2. Payn FitzJohn b: ABT 1081 in Ewyas, Herefordshire
3. William FitzJohn

SHINGLEHOUSE - Miss Doris Marie Murray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. FredMurray, and Gordon Hawkes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Hawkes, were unitedin marriage December 18, 1948.
The ceremony was performed at the bride's home by the Rev. George Sickenberger.
The bride wore an aqua suit with a corsage of pink roses and white mums. Mrs. Leslie Ellsworth, maid of honor for her sister, chose a fuchsia suit with a corsage of red and white carnations. Leslie Ellsworth acted as best man.
Following the ceremony a reception and shower were held and the couple received many gifts. The couple will reside in Westons Mills. Guests were present from Alma, NY, Shinglehouse, PA, Bradford, PA, Coleville, PA, Eldred, PA, and Olean, NY

On November 1, 1938, Paul Creel and Nellie Rowe were married at the Tal-ent Community Hall. It was a simple service. They lived and worked on aranch in Dufur, Oregon, for about six years. There Nellie fed a dozenranch hands and Paul plowed the fields with a team of eight horses. Whenthe war broke out they moved to Seattle where Paul worked at the BoeingAir Field. Along the way Nellie gave birth to two lovely daughters.
After the war they moved to Eastern Oregon and eventually to the Rogue Valley. In 1949 the Creels moved to the house on Creel Lane (named after them). Dennis was born while they lived there. Paul served on the Talent/ Phoenix school board in the 70s and retired from Boise Cascade Sawmill in the 70s. Nellie was a stay at home mom, ready with a hot breakfast & cookies after school. They have 3 chil- dren, 8 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.
Paul and Nellie have been members of this church for over 55 years. They have served as leaders in about every area of church life. Nellie is a vital part of the Piece Corp and Paul is an Elder Emeritus. We salute these two wonderful be- lievers and thank them for modeling the Christian life. May God richly bless you both and grant you even more years of love and harmony. Praise the Lord!
Bulliten of the Christian Church of Ashland
Nellie and Paul Creel arrived in Talent in 1949 to find work in one of the many sawmills around here at that time. Their little girls were only 9 and 3 years old, a son was born here two years later. Neighbors with the last names of Pancake, Tycksen and Denomas lived in the same section of town, but the street had no name. When Mae Lowe, a coauthor of the famous paper Talent News Flashes, delivered the newspaper to the Creels, she became frustrated by the lack of a name for the road. Mae didnʼt want to call it Pancake Lane, so she went down to the county offices and had the name of Creel Road put down on the map. The first time Creels knew there was a road named for them was when the sign went up. They have lived there ever since.
The Historacle, Newsletter of the Talent Historical Society

Dafydd Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1234 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Llewelyn Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1230 in Gwynedd
Catherine Verch Gruffudd b: Abt 1233 in Gwynedd

Bob and Marilyn Pampusch of Zimmerman, along with Jim and Donna Keacherof Stacy announce the engagement of their children, Ben Pampusch andLeanne Keacher.
Ben graduated from Elk River Area High School, St. Cloud State University and is enrolled at St. Thomas University working on his master's degree. He is an insurance adjuster for Esis Companies in St Louis Park.
Leanne graduated from North Branch High School, Augsburg College, and is enrolled at St. Thomas University working on her master's degree. She is a pre-school teacher in Wyoming, Minn.
After a garden wedding in Stillwater on Aug. 28, they will reside in Eden Prairie.
Star News, 3 August 2004

1. Margaret de Chesney b: ABT 1150 in Horsford
2. Clementia de Chesney b: ABT 1152 in Horsford
3. Sarah de Chesney b: ABT 1155 in Horsford

Bledrus Ap Ednywain b: Abt 1040 in Flintshire, Wales
Morwyl Verch Ednywain b: Abt 1044 in Tegeingl, Flintshire, Wales
Ceinfryd Verch Ednywain b: Abt 1044 in Flintshire, Wales
Robert Ap Ednywain b: Abt 1046 in Flintshire, Wales
Gruffudd Ap Ednywain b: Abt 1048 in Flintshire, Wales

Patricia Harms and the late Arnold Harms announce the engagement of their daughter, Melanie Ann Harsm, to Michael Lee Sailer, son of Nadine Sailer and the late Martin (Bud) Sailer.
The couple plans a private family ceremony June 20, 2009, followed by an open house at 8 p.m. at their home. Friends and neighbors will be welcome at this time.
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Marriage Date: 2 June 1919
bca number: B11389
registration number: 1919-09-199052
gsu number: 1984110

Joan (of Arundel) FITZALAN b: Abt 1375 in Arundel, Sussex, England
John FitzAlan Arundel b: 30 NOV 1364 in Arundel
Margaret De Arundell b: Abt 1372 in Arundel
William FitzAlan b: Abt 1366 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Eleanor Aurendel b: Abt 1366 in Aurendel
Richard FitzAlan b: Abt 1367 in Aurendel
Thomas Edward FitzAlan b: Abt 1370 in Aurendel
Henry FitzAlan b: Abt 1372 in Aurendel

1. Rebecca NIMS b: 12 AUG 1678
2. John NIMS b: 14 AUG 1679 in Deerfield, MA or Northampton, MA
3. Rebecca NIMS b: 14 AUG 1679
4. Henry NIMS b: 20 APR 1682
5. Thankful NIMS b: 29 AUG 1684 in Deerfield
6. Ebenezer NIMS b: 14 MAR 1686/87 in Deerfield

When Deerfield was captured, 29 February 1704, Mehetabel, Mary and Mercy were burnt to death in a cellar. Ebenezer and Abigail were carried to Canada, and the latter never returned

William MILLER III b: 9 FEB 1693/94 in Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut
Mary MILLER b: ABT 1697 in Wethersfield (now Glastonbury), Hartford Co., Connecticut
Martha MILLER b: ABT 1698 in Wethersfield (now Glastonbury), Hartford Co., Connecticut
Sarah MILLER b: ABT 1699 in Wethersfield (now Glastonbury), Hartford Co., Connecticut
John MILLER b: ABT 1701 in Wethersfield (now Glastonbury), Hartford Co., Connecticut
Jonathan MILLER b: ABT 1704 in Wethersfield (now Glastonbury), Hartford Co., Connecticut

Hannah ALLYN b: AFT. 1651 in Salem, Essex, MA
Deborah ALLYN b: 1652 in New London, New London, CT
Mary ALLYN b: 11 NOV 1648 in Salem
Sarah ALLYN b: 22 MAR 1641/42 in Salem
John ALLYN b: 1640 in Salem, Essex

Rosalinda (Sancha) Of Toulouse b: Abt 825 in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
Bernard II Plantevelue Comte D' Auvergne b: 22 Mar 840-841 in Uzes, Languedoc
Aton Trencavel b: Abt 830 in Sauveterre de Rouergue, Languedoc, France

John NOTT (23 Nov 1683-)
Johnathan NOTT (4 Jun 1685-30 Mar 1773)
William NOTT (19 Nov 1686-)
Thomas NOTT (1 Nov 1688-)
Nathaniel NOTT (18 Apr 1691-)
Gershom NOTT (19 Mar 1693-)
Thankful NOTT (6 Feb 1694-)
Rev. Abraham NOTT (29 Jan 1696-24 Jan 1756)
Ann NOTT (29 Jul 1699-)

Thomas Rose, b. 1671 in Preston, New London, CT
Hannah Rose, b. 12 AUG 1673 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
Joanna Rose, b. 1678 in Stonington or Preston
Dorcas Rose, b. 1683 in of Stonington
Deborah Rose, b. 1688 in Preston
Damaris Rose, b. 1689 in Preston
Mary Rose, b. 1690 in Preston
Elizabeth Rose, b. 1694 in Preston
Joseph Rose, b. 1697 in Stonington
Sarah Rose, b. 1702 in Stonington
John Rose, b. ABT. 1703

Robert ALLYN b: 1607 in Manchester, Lancaster, England
Edward ALEYN
Edmond ALEYN
George ALEYN
Dorathie ALEYN
Martha ALEYN

Llywarch "Fychan" Ap Wales b: Abt 1170 in Of Rhos, Denbighshire, Wales
Cynon Ap Wales b: Abt 1171 in Denbighshire, Wales
Einion "Flaenllym" Ap Wales b: Abt 1172 in Denbighshire, Wales
Tangwystl Verch Llywarch b: Abt 1178 in Rhos, Denbighshire, Wales

They may have adopted a child, Leona, based on 1911 census

Tangwystl Verch Llywarch b: Abt 1143 in Menai, Anglesey, Wales
Einudd Ap Llywarch b: Abt 1145 in Menai
Iorwerth Ap Llywarch b: Abt 1147 in Menai
Madog Ap Llywarch b: Abt 1149 in Menai
Cadwgon Ap Llywarch b: Abt 1151 in Plas-Coch, Llanddaniel-Fab, Anglesey, Wales
Einion Ap Llywarch b: Abt 1153 in Menai

Ebenezer Edwards b: 1720/1721
Elizabeth Edwards b: 29 NOV 1723
Mary Edwards b: 23 NOV 1725
Ebenezer Edwards b: 4 SEP 1727 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Ruth Edwards b: 15 AUG 1729

Perwyr Verch Bran b: Abt 1080 in Anglesey, Wales
Hunydd Verch Bran b: Abt 1104 in Anglesey, Wales
Llywarch Ap Bran b: Abt 1107 in Of Menai, Anglesey, Wales

Ithel Ap Einudd b: Abt 1101 in Of Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbighshire, Wales
Hunydd Verch Einydd b: Abt 1063 in Denbighshire, Wales
Heilin Ap Einudd b: Abt 1060 in Of Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbighshire, Wales

John FOWLER b: 21 Sep 1689 in Westfield, Hampshire Co., Massachuetts
Mercy FOWLER b: 10 Jan 1690/91 in Westfield, Hampshire Co., Massachuetts
Abraham FOWLER b: 26 Aug 1693 in Westfield, Hampshire Co., Massachuetts
Mercy FOWLER b: 7 Aug 1695 in Westfield, Hampshire Co., Massachuetts
Isaac FOWLER b: 12 Nov 1697 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Conneticut
N.N. FOWLER b: 25 Jul 1700 in Westfield, Hampshire Co., Massachuetts
Patience FOWLER b: 25 Jul 1700 in Westfield, Hampshire Co., Massachuetts
Thankful FOWLER b: 25 Jul 1700 in Westfield, Hampshire Co., Massachuetts
Jacob FOWLER b: 31 Oct 1701 in Westfield, Hampshire Co., Massachuetts
Mehitable FOWLER b: 16 Sep 1703 in Westfield, Hampshire Co., Massachuetts
Ebenezer FOWLER b: 3 Sep 1706 in Westfield, Hampshire Co., Massachuetts

Ermangarde D' Anjou b: Abt 952 in Anjou, France
Maurice D' Anjou b: Abt 958 in Anjou, France
Gerberge D' Anjou b: 962 in Anjou, France
Geoffroy D' Anjou b: Abt 964 in Anjou, France
Foulques III "Le Noir" Anjou b: 21 Jun 967 in Anjou, France
Adelaide D' Anjou b: Abt 968 in Anjou, France

William Dewey b: JAN 1692 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Josiah Dewey b: 1 MAR 1696 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Joseph Dewey b: 24 DEC 1697 in Westfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
John Dewey b: 4 DEC 1700 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut
Mehitable Dewey b: 29 JUN 1708 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut
Joseph Dewey b: 24 DEC 1708 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Mary Dewey b: 24 OCT 1704 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut

1. William de Say b: ABT 1067 in Sawbridgeworth, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
2. Robert FitzPicot de Say b: ABT 1058 in Sai, Orne, Normandy, France
3. Theordore de Say b: ABT 1074
4. Frances de Say b: ABT 1070 in Clun, Shropshire, England

Erik "Hulda" Steinsson b: Abt 814 in England
Sigurd Hundasson b: Abt 820
Bjorn Steinsson b: Abt 830 in Norway

Olaf II King Of The Isle Of Man b: Abt 1177 in Isle of MAN
Reginald I Of Man b: WFT Est 1180 in Isle of MAN
Affrica (Aufrick) Princess Of The Isle Of Man b: Abt 1162 in Isle of MAN

Christina Verch Gronwy b: Abt 1125 in Wales
Rhael Verch Gronwy b: Abt 1111 in Tegeingl, Flintshire, Wales
Cadwgon Ap Gronwy b: Abt 1113 in Tegeingl, Flintshire, Wales

Ava (Aba) D' Auvergne b: 865 in Auvergne, France
Adelaide D' Auvergne b: 867 in Auvergne, France
Raculfe De Macon b: Abt 870 in Macon, Saone-Et-Loire, Bourgogne, France

1. Henry de Port b: ABT 1115
2. Hugh de Port b: BEF 1108
3. William de Port b: ABT 1111
4. John de Port b: ABT 1113

Miss Verch Cynfyn b: Abt 1008 in Powys, Wales
Iwerydd Verch Cynfyn b: Abt 1024 in Powys, Wales
Rhiwallon Ap Cynfyn b: 1026 in Powys, Wales
Madog Ap Maredudd King Of Powys
Bleddyn Ap Cynfyn b: Abt 1025 in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Nest Verch Cynfyn b: Abt 1027 in Powys, Wales
Daughter Cynfyn

Tybion Ap Cunedda b: Abt 408 in Of Meirionydd, Merionethshire, Wales
Edern Ap Cunedda b: Abt 410 in Of Edeirnion, Merionethshire, Wales
Rhufon Ap Cunedda b: Abt 411 in Of Rhufoniog, Denbighshire, Wales
Ceredig Ap Cunedda b: Abt 413 in Ceredigion, Wales
Afloeg Ap Cunedda b: Abt 414 in Of Cafflogion, Llyn, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Ysfael Ap Cunedda b: Abt 416 in Wales
Einion "Yrth" Ap Cunedda b: Abt 417 in Of Gwynedd, , Wales
Dunog Ap Cunedda b: Abt 419 in Dunoding, Wales
Tegid (Tegeingl) Verch Cunedda b: Abt 420 in Wales
Dogfael Ap Cunedda b: Abt 422 in Of Dogfeiling, Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbighshire, Wales
Gwen Verch Cunedda b: Abt 424 in Wales
Gwron Ap Cunedda b: Abt 431 in Votadini, North Britain

Ermengarde Burgundy b: Abt 893 in Auxerre, Yonne, Bourgogne, France
Willa De Burgundy b: Abt 905 in Bourgogne, France
Alice Adelaide Of Burgundy b: Abt 894 in France
Richilde Of Burgundy b: Bef 922 in Bourgogne, France

Patience Fairfield b: 1728
Katharine Fairfield b: 4 Aug 1729
Katharine Fairfield b: 23 Aug 1732 in Hatfield, MA
Samuel Fairfield b: Abt 1731

Halfdan Sigurdsson b: 995 in Stein, Norway
Gunhild Sigurdsdatter b: Abt 1000
Harald III Hardraade King Of Norway b: 1015 in Norway
Guttorm Sigurdsson b: Abt 1006 in Ringerike, Norway
Ingerid Sigurdsdatter b: Abt 1012 in Ringerike, Norway

Jonathan MILLER b: 13 Feb 1728/1729 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Elisha MILLER b: 17 Aug 1730 in Northampton
William MILLER b: 20 Apr 1732 in Northampton
Sarah MILLER b: 18 Dec 1733 in Northampton
Daniel MILLER b: 22 Nov 1735 in Northampton
Eunice MILLER b: 8 Dec 1737 in Northampton
Ann MILLER b: 30 Oct 1739 in Northampton
Simeon MILLER Rev. b: 17 May 1743 in Northampton

Marared Verch Thomas b: Abt 1340 in Is Coed, Cardiganshire, Wales
Elen Verch Thomas b: Abt 1334 in Is Coed, Cardiganshire, Wales
Eleanor Verch Thomas

STOCKTON - Mr. and Mrs. Jens Christiansen of North Main Street werehonored Saturday afternoon and evening at an open house celebrating their40th wedding anniversary and given by their daughter, Mrs. RussellCarpenter, and Mr. Carpenter and son, Rusty.
The wedding cake, made by Mrs. Carpenter, was served by Mrs. Frances Nicholson. Aides were Mrs. Rebecca Suber, Miss Karin Suber, Mrs. Perry Annis, and Mrs. Nellie Carpenter. Miss Geraldine Hoag was in charge of the guest book.
Mr. Christiansen and Etta May Van Selus were married April 29, 1918, at Waseca, Minn. They moved to Stockton in 1921 to a farm about a mile out on the Dean Road, where they lived until 11 years ago when they moved to their present home.
Guests were present from Erie, Pa., Westfield, Jamestown, Brocton, Gerry, Hartfield, Sinclairville and Stockton.
The Fredonia Censor, 8 May 1958

1. Margaret de Albini b: ABT 1205
2. Odonnel de Albini b: ABT 1194 in Belvoir Castle
3. Robert de Albini b: ABT 1196 in Belvoir Castle
4. Nicholas de Albini b: ABT 1198 in Belvoir Castle
5. William (d' Aubigny) de Albini b: ABT 1170 in Belvoir Castle

Sarah Miller b: 20 JUL 1726 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Elizabeth MILLER b: abt. 1729 in Northampton
Reuben MILLER b: 1731 in Northampton
Noah MILLER b: 22 JUN 1734 in CT or Northampton
Phebe MILLER b: abt 1735 in CT in Farmington, CT (now Avon, Hartford, CT)
Job Miller b: bef. 30 AUG 1735 in Northampton
Job MILLER b: 21 FEB 1737 in CT or Northampton
Joseph MILLER b: ABT 1 SEP 1738 in CT or Northampton
Mary MILLER b: 14 AUG 1740 in Northampton
Ebenezer Miller b: BET. 1742 - 1746 in Northampton

Edwin Ap Einion b: Abt 951 in Dynevor, Llandyfeisant, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Tewdwr Ap Einion b: Abt 952 in Dynevor
Gwenllian Verch Einion b: Abt 956 in Dynevor
Idwallon Ap Einion b: Abt 955 in Deheubarth, Wales
Marred Verch Einion b: Abt 958 in Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Gronwy Ap Einion b: Abt 959 in Dynevor
Cadell Ap Einion b: Abt 964 in Deheubarth

John (Lt.) Miller b: 4 FEB 1701 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Abraham Miller , Jr b: 29 NOV 1702 in Northampton
Jonathan Miller b: 12 MAR 1703 in Northampton
Roger Miller b: 22 JUL 1705 in Northampton
Hannah Miller b: 24 OCT 1707 in Northampton
Wait Miller b: 26 JUL 1711 in Northampton
Zebediah Miller b: 6 NOV 1713 in Northampton
William Miller b: 21 SEP 1716 in Northampton and d: 6 Oct 1716
Seth Miller b: 25 JUL 1719 in Northampton
Jemima Miller b: 1723 in Northampton and d: 22 Mar 1726

Jonathan ALVORD b: 9 APR 1694 in Northampton
John ALVORD b: 28 JUN 1696 in Northampton
Patience ALVORD b: 22 JUN 1701 in Northampton
Zebediah ALVORD b: 30 OCT 1705 in Northampton
Mary ALVORD b: 21 JUL 1707 in Northampton
Thankful ALVORD b: 10 AUG 1709 in Northampton
Jonathan ALVORD b: 16 NOV 1711 in Northampton

Maud Brereton b: 1402 in Shavington, Shropshire, England
Eleanor Brereton b: ABT. 1406 in Brereton,Cheshire
William X Brereton b: 1414 in Brereton, Cheshire, England
Alice Elizabeth Brereton b: 1420
Isabel Johanna Brereton b: 1418 in Brereton, Cheshire, Englnad

Bouchard 'The Constable' Of Corsica b: Abt 742
Milo De Narbonne b: Abt 747 in Narbonne, Aude, Languedoc, France
Isanbard Master Of The Palace b: Abt 760 in Germany

Lydia MILLER b: 17 AUG 1735 in Northampton
Rhoda MILLER b: 8 AUG 1737 in Northampton

Other possible child
Richard H., b. abt 1963
Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Nelson of Rio deJanero, Brazil, South America, formerly of Tonawanda, announce the engagement of their daughter, June Beverly, to Donald Walter Miller, son of Mrs. Walter S. Miller of Syracuse and the late Mr. Miller. · ·
Miss Nelson is a graduate of Tonawanda High School and Bryant and Stratton School of Business. She is a staff member in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Cornell University and lives in Ithaca.
Mr. Miller attended the New York State College of Forestry, Syracuse and is associated with the General Electric Advanced Electronics Center at Ithaca.
The wedding is planned for June 30 in Ithaca.
Tonawanda News, 27 February 1956
White delphinium, pink carnations palms and lighted candelabrums flanked the altar in the Anabel Taylor Chapel, Cornell University at 3:30 p.m., June 30, when Miss June Beverly Nelson, Ithaca, became the bride of Donald Walter Miller of Ithaca.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Nelson of Rio de Janeiro, formerly of Tonawanda. The bridegroom is the son of Mrs. Martha L. Miller of Syracuse and the late Walter S. Miller.
The Rev. Wesley Konrad, Episcopal chaplain at Syracuse university officiated. Frances OʼLear, organist. played as processional, Ofenbach's Barcaralle from Tales of Hoffman and for the recessional, Trumpet Tune and Peal, Purcell. Carole Olson sang "Calm Is the Night" and "O Lord Most Holy."
The bride wore a gown of rose point pattern Chantilly lace with nylon tulle. The bodice and short sleeves were of lace and lace was appliqued in scrolls on the circular skirt. A crystal pleated tulle ruffle bordered the hemline and sweep train. Her illusion three-quarter veil was held in place with a headpiece of matching lace. She carried a cascade bouquet of Phalaenopsis orchids, pink Demure roses, white delphinium and stephanotis.
Wearing gowns of pale pink crystalette were the maid of honor. Zetta B. Whitson and the bridesmaids, Carole Olson and Patricia Hollister. The princess styled gowns with circular skirts contests, ball throwing and many other attractions. The American Legion Auxiliary's booth was a wheel of fortune. 'Money' in the were complemented with matching headpieces. They carried cascades of blue and purple delphinium accented with pink Demure roses.
Herman Jankowski was the best man and Douglas Merkle and Harry Hazebrock the ushers.
For the wedding, Mrs. Nelson, mother of the bride, chose acorn-flower nylon chiffon dress accented with a corsage of blue delphinium and demure pink roses. A similar corsage was worn by the bridegroomʼs mother who was attired in a dusty rose nylon dress. A reception was given in the lounge of Phillips Hall. Cornell University, Ithaca Mr. and Mrs. Miller left for a wedding trip to the Adirondacks Thousand Islands and Canada the bride wearing a blue linen princess styled dress with white accessories and a corsage of Phalaenopsis orchids. After July 9, Mr. and Mrs. Miller will be at home in 109 Falls View Terrace, Ithaca. The bride is a graduate of Bryant and Stratton Business Institute, Buffalo. Her husband was graduated from the New York State College of Forestry, Syracuse University.
Tonawanda News, 7 July 1956

1. Anne Kilbourn
2. Margaret Kilbourn
3. Thomas Kilbourn
4. George Kilbourn
5. Elizabeth Kilbourn
6. Lydia Kilbourn
7. Frances Kilbourn
8. John Kilbourn
9. Mary Kilbourn

Gruffudd "Hir\The Tall" Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1110 in Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Rhys "Fychan" Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1127 in Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Gwenllian Verch Gruffudd b: 1136 in Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Gwladus Verch Gruffudd b: Abt 1130 in Carmarthenshire, Wales
Nest Verch Gruffudd b: Bef 1135

Crisli Verch Iago b: 983 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Cynan Ap Iago b: Abt 1004 in Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales
Tangwystl Verch Iago b: Abt 1020 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales

Mary Martin b: Abt 1646 in Braintree, Essex, England
Lydia Martin b: Abt 1648 in Braintree
William Martin b: Abt 1650 in Braintree
Sarah Martin b: Abt 1652 in Braintree
Elizabeth Martin b: Abt 1654 in Braintree
Grace Martin b: 1656 in Of Braintree
Anna Martin b: Abt 1658 in Braintree

Sarah Marsh b: Abt 1614 in Braintree, Essex, England
Joseph Marsh b: Abt 1615 in Braintree
Grace Marsh b: Abt 1616 in Braintree
Mary Marsh b: Abt 1616 in Braintree
Joseph Marsh b: Abt 1616 in Braintree
John Marsh b: Apr 1618 in probably Braintree
Lydia Marsh b: Abt 1620 in Braintree
Sarah Marsh b: Abt 1622 in Braintree
Grace Marsh b: Abt 1624 in England
Lydia Marsh b: Abt 1626 in Braintree
Samuel Marsh b: 1626 in Braintree
Joseph Marsh b: Abt 1645 in Braintree

Sarah PARTRIDGE b: 2 SEP 1639 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
Tryphosa PARTRIDGE b: 1642 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
Elizabeth PARTRIDGE b: 14 FEB 1642/43 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Mary PARTRIDGE b: 1652 in Hartford, Hartford Ct, Or Hadley, Hampshire Ma
Ruth PARTRIDGE b: 1647 in Of Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
Lydia PARTRIDGE b: 1650 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
Rebecca PARTRIDGE b: 1651 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
James PARTRIDGE b: 1657 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
John PARTRIDGE b: 29 NOV 1657 in Duxberry, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Mercy PARTRIDGE b: ABT 1660 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
Sarah PARTRIDGE b: 1660 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Abigail Burt b: 1623 in Herberton, Devonshire, England
Jonathan Burt b: 23 JAN 1623/24 in Harberton, Devonshire, England
Elizabeth Burt b: 1635 in Harborton, Devonshire, England
Patience Burt b: 1638 in Longmeadow, Hampden, MA

1. Henry BURT b: ABT. 1595
2. Johan BURT b: 1592
3. John BURT b: 1598
4. Radigon BURT b: 1600
5. Alice BURT b: 1602
6. Agnes BURT b: 1608
7. Elizabeth BURT b: 1611
8. Ann BURT b: 11 Dec 1607

Edith (Edgyth) Princess Of England b: Abt 898 in Wessex, England
Athelstan King Of England b: Abt 894
Thyra "Ornament Of Denmark" Danebod b: Abt 896 in Wessex, England

Grace PHELPS b: 11 Nov 1676 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Nathaniel PHELPS b: 1 Nov 1678 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Samuel PHELPS b: 18 Dec 1680 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Lydia PHELPS b: 17 Jan 1683 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Grace PHELPS b: 10 Nov 1685 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Elizabeth PHELPS b: 3 Nov 1690 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Abigail PHELPS b: 3 Nov 1690 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Nathaniel PHELPS b: 13 Feb 1692 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Sarah PHELPS b: 8 May 1695 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Timothy PHELPS b: 1697 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass

Sarah Partridge
Samuel Partridge
George Partridge
Mary Partridge

1. Edwin Harrison MILLER b: 5 SEP 1832 in Williamsburg, MA
2. Juliette Amelia MILLER b: 1835 in Williamsburg, MA
3. Lewis Worthington MILLER b: 4 JUL 1838 in Williamsburg, MA
4. John Hunt MILLER b: 1842 in Williamsburg, MA
5. Edward Irving MILLER b: 1845 in Williamsburg, MA

Hannah PARTRIDGE b: 10 MAR 1711/12 in Preston
Thomas PARTRIDGE b: 18 MAY 1714 in Preston
John PARTRIDGE b: 15 APR 1716 in Preston
Deborah PARTRIDGE b: 2 JUN 1717 in Preston
Perez PARTRIDGE b: 19 JUN 1720 in Preston
Partridge Samuel, b. 23 Apr 1722 in Preston
Partridge Mary, b. 3 Aug 1727, Preston
Partridge Anne, b. 11 Apr 1730, Preston

Beatrice BERENGER , Queen of Naples b: BET. 1221 - 1232
Eleanor BERENGER , Countess of Provence b: ABT. 1223 in Provence
Marguerite BERENGER , Queen of France b: ABT. 1221 in of Provence
Sanchia BERENGER b: ABT. 1225 in Aix En Provence, Provence, France

William PHELPS b: 1620 in Tewkesbury, Glouchestershire, England
Sarah PHELPS b: 1623 in Tewkesbury
Samuel PHELPS b: 1625 in Tewkesbury
Nathaniel PHELPS b: 1627 in Tewkesbury
Joseph PHELPS b: 1629 in Tewkesbury

Waldrat Von Hornbach b: Abt 780
Gilbour Of Hornbach b: Abt 760 in Hornbach, Prussia
Lambert Of Nantes b: Abt 772 in Austrasia, France
Gui Count On The Breton March b: Abt 750 in Brittany, France
Werner Von Lobdengau

1. Elizabeth SEABURY b: 16 SEP 1661 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
2. Sarah SEABURY b: 18 AUG 1663 in Duxbury
3. Samuel SEABURY b: 20 APR 1666 in Duxbury
4. Hannah SEABURY b: 7 JUL 1668 in Duxbury
5. John SEABURY b: 7 NOV 1670 in Duxbury
6. Grace SEABURY b: 1 MAR 1673 in Duxbury
7. Patience SEABURY b: 1 MAR 1673 in Duxbury
8. John SEABURY b: BEF 29 OCT 1676 in Duxbury

Mary PHELPS b: 21 Jun 1651 in Windsor, CT
Nathaniel Deacon PHELPS b: 2 Apr 1653 in Windsor
William PHELPS b: 22 Jun 1657 in Windsor
Abigail PHELPS b: 5 Apr 1655 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Thomas PHELPS b: 20 May 1661 in Northampton
Mercy PHELPS b: 16 Mar 1662 in Northampton
Nathaniel PHELPS b: 9 Dec 1653 in Windsor

Gui "The Red" De Montlhery b: 1037 in Montlhery, Seine-Et-Oise, France
Isabel Elizabeth De Montlhery b: 1040 in Montlhery
Melisende De Montlhery b: Abt 1040 in Corbeil, Marne, Champagne, France
Milon (Milo) "The Grand" De Montlhery b: Abt 1035 in Montlhery
Adele De Montlhery b: Abt 1044 in Montlhery

Mabel (Maud) De Beaumont b: Abt 1162 in England
Isabel De Meulan De Beaumont b: Abt 1160 in Aeulan, Isle-DE-France, France
William Beaumont b: Abt 1173 in Wiggaton, South Tawton, Devonshire, England
Jeanne (Joan) De Beaumont b: Abt 1166
Waleran De Meulan De Beaumont b: Abt 1168 in Meulan, Yvelines, Ile-DE-France, France

Avemelle De Montfort b: Abt 975 in France
Albreda De Esperon b: Abt 975 in Evreux, Normandy, France
Guillaume Baron De Montfort b: Abt 960 in Evreux, Normandy, France
Adeline De Montfort b: Abt 953 in Evreaux, Normandy, France

1. Johanna JAMES b: Abt 1540 in Little Ore, Stafford, England
2. William JAMES b: 1542 in Little Ore
3. Thomas JAMES b: Abt 1544 in Little Ore
4. Francis JAMES b: Abt 1548 in Little Ore
5. Edward JAMES b: 1550 in London, England

John de Grey born about 1205 Shirland, Derbyshire, England died March 1265
Richard de Grey born about 1199 Thurrock, Essex, England died before 8 September 1271
Joan de Grey born about 1213 Thurrock, Essex, England died 1256
Henry de Grey born about 1210 Thurrock, Essex, England
Robert de Grey born about 1206 Thurrock, Essex, England
William De Grey born Abt 1204 Sandiacre, Derbyshire, England
Walter de Grey born about 1208 Thurrock, Essex, England died 1 May 1255
Hugh de Grey born about 1203 Chillingham, Northumberland, England

1. Herbert II FitzHerbert b: ABT 1110 in Blaen Llyfni, Brecknockshire, Wales
2. Rohese FitzHerbert b: ABT 1115 in Blaen Llyfni, Brecknockshire, Wales
3. Henry FitzHerbert b: ABT 1117 in Winchester, Hampshire, England
4. Robert FitzHerbert b: ABT 1108 in Winchester, Hampshire, England

1. Piers (Peter) FitzHerbert b: ABT 1163 in Blewleveny Castle, Blaen Llyfni, Brecknockshire, Wales
2. Reginald FitzHerbert b: ABT 1164
3. Matthew FitzHerbert b: ABT 1168 in Forest of Dean, Gloucester, England

Raymond & Marjorie METZGER
It was love at first sight in a Louisville, KY soda shop, and then she moved to Seattle. After only a few letters and 6 weeks, he traveled cross-country to marry her! That was August, 1938. After 71 years of marriage, he still sang her love songs daily and neither could stand to be apart for more than a few hours. Marjorie passed away in October 2009 at the age of 89, and Ray was totally lost without her. He followed just three months later at the age of 94. Thanks to the wonderful salvation found in Jesus Christ, they are together again! Ray & Marge enjoyed living in the Puget Sound area since 1941 where they owned and operated Ray's Custom Meats for over 30 years, mostly in the West Seattle area. They loved their four children, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. They last resided in Edmonds.
The Seattle Times, 14 March 2010

1. Ralph de VERNON b: Abt 1193 in Vernon
2. Alice VERNON b: 1202 in Vernon
3. Margera de VERNON b: 1211 in Vernon

Theodoric II Of Ostrogoths b: Abt 482
Amfleda Of Ostrogoths b: Abt 468 in Ravenna, Italy
Crotechilde De Ostrogoths b: Abt 520 in Reims, Marne, France
Theodogotho Of Rome b: Abt 478 in Ravenna, Italy
Theodogotho Of Ostrogoths b: Abt 486 in Germany

John Steele b: 1624 in Fairsted, Essex, England
Samuel Steele b: 1626/1627 in Fairsted
Daniel Steele b: 1628 in Fairsted
Rachel Steele b: 29 JUN 1632 in Fairsted
Lydia Steele b: 1633 in Hartford, CT
Mary Steele b: 1635 in Hartford
Hannah Steele b: 1637 in Hartford
Sarah Steele b: 1638 in Hartford
Daniel Steele b: 29 APR 1645 in Hartford

1. Herbert IV de Vermandois b: ABT 1027 in Vermandois, Normandy
2. Eudes I de Ham b: ABT 1034 in Vermandois, Normandy
3. Peter de Vermandois b: ABT 1030 in Vermandois

Iago Ap Idwal b: Abt 916 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Rhodri Ap Idwal b: Abt 910 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Meurig Ap Idwal b: Abt 917 in Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales
Idwal "Fychan" Ap Idwal b: Abt 912 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Ieuaf Ap Idwal b: Abt 915 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Cynan Ap Idwal b: Abt 915 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales

Richard Steele b: in Fairsted, Essex, England
George Steele b: 1589 in Fairsted, Essex, England
John Steele b: 1591 in Fairsted, Essex, England

1. Nicholda de VERNON b: Abt 1262 in Shipbrook
2. Hugh de VERNON b: Abt 1264 in Shipbrook
3. Ralph de VERNON b: Abt 1266 in Shipbrook
4. Roesia de VERNON b: Abt 1268 in Shipbrook
5. Richard VERNON b: Abt 1260 in Shipbrook
6. Agatha de VERNON b: Abt 1269 in Shipbrook
7. Thomas de VERNON b: Abt 1270 in Shipbrook
8. Roger VERNON b: Abt 1277

Hannah Freeman b: 1655 in Milford, New Haven, CT
Mary Freeman b: 1658
Martha Freeman b: 1660
Samuel Freeman b: 1 DEC 1662 in Newark, Essex, NJ
Sarah Freeman b: 1669 in Milford, New Haven, CT

1. John le STRANGE b: Abt 1386 in Hunstanton
2. John STRANGE b: Abt 1386 in Hunstanton
3. Hamon STRANGE b: Abt 1388 in Hunstanton
4. Christopher STRANGE b: Abt 1390 in Hunstanton
5. Leonard STRANGE b: Abt 1392 in Hunstanton

1. Roger le STRANGE b: 1412 in Hunstanton
2. Margaret STRANGE b: Abt 1414 in Hunstanton
3. Hamon STRANGE b: Abt 1416 in Hunstanton
4. John STRANGE b: 1417 in Hunstanton
5. Henry STRANGE b: Abt 1419 in Hunstanton

Mary Judd b: 22 JUL 1658 in Farmington
Elizabeth Judd b: 22 JUL 1660 in Farmington
Thomas Judd b: 13 OCT 1662 in Farmington, Hartford, CT
William Judd b: in Farmington
John Judd b: 1667 in Farmington
Rachael Judd b: 1670 in Farmington
Samuel Judd b: 1673 in Farmington
Daniel Judd b: 1673 in Farmington
Elizabeth Judd b: 1678 in Farmington
Benjamin Judd

1. John STRANGE b: Abt 1435 in Hunstanton, Norfolk
2. Henry le STRANGE b: 1437 in Pakenham
3. Richard STRANGE b: Abt 1439 in Pakenham
4. Hamon STRANGE b: Abt 1441 in Pakenham
5. Thomas le STRANGE b: 1448 in Walton Deivile, Warwick

William Judd b: 1633/1636 in Hartford, CT
Elizabeth Judd b: 1633/1636 in Farmington, CT
Thomas Judd b: 1638 in Hartford
John Judd b: MAR 1640 in Hartford
Benjamin Judd b: 1642/1643 in Hartford
Mary Judd b: 1644/1645 in Farmington
Ruth Judd b: 1647 in Farmington
Philip Judd b: 2 SEP 1649 in Hartford
Samuel Judd b: DEC 1651 in Farmington

1. Thomas le STRANGE b: Abt 1494 in Pokenham, Suffolk
2. Elizabeth le STRANGE b: Abt 1496 in Pokenham
3. Catherine le STRANGE b: Abt 1499 in Pokenham

2b) Elisabeth Margareta, f. 1755 22/3 (dop 25/3).
2c) Brita, f. 1756 12/6 (dop 13/6).
2d) Helena, f. 1758 8/3 (dop 9/3).
2e) Nils, f. 1759 12/8 (dop 13/8).
2f) Anna Catharina, f. 1761 3/7 (dop 7/7), d. 1761 17/11 (bg. 24/11).
2g) Henrik, f. 1762 27/12 (dop 29/12).
2h) Olof, f. 1764 26/3 (dop 28/3).
2i) Christina, f. 1768 19/4 (dop 21/4).
2j) Efraim, f. 1769 3/12 (dop 5/12), d. 1770 19/2 (bg. 4/3).
2k) Herman, f. 1772 29/12 (dop 30/12).

John KING b: JUL 1657 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
William KING b: 28 MAR 1660 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Thomas KING b: 14 JUL 1662 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Samuel KING b: 6 JAN 1665 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Eleazer KING b: 26 MAR 1667 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Joseph KING b: 23 MAR 1669 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Sarah KING b: 3 MAY 1671 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Joseph KING b: 8 MAY 1673 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Benjamin KING b: 1 MAR 1675 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Thankful KING b: SEP 1679 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
David KING b: 1681 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Jonathan KING b: 25 APR 1683 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts

Eliakim KING b: 19 FEB 1692 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Samuel KING b: 19 NOV 1693 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
Jemima KING b: ABT 1695 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
(twin) KING b: 31 JUL 1699 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts
(twin) KING b: 31 JUL 1699 in Northampton,Hampshire,Massachusetts

Hannah King
Rachel King
Samuel King
Experience King
Titus King
Elihu King
Silence King

1. Allen Samuel, b. 4 Dec 1660, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Ma
2. Allen Essiel, b. 1 Mar 1662/63, Bridgewater
3. Allen Mehetable, b. 20 Jan 1663/64, Bridgewater
4. Allen Sarah, b. 14 Apr 1667, Bridgewater
5. Allen Bethia, b. 12 May 1669, Bridgewater
6. Allen Nathaniel, b. 10 Feb 1671/72, Bridgewater
7. Allen Ebenezer, b. 14 Oct 1674, Bridgewater
8. Allen Josiah, b. 21 Apr 1677, Bridgewater
9. Allen Elisha, b. 1679, Bridgewater
10. Allen Nehemiah, b. 5 Jan 1679/80, Bridgewater
11. Allen Joseph, b. 1696

Ralph PARTRIDGE b: 12 APR 1579 in Sutton, Kent, England
Gervase PARTRICH b: ABT 1589 in Kent, Eng.
Randolph PARTRICH b: ABT 1593 in Dover, Kent, Eng.
Elizabeth PARTRICH b: ABT 1595 in Dover, Kent, Eng.
James PARTRICH b: ABT 1597 in Lenham, Kent, Eng.

Elizabeth STEBBINS b: 31 OCT 1685 in Northampton, MA
Thomas STEBBINS b: 2 APR 1689
Hannah STEBBINS b: 1691 in Northampton, MA
Thomas STEBBINS b: ABT. 1693
Josiah STEBBINS b: SEP 1694
Joseph STEBBINS b: 30 MAR 1697 in Northampton, MA
Experience STEBBINS b: 14 MAR 1698/99
Asahel STEBBINS b: 10 APR 1701 in Northampton, MA
Experience STEBBINS b: 18 MAR 1702/03
Mary STEBBINS b: 24 DEC 1705 in Northampton, Hartford, MA

a) Herman, död på sjön 1708. Nämnd 1707-1708 (mtl).
b) Nils, död på sjön 1708.
c) Ingeborg, f. 1688 25/1. Nämnd 1710-1715 (mtl)
d) Child, död 1691 (bg. 10/4).
e) Margareta, f. 1693 (dop 24/2), d. 1693 (bg. 30/4) null
f) Anna, f. 1694 1/5.
g) Margareta. Nämnd i RR 1711 24/5.
h) Lars Höglund, f. 1698 (dop 25/10).
i) Catharina, f. 1701 (dop 5/12)
j) Olof, f. 1703 (dop 1/3), d. 1703 (bg. 5/11).
k) Olof Höglund, f. 1705 25/1 (dop 25/1), d. 1743 4/2 (bg. 7/2). Borgare.

Alberic I Viscount Of Narbonne b: Abt 880 in Carcassonne, Narbonne, France
Francon II Of Narbonne b: Abt 875 in Narbonne, Aude, Languedoc, France
Raymonde De Narbonne b: Abt 885 in Narbonne, Aude, Languedoc, France

Letalde I Count Of Macon b: Abt 910 in Macon, Saone-Et-Loire, Bourgogne, France
Humbert I Seigneur De Salins b: Abt 925 in Salins Les Bains, Jura, Franche-Comte
Adela De Salins b: Abt 912 in Salins-Les-Bains, Jura, Franche-Comte, France

Nicholas De Dunstanville
Maud Fitzroy Of Cornwall b: Abt 1140 in Launceston, Cornwall, England
Denise De Dunstanville b: Abt 1138 in Cornwall, England
Isabel De Dunstanville
Joan Fitzroy Of Cornwall b: Abt 1142 in Launceston, Cornwall, England

Unattributed grandson: J. Wylie Craig, 1929-1965

Baldwin Balza De Cambray b: Abt 893 in Cambrai, Nord, Nord-Pas-Des-Calais, France
Berthe De Cambrai b: Abt 895 in Cambrai, Nord, Nord-Pas-Des-Calais, France
Adelaide (Adeidis Hildegarde) De Cambrai b: Abt 888 in Cambrai,

Eli and Eliza (Landers) Utt, were natives of Stroudsburg and in theirfamily were the following children; Marietta, born 1822, the wife of JohnR. Compton of Palmyra, Wayne Co; William, born 1825, a resident ofPaupack township, Wayne Co.; Melissa, born 1827, died at White Mills;Charles, born 1829; Ira, born 1832, lived at Jermyn, Lackawanna Co.;Jefferson, born 1834, resident of Los Angles; Eliza, born 1836, the wifeof Ira Bidwell of Dunmore; Ronesa, born 1838, married Myron Purdy; Ellen,born 1839, wife of David Patterson; and Theodore.

Bran Ap Dinawal b: Abt 1062 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Cydifor Ap Diniwal b: Abt 1160 in Llandysul, Gwynionydd, Cardiganshire, Wales
Blegywryd Ap Dinawal b: Abt 1158 in Cardiganshire

1. Unknown
2. Benjamin Christian McDonald b: 13 MAR 1914
3. David Richard McDonald b: 20 JUN 1915
4. Robert Otis McDonald b: 14 FEB 1917 in Rothiemay, Golden Valley, MT
5. Gerald Edward McDonald b: 27 AUG 1919 in Golden Valley County, MT
6. Jacob Aaron McDonald b: 06 MAY 1921 in Rothiemay
7. Bertha Agnes McDonald b: 19 FEB 1923 in Golden Valley County
8. Levi Wayne McDonald b: 14 MAY 1924 in Rothiemay
9. Laura Gertrude McDonald b: 20 JUN 1929

John Kenney b: BEF. 9 NOV 1730 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Heman Kenney , Esq. b: 7 MAY 1732 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Kenney b: 1 Apr 1734 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Miriam Kenney b: ABT. 1738 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Sarah Kenney b: ABT. 1738
Nathan Kenney b: 1741 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Jesse Kenney b: ABT 1743 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Nathan Kenney b: 5 MAY 1709 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Edward Kenney b: 16 DEC 1710 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Edward Kenney b: 26 FEB 1711/12 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Joseph Kenney b: 16 FEB 1712/13 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Robert Kenney b: 30 DEC 1714 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Kenney b: 5 NOV 1716 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Benjamin Kenney b: 17 SEP 1719 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts

OSWEGO, Oct, 6. - A dispatch from Glens Falls tells of a proposedromantic .marriage which is of interest to Oswegonians, as it is theculmination of u lore story which was begun at the Oswego Normal schoolsome years ago. The dispatch follows:
"Miss Grace Moore of Sandy Hill started today on a trip almost half around the world to join the man she loves, Prof. Irwin H. Beadle, teacher in Honolulu. The trip and subsequent marriage it is the culmination of romance in real life, which covers a period of several years. Miss Moore was graduated from the Oswego Normal school when Professor Beadle was a member of her class. They became engaged and he secured a desirable position in Honolulu, and- because of his inability to come to her, Miss Moore has gone to him. They will be married immediately upon her arrival in Honolulu."
Evening Herald, Syracuse, NY, 1900

James Smith b: 13 FEB 1694/95
Samuel Smith b: 25 MAY 1696 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Dean Smith b: ABT. 1698 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Mercy Smith b: 1700 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Mary Smith b: ABT. 1702 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
John Smith b: 17 APR 1703 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Deacon Stephen Smith b: ABT. 1706 in Chatham or Eastham, Massachusetts
Bethiah Smith b: ABT. 1708
David Smith b: ABT. 1711
Seth Smith b: 14 NOV 1711 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Child Smith b: 1667 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Samuel Smith b: 26 MAY 1668 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Mary Smith b: 3 JAN 1668/69 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Joseph Smith b: 10 APR 1671 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
John Smith b: 26 MAY 1673 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Grace Smith b: 5 SEP 1676 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Rebecca (Rebeckah) Smith b: 10 DEC 1678 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Deborah? Smith b: 10 DEC 1678

Child Smith
Samuel Smith b: BET. JUL - NOV 1641 in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
John Smith b: ABT. 1644 in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Daniel Smith b: ABT. 1647 in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Thomas Smith b: ABT. 1651 in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Deborah (Deborough) Smith b: 8 MAR 1654/55 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Smith b: BEF. 16 SEP 1648 in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts

They may have had two addition children that both died young:
There is a birth record for a girl born to Anna and Charles on 10/9/1893 in Bridgewater.
There is a record of a death for a Florence, age 3 months, who died 11/14/1897. This conflicts with the birth of Georgiana in February. If 3 days old, then it would make sense.

List of all children
Mary Hopkins b: NOV 1640 in Yarmouth, MA
Stephen Hopkins b: SEP 1642 in Yarmouth, MA
John Hopkins b: 1643 in Eastham, MA
Abigail Hopkins b: OCT 1644 in Eastham, MA
Deborah Hopkins b: JUN 1648 in Eastham, MA
Caleb Hopkins b: JAN 1650/51 in Eastham, MA
Ruth Hopkins b: JUN 1653 in Eastham, MA
Joshua Hopkins b: JUN 1657 in Eastham, MA
William Hopkins b: 9 JAN 1660/61 in Eastham, MA
Elizabeth Hopkins b: NOV 1664

1. John de COURTENAY b: Abt 1218 in Okehampton
2. William de COURTENAY b: Abt 1220 in Okehampton
3. Hawise de COURTENAY b: Abt 1222 in Okehampton
4. Egeline de COURTENAY b: 1233 in Okehampton

Elizabeth Hopkins b: 13 MAY 1604 in Hursley, Hampshire, England
Constance Hopkins b: ABT. 1607 in England
Gyles (Giles) Hopkins b: 30 JAN 1607/08 in London, Middlesex, England

Children, all born in Måttsund:
1. Nils Petter, b. 1805 09 12, d. 1874 02 15
2. Stina Cajsa, b. 1806 10 27, d. 1839 11 23
3. Brita Maja, b. 1809 11 06, d. 1872 12 19
4. Olof, b. 1811 02 12, d. 1811 08 13
5. Anna Lisa, b. 1815 03 10, d. 1846 05 12
6. Lars, b. 1818 04 03, d. 1818 08 27
7. Sara Greta, b. 1820 09 20, d. 1899 07 16

1. Edith FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1460 in Norbury
2. John FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1462 in Norbury
3. Henry FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1464 in Norbury
4. Anthony FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1466 in Norbury
5. Dorothy FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1468 in Norbury
6. Richard FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1470 in Norbury
7. Margaret FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1474 in Norbury
8. William FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1476 in Norbury
9. Agnes FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1479 in Norbury
10. Ralph FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1482 in Norbury
11. Alice FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1483 in Norbury

Oldest daughter married living son of Gordon Hebb and Doris Hiltz inWoodville, NS. They have two boys.
The second daugher married 11 Aug 2002 and has one boy.
The third daughter married 31 Aug 1996 in Woodville, NS, and has one boy.

1. Robert FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1434 in Norbury
2. Henry FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1435 in Norbury
3. Radus FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1436 in Norbury
4. Joan FITZHERBERT b: 1446 in Norbury
5. John FITZHERBERT b: Abt 1453

The oldest son married living daughter of John Sturk and Norma Hird on 12Nov 1994 in Aldershot, Nova Scotia.

Brita married to the citizen whose name is unfamiliar, which drowned in the above ship disaster.
Elisabeth married Hermansson in Gäddvik, Luleå. She was born in March 1686, died 1741-03-30. He died 1775-02-22 at the age of 93 years.
Kerstin (Christina) born 1692, died 1765-03-05 "on his 71st year" buried in the Church of Öjebyn. Dödbokens age is not consistent with the birth of the task in PARISH CATECHETICAL MEETING length. She was married to guest donor, then chronological Länsman Mikael Dyhr in Piteå.
He enl. PARISH CATECHETICAL MEETING Paper Born 1696. Published 1778 November 28 inventory held for him in Öjebyn.
Margaretha who married on Svartsjölandet in Upplands län and dead children.
Maria (Ana No 195).

1. Richard de VERNON b: Abt 1122 in Vernon
2. Baldwin de VERNON b: Abt 1124 in Vernon
3. Maud de VERNON b: 1125 in Vernon

Clodius "Long Hair" King Of Franks b: Abt 395 in Westphalia, Germany
Adelbertus Moselle b: Abt 405 in Westphalia, Germany
Fredemundus Of The Franks b: Abt 395 in France
Clovis The Riparian King Of Cologne b: Abt 396 in Cologne, Germany

Merovech King Of Franks b: Abt 415 in France
Alberic (Albero) Moselle b: Abt 417 in France
Sigimaerus Bishop Of Auvergne b: 419 in Westphalia, Germany
Adelbert Franks b: Abt 486 in Westphalia, Germany

1. William FITZOSBERN b: Abt 1030 in Poitiers, Vienne, France
2. Osbern II FitzOsbern de CREPON b: Abt 1032 in Normandy
3. Emma FITZOSBERN b: Abt 1034 in Conteville, Lorraine, France
4. Adeliza FITZOSBERN b: Abt 1035 in Normandy

Alice Corbet b: Abt 1225 in Caus, Shropshire, England
Jane Corbet b: 1222
Emma De Corbet b: Abt 1223 in Caus, Shropshire, England
Peter 1St Baron Corbet b: Abt 1235 in Caus Castle, Shropshire, England
Nicholas Corbet b: Abt 1235 in Caus, Shropshire, England

Childeric I King Of Franks b: 436 in Westphalia, Germany
Audefleda Of Franks
Albofleda Of Franks
Lantechilde Of Franks

Julian de Grey born about 1314 Ruthyn Castle, Denbighshire, Wales died1361 England
Joan de Grey born about 1317 Ruthin
Elizabeth de Grey born about 1319 Ruthin
John de Grey born about 1321 Ruthin, d. abt 4 May 1350 England
Reynold de Grey born 1323 Ruthin, died 4 August 1388 England
Johanna Grey born about 1325 Ruthin
Juliana Grey born about 1327 Ruthin, d. 1 Dec 1361 England
Maud Grey born about 1329 Ruthin
Mary de Grey born about 1331 Ruthin, d. abt 1360 England

Clotilda Of Franks b: 497 in Reims, Marne, Champagne, France
Ingomera, Prince Of Franks b: 493-494 in Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
Theuderic I King Of The Franks
Clodomer, King Of Orleans b: 495 in Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
Childebert, King Of Paris b: Abt 496 in Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
Tichilda, Princess Of Franks b: Abt 503 in Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
Princess, Of The Franks b: Abt 505 in Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
Chlotar I (Clothaire) "The Old" King Of Franks b: Abt 500 in Reims, Marne, Champagne, France

1. John Partridge b: 26 MAY 1739 in Preston, New London, CT
2. Abel Partridge, b: 13 OCT 1741 in Preston
3. Anne Partridge, b: 2 JUN 1744 in Preston

Laura was first married to James A. Roache, the brother of John Roache.

The wedding of Miss L. Marie Maynard, a popular member of the Germantownhigh school faculty, and Keith Snyder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Snyderof North Germantown, was solemnized on Thursday. July 4th at 10:30o'clock in the morning at the home of the bride's mother. Mrs. GertrudeMaynard in Homer, NY. The ceremony was performed the Rev. W. Karr. Thebride was attended by Miss Dorothy Maynard of Homer, sister of the bride;and Arthur Swift of Homer acted as the best man.
The bride made an attractive appearance in a gown of white silk crepe and carried white roses. About 20 relatives and friends attended the ceremony and the reception, which followed. Later in the day, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder left on a wedding trip which they will spend at Auger lake. They will reside during the summer at Buffalo, where Mr. Snyder is employed and In the fall Mrs. Snyder will return to Germantown where she resumes her teaching duties in the commercial department of the High school. Many friends of the couple will extend their best wishes for a happy future.
Evening Register, Hudson, 5 July 1940

1. Hastings, Elizabeth
2. Hastings, John, Lord Hastings
3. Hastings, Margery
Jane Hastings born about 1284 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales died 1307 Wales
John Hastings born 29 September 1286 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
died 20 January 1324/25
Robert de Hastings born about 1290 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
Henry de Hastings born about 1292 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
Margaret Hastings born about 1296 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
William Hastings born about 1296 Bergavenny, Norfolk, England
died before 1 March 1310 Wales

50th Wedding Anniversary -- Aylesford - Mr and Mrs Clyde Lutz, MordenMountain, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently when theywere "At Home" in the afternoon and evening to a number of friends andrelatives who called to extend their good wishes. Greeting the guests att he door were their son and wife, Mr and Mrs Albert Lutz. Bonnie LouiseLutz and Birgit Lutz, granddaughters, had charge of the guest book. MrsSherman Ogilvie, Mrs Merrill Ogilvie, and Mrs John McGarvie poured.Serving were Bonnie Louise, Nelson, Birgit, Laurie and Susan,grandchildren of the honored couple; their daughters, Mrs V M Baltzer,Mrs Andre LaJoi e; daughters-in-law, Mrs Clyde Lutz, Jr, and Mrs ClintonLutz. Mr and Mrs Lutz, the former Ruby Porter, Welsford, were married atthe Baptist Parsonage, Aylesford, in 1921, by Rev Francis McAvoy, andhave lived their married life in this area. They have five daughters,Greta (Mrs V M Baltzer), Aylesford; Shirley (Mrs Harold Murphy),Aylesford; Lillian (Mrs Robar); Audrey (Mrs Andre LaJoie), Quebec;Valreta (Mrs Raymond Beale) Regina; four sons, Clinton, Auburn; Albert,Ont,; Clyde Jr and Leon, Morden Mountain; a son Fred was killed in anaccident eleven years ago. Mr Lutz has one daughter by a former marriage,Marion (Mrs Bruce Hawksford) Wolfeville. They have 40 grandchildren and 8great grandchildren. Mr and Mrs Lutz received many cards, gifts offlowers, currency, chair and china. Greetings were received from PremierRegan and Pat Nowlan MP. They received a phone call from their daughterin Regina, who was unable to be present, as well as calls from Truro andHalifax.

1. Christophorus - Emperor of Byzantium b: ABT 0894
2. Stephanus - Emperor of Byzantium b: ABT 0897
3. Constantine - Emperor of Byzantium b: ABT 0900
4. Theophylactus - Patriarch of Constantinople b: 0903
5. Elena (Helena) LEKAPENA b: 0906
6. Agatha LEKAPENA b: ABT 0908

Maud de Grey b. abt 1278 Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales
Henry de Grey b. 1294 Wilton, Herefordshire, England died abt 1353 England

Owain Ap Edwin b: Abt 1044 in Llys Edwin, Llaneurguin, Flintshire, Wales
Howel Ap Edwin b: Abt 1042 in Of Tegeingl, Flintshire, Wales
Uchdrud Ap Edwin b: Abt 1050 in Tegeingl, Flintshire, Wales

John Sprague b: 23 May 1624 in Dorsetshire, Englad
Richard Sprague b: Abt. 1627 in Dorsetshire
Samuel Sprague b: Bef. 3 Jun 1632 in Charlestown, Middlesex, MA
Mary Sprague b: Bef. 14 Sep 1634 in Charlestown
Phineas Sprague b: 31 May 1637 in Charlestown
Jabez Sprague b: Bef. 1632 in Massachusetts
Jonathan Sprague b: Aft. 1637

Clodomir IV Franks b: Abt 251 in Germany
Clodius IV Franks b: Abt 255 in Germany
Genebald Duke Of East Franks b: Abt 277 in Germany

1. Elizabeth (Maho) MAYHEW b: 1 MAY 1589 in Tisbury, Wiltshire, England
2. John (Maho) MAYHEW b: 17 JAN 1591 in Tisbury
3. Thomas (Maho) MAYHEW b: 31 MAR 1593 in Tisbury
4. Joan (Jane) (Maho) MAYHEW b: 8 FEB 1595 in Tisbury
5. Alice (Maho) MAYHEW b: 16 DEC 1598 in Tisbury
6. Katherine (Maho) MAYHEW b: 15 MAR 1600 in Tisbury
7. Edward (Maho) MAYHEW b: 24 APR 1602 in Tisbury

1. Maria Unger, b. July 24, 1865, Illmitz; d. August 10, 1865, Illmitz.
2. Andreas Unger, b. June 07, 1867, Illmitz; d. July 16, 1867, Illmitz.
3. Mathias Unger, b. July 12, 1868, Illmitz; d. July 28, 1868, Illmitz.
4. Theresia Unger, b. August 26, 1869, Illmitz; d. July 06, 1949, St Paul, MN
5. Anna Unger, b. February 13, 1871, Illmitz; d. September 18, 1924, St Paul, MM
6. Maria Unger, b. July 14, 1872, Illmitz; d. August 15, 1872, Illmitz.
7. Istran Unger, b. July 02, 1874, Illmitz; d. July 17, 1874, Illmitz.
8. Henrik Unger, b. September 14, 1877, Illmitz; d. September 15, 1877, Illmitz.

Friday evening at White Plains Miss Ruth C. Maynard. of the YorktownHeights faculty, and Howard P. Haight, of Mahopac, were united inmarriage.
The bride was attired in a blue and flowered redingote ensemble with blue accessories. Her attendant. Miss Florence Sherwin, of Mahopac, also wore blue. The bride's corsage was a simple one of blue violets.
Donald Fisher, of Mahopac Falls, was best man.
After the ceremony the party enjoyed a splendid wedding supper at the Leighton, before motoring to New York for the remainder of the evening. The party motored to Pawling late in the evening, where the bride and groom spent the greater part of the weekend with friends.
The bride's gift to her attendant was a fine gold pin. The groom's gift to his attendant was a solid gold collar set.
The happy couple will reside in Mahopac on the Croton Falls Road. They will be at home to their friends about May 15.
The Putnam County Courier, Carmel, NY, 5 April 1935

Hildegard Of Swabia b: 758 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia
Hadrian Lord Of Wormsgau b: WFT Est 768 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia
Gerold II (Erlafreid) De Alemania b: 754
Ulrich I Count Of Argengau & Linzgau b: Abt 770 in Argengau, Switzerland

Children of Maria Isaacsdotter and Erik Norström:
Lisa Eriksdotter Norström, b. 14 Jan 1788
Lars Eriksson Norström, b. 2 dec 1784
Erik Eriksson Norström, b. 15 feb 1782
Catharina Ericsdotter Norström, b. 3 jul 1779
Maria Eriksdotter Norström, b. 22 feb 1778

Doda St. Beggue b: Abt 613 in Landen, Liege, Belgium
Grimoald I De Landen b: Abt 620 in Aix-Le-Chappalle, France
Gertrude De Landen b: Abt 626 in Landen, Liege, Belgium

1. John SAINT PETER b: 1262 in Egerton
2. Katherine de SAINT PIERRE b: Abt 1264 in Egerton
3. Margaret de SAINT PIERRE b: Abt 1269 in Egerton

1. Joseph Seabury, b. 8 June 1678
2. Martha Seabury, b. 23 Sep 1679

1. Ralph de MORTIMER b: 1190 in Wigmore, Hereford, England
2. Hugh de MORTIMER b: Abt 1191 in Wigmore
3. Roger MORTIMER b: Abt 1194 in Wigmore
4. Isabel de MORTIMER b: Abt 1195 in Elmley Castle, Worcester
5. Robert MORTIMER b: Abt 1196 in Wigmore
6. Philip MORTIMER b: Abt 1198 in Wigmore
7. Sined MORTIMER b: Abt 1200 in Wigmore

Thiedoric III King Of Neustria b: Abt 651 in Neustria, Belgium
Clotaire III King Neustria b: Abt 654 in Neustria, France
Childeric II Of The Franks b: Abt 653 in Alsace, Lorraine, France
Lothar III Franks b: 656 in France

1. Philip de MOWBRAY b: Abt 1176 in Axholme
2. Robert de MOWBRAY b: Abt 1178 in Axholme
3. Mabel de MOWBRAY b: Abt 1179 in Axholme
4. Roger de MOWBRAY b: Abt 1180 in Axholme
5. Alice de MOWBRAY b: Abt 1190 in Axholme

Marion Bert Cheever
Donnell Raymond Cheever
Mary Lue Cheever
Esther Oletha Cheever

Miss Alma Ludwig Sweet, daughter of Mrs. Emma Sweet, supervisor of theHotel Northampton. Northampton, Mass., formerly of this city, was marriedto William C. Connor of Boston, on Monday, according to announcementsreceived here today. The double, ring ceremony was performed at St.John's Episcopal church. in Northampton, by the Rev. Albion C. Ockenden.The bride was given in marriage by her brother, Willis D. Sweet, Jr.Mrs. Willis D. Sweet. Jr., was the matron of honor and William Veale ofBoston, was the best man. Following the ceremony a reception was held atthe Hotel Northampton for the immediate relatives and friends. Mr. andMrs. Connor left on a motor trip through the New England states and afterMarch 1 will be at home at 341 Hanover Street. Manchester, N. H. Mrs.Connor was graduated from the Binghamton Central High school and theIthaca Conservatory of Music, where she specialized in the study ofviolin and was a member of the honorary music sorority, Sigma Alpha Iota,and Delta Kappa sorority.
The Binghamton Press, 26 February 1930

Alboflede "Blanchefleur" Franks b: Abt 467 in Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
Lantraldis (Lanthilde) Franks b: Abt 468-469 in Rheims
Clodius Franks b: Abt 473 in Rheims
Guntran Franks b: Abt 475 in Rheims
Clovis I "The Great" King of Franks b: Abt 466 in Reims
Andelfieda Of Merovinga Franks b: Abt 452 in Westphalia, Germany

Angharad (Agnes) Verch Llewelyn b: Abt 1332 in Bryncunallt, Wales
Annes Verch Llewelyn b: Abt 1334 in Bryncunallt, Wales
Margaret Verch Llewelyn b: Abt 1360 in Abertant & Blodwell In Mechain Is Y Coed, Wales

Chilperic I King Of Soissons b: Abt 539 in Soissons, Aisne, Picardy, France
Childebert Childeric Franks b: Abt 519 in France
Blithildis Princess Of Franks b: Abt 525 in Soissons, Aisne, Picardy, France
Gontran Orleans b: 525 in Of Orleans, Loiret, France
Clododinde Lombards b: Abt 530 in France
Sigebert I Austrasia b: Abt 535 in Of Metz, Austrasia, France

Karen Lynn Follett and Richard Gregg Taggart were married September 14 ina late afternoon ceremony at the First Presbyterian Church inSkaneateles before the Rev. Raymond Nasermann.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Newell Follett, 2750 Centennial St., Weedsport. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Taggart, 61 Orchard Lane, Rye.
The bride was escorted by her father. Mary Munro was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Pam Taggart, sister of the bridegroom, Mary Pat Suits, Ann Ryaland, and Alice Richardson.
Tom Taggart, brother of the bridegroom was best man. Ushers were Dan Suits, Dave Short, Bill Dordelman, and Greg Ferrero.
Melissa Savitz was organist and Jennifer Kelly was soloist.
Following a reception at the Springside Inn, Auburn, the couple traveled to Nantucket.
The bride is a graduate of St. Lawrence University. The bridegroom is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and received his master's degree from Columbia University.
The bride works in public relations at Capelin Communications, New York City. The bridegroom is a financial analyst with Morgan Stanley Inc., New York City. They will live in Scarsdale.
Press Observer, 18 September 1985

Mrs. Emma L. Sweet of this city was granted an interlocutory decree ofdivorce this morning by Justice Leon C. Rhodes in Supreme Court fromWillis. D. Sweet, who conducts a garage at 160 Main street. Under theterms of the divorce. Mrs. Sweet receives alimony of $38.50 n week andalso is given the custody of two children.
The couple were married Nov. 9, 1901, at Oneonta. Tho alleged infidelities occurred during an automobile ride to New York City on Aug. 6, 7 and 8, 1923. It is alleged that Mr. Sweet was accompanied by an unidentified woman whom he represented as his wife and they slopped at a leading hotel In New York. Mrs. Sweet testified that she did not accompany her husband on the trip. Other Infidelities are alleged to have been 'committed in this city. Hlifman, Howard & Kattell appeared for the plaintiff.
The Bingham Press, 1924

Other child is Edmund Fettiplace

Angharat Verch Owain b: Abt 1065 in Tegeingl, Flintshire, Wales
Gronwy Ap Owain b: Abt 1073 in Tegeingl, Flintshire, Wales
Aldud Ap Owain b: Abt 1070 in Tegeingl, Flintshire, Wales

Clothaire II King Of Soissons b: May 584 in France
Clodebert Prince Of Franks b: Abt 565 in Paris, Seine, Ile-DE-France, France
Samson Prince Of Franks b: Abt 575 in Paris, Seine, Ile-DE-France, France
Rigonte Princess Of Franks b: Abt 577 in Paris, Seine, Ile-DE-France, France
Dagobert Prince Of Franks b: 580 in Paris, Seine, Ile-DE-France, France
Thierry Prince Of Franks b: 582 in Paris, Seine, Ile-DE-France, France

Dagobert I King Of Austrasia b: Abt 603 in Austrasia, Germany
Charibert II Of Aquitaine b: 608 in Aquitaine, France
Blithilda Princess Of Franks b: Abt 610 in Aquitaine, France

This relationship has not been proven. However, mention that Baldricmarried someone associated with or possibly a niece of Gilbert, CountBrionne, occurs in many places. There seems to be evidence that Baldric'sfather-in-law was one Richard de Bienfaite, therefore, if there is aconnection with Brionne, it seems likely that it was with a sister, not abrother.

If accurate her parents are likely:
Father: Godfrey FitzRichard b: ABT 953 in Brionne, Eure, Normandy, France
Mother: Hawise de Guines b: ABT 955 in Castle at Guines, Pas-de-Calais, France

1. William de Chesney b: ABT 1070 in Glentham & Caenby, Lincolnshire
2. Philip de Caisneto b: ABT 1075 in Addington, Surrey
3. Roger de Chesney b: ABT 1080 in Street, Sussex
4. Sibyl de Chesney b: ABT 1085 in Rudham, Norfolk
5. Ralph de Chesney b: ABT 1069 in Sussex

1. Robert FOSSARD b: Abt 1068 in South Otterington
2. Walter FOSSARD b: Abt 1070 in South Otterington
3. Gertrude FOSSARD b: 1084 in South Otterington
4. Nigel FOSSARD b: 1086 in South Otterington

1. Geva D'AVRANCHES b: Abt 1080 in Cheshire, England
2. Hugh I LUPUS b: 1093 in Malpas, Cheshire,
3. Guillaume D'AVRANCHES b: Abt 1100 in Aumale, Seine-et-Maritime, France

1. Isabel de MEYNELL b: Abt 1176 in Old Dalby, Leicester, England
2. Joan de MEYNELL b: Abt 1178 in Old Dalby
3. Emma de MEYNELL b: Abt 1180 in Old Dalby
4. Cecilia de MEYNELL b: Abt 1182 in Old Dalby

1. William de MEYNELL b: Abt 1155
2. Stephen de MEYNELL b: Abt 1155
3. Robert de MEYNELL b: Abt 1157
4. Nicholas de MEYNELL b: Abt 1159

Henry III Plantagenet King Of England b: 1 Oct 1207 in Winchester Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Richard Plantagenet b: 5 Jan 1208-1209 in Winchester Castle
Joan Plantagenet b: 22 Jul 1210 in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Eleanor Plantagenet b: 1215 in Gloucester
Joan Princess Of England b: 1211
Isabella Of England b: 1214 in Winchester
Elizabeth Empress Of Germany b: 1214

Geoffrey De Eu & Brionne b: Abt 978 in Brionne, Eure, Normandy, France
Gilbert Fitzgodfrey Count D'eu & Brionne b: Abt 980 in Brionne
Adela D' Eu b: Abt 985 in Eu, Dieppe, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy
Murielle De Normandy b: Abt 987 in Rouen, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy

1. Matilda HATHERSAGE b: Abt 1214 in North Lees Hall, Dalbury, Derby, England
2. Matthew HATHERSAGE b: Abt 1216 in North Lees Hall
3. Cecilia HATHERSAGE b: Abt 1218

Hildegarde de Blois b: After 943 in Blois
Eudes I Count Of Blois b: Abt 950 in Blois
Emma de Blois b: 954 in Blois
Theobald de Blois b: Abt 947 in Blois
Hugh de Blois b: Abt 956 in Blois

Gladys Of Britain b: Abt 192 in Britain
Eurgen Of Britain b: Abt 185 in Britain
Keribir Britain b: Abt 188
Cadwalladr Britain b: Abt 193 in Britain

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Youtt of 1 Belle Avenue have announced the engagement of their daughter, Donna Marie, to Kenneth George Lumb, son of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Lumb, of 156 South Seward Ave.
Miss Youtt is a graduate of Auburn High School and Auburn Community College. She is employed by David A. Loftus, DDS, Skaneateles.
Mr. Lumb is a graduate of Auburn High School and Auburn Community College. He is employed by Rhodes Landscaping Co.
A 1976 wedding is planned.

Robert "Bossu" "The Just* De Beaumont b: 1104 in Beaumont, , Normandy
Eleanor De Beaumont b: 1100 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Aubreye De Beaumont b: Abt 1099 in Of Beaumont, Normandy, France
Daughter De Beaumont b: Abt 1104 in Leicestershire, England
Waleran Lord De Beaumont b: 1104 in Beaumont, Normandy, France
Adeline De Beaumont b: Abt 1102 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Hugh De Beaumont b: Abt 1106 in Leicestershire, England
Alice Dau Of Robert De Beaumont b: 1105 in Beaumont, Sur-Oise, Normandy, France
Amicade De Beaumont b: Abt 1112 in Leicestershire, England
Maud De Beaumont b: Abt 1116 in Meulan, Yvelines, Ile-DE-France, France
Isabel (Elizabeth) De Beaumont b: Abt 1094 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England

Miss Eileen J. Westlake and Gregory A. Lumb were married at 1:30 p.m.Aug. 10 in St. Alphonsus Church. The Reverends Winfried Kellner andBurton J. Nussey officiated.
The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. George S.
Westlake, 127 Lewis St. The bridegroom is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Lumb, 156 S. Seward Ave.
Bridal attendants were Cynthia Vollmar Arrington,
matron of honor, Amy E. Pearson, maid of honor, and
Laura J Jakimovich, bridesmaid
Timothy J. Nolan was best man. Ushers were
Kenneth G. Lumb and Terry L. Wright.
Escorted by her father, the bride wore a gown of
white chiffon with a high neck, puffed sleeves and a
natural waistline falling softly into a chapel train edged
with a double tier of ruffles and satin ribbon. The gown
was complimented with embroidered appliques on the
bodice and skirt. To complete her ensemble, the bride
wore a taffeta ascot hat graced with silk flowers around
the crown, French veiling and illusion veiling down the
back. She carried a bouquet of phalaenopsis orchids.
The reception was given at the Siez Club and a
rehearsal dinner was given at the Hollywood Restaurant.
The bride is a graduate of Auburn high school. She
received a master's degree in nursing from the
University of Rochester, and is employed by the
University of Rochester Medical Center.
The bridegroom is a graduate of Auburn high school.
He is employed as a salesman at Ide Pontiac Inc. of Rochester.
After an Alaskan cruise, the couple will live in Fairport.
The Citizen, Auburn, 11 August 1985

Benjamin Edwards b: ABT. 1644 in Springfield, MA
Samuel I Edwards b: ABT. 1646 in Springfield
Hannah Edwards b: ABT. 1648 in Springfield
Joseph Edwards b: ABT. 1650 in Springfield
Sarah Edwards b: ABT. 1652 in Springfield
Mary Edwards b: ABT. 1654 in Springfield
Nathaniel Edwards b: 25 JUN 1657 in Northampton, MA
Elizabeth Edwards b: 22 FEB 1658/59 in Northampton

1. Walter de Hungerford b: ABT 1314 in Farleigh-Hungerford, Somersetshire
2. Robert De Hungerford b: ABT 1306 in Heytesbury, Wiltshire

Genebald Duke Of East Franks b: Abt 364 in France
Marcomer Of Franks b: Abt 365 in Germany
Sunno Of Franks b: Abt 367 in Germany

Engagement -- Dr and Mrs H E Killam, Woodville, announce the engagementof their daughters, Margaret Dorothy, to Mr Carl Edmund Atwood, M Sc,Toronto, and Kathleen Eleanor to Dr Laverne Eidson Cogswell of Berwick.Marriage to take place in September.
Double Wedding at Woodville -- Atwood / Killam, Cogswell / Killam -- A wedding of great interest to a wide circle of friends throughout the province was solemnized in Woodville United Church at four o'clock Thursday afternoon, September 12th, when the two eldest daughters of Dr and Mrs H E Killam were married. Miss Margaret Dorothy, a graduate in Household Science, Mount Allison, became the bride of Mr Carl Atwood, B S A, M Sc, Toronto, a son of Mr and Mrs H L Atwood, Clyde River, NS, and Miss Kathleen Eleanor, M A, the bride of Laverne E Cogswell, M D C M, only son of Mr and Mrs E W Cogswell, Berwick. The ceremony was performed by Dr S H Prince, the pastor of the church. The church was most artistically decorated by P A Killam, of Woodville, an uncle of the brides. The chancel was completely banked with asparagus and autumn flowers, cornucopia baskets of flowers were used in wall decorations, and the guest pews were marked with broad white ribbons and gladioli. Miss Margaret was given in marriage by her father and Miss Kathleen by her uncle, F W Killam, Halifax. The brides were very lovely in their gowns of white satin with veils caught in cap style with orange blossoms. They carried arm bouquets of white lilies. Miss Joyce Killam, wearing a pink crepe gown with small toque to match and carrying a bouquet of love in the mist and blue delphinium, attaended her sister Margaret, and Miss Nan Chipman, of Kentville, in blue crepe and toque and carrying Rapture roses and larkspur, attended Miss Kathleen. Mr Atwood was supported by Frank Lacey, of Woodville and Dr Cogswell by his cousin, Gerald Nichols of Aylesford. Miss Jessie Bishop, of Wolfville, played the wedding marches, and during the signing of the register, Mrs T A Clarke, of Woodville sang, "At Dawning". The ushers were Laurie Killam and Stanley Illsley. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the brides' parents to about two hundred guests. The drawing room, where the bridal party received, was decorated with blue delphinium and pale yellow calendula, and the dining room with smilax, lilies of the valley and Butterfly roses, the decoration being done by F W Killam, of Halifax, an uncle of the brides. The dining table was centred with a beautifully decorated wedding cake, and at this table, Mrs F W Killam, of Halifax, and Mrs Millidge Collins, of Aylesford, poured. Mrs Killam wore flowered chiffon with corsage of red roses, and black hat, and Mrs Collins, black lace with corsage of pink roses, and black hat. Mrs Bernice Killam, of Woodville, was in charge of the serving, and assisting were: Mrs Beverley Wade, Mrs Fred Barrett, Misses Bert Ed, Laurabel Bigelow, Clara Meek, Muriel Goldsmith, Nina Levy, Kentville; Minnie Bishop, Greenwich; Leota Killam, Halifax; Muriel and Lorna Clarke, Lakeville; Margaret and LaVaughn Nichols, Muriel Spinney, Aylesford; Lorna Killam, Woodville. The brides' mother wore rosewood lace with corsage of Countess of Vandal roses; Mrs Cogswell, plum crepe and velvet costume with a corsage of Potin roses; Miss Winnifred Killam, a navy silk suit with corsage of pink roses. The brides traveled in navy suits and hats. After a honeymoon spent in a camping and canoe trip in Northern New Brunswick and Quebec, Mrs and Mrs Atwood will reside in Toronto where Mr Atwood is a member of the staff of the Department of Biology, University of Toronto. Dr and Mrs Cogswell are taking a motor trip in the maritime provinces, after which they will reside in Berwick, where Dr Cogswell is a successful practising physician. The brides will be greatly missed in Woodville where they have been active socially and in Young People's work. They were each presented with a chest of silver by the Woodville Y P L. Both have been successful teachers, Miss Margaret having taught the past two years in Woodville, and Miss Kathleen has taught in Kings County Academy, Kentville, the four years since her graduating from Dalhousie and obtaining her M A degree from the University of Toronto. The staff presented her with a Sheffield silver entree dish.

1. David Clerke Belward EGERTON b: Abt 1171 in Malpas
2. William BELWARD b: 1160 in Malpas
3. Philip MALPAS b: Abt 1179

Nathaniel Baldwin b: Abt 1610/1617 in Cholesbury, Buckinham, England
Christian Baldwin b: 1614 in of Cholesbury,
Sarah Baldwin b: 25 JUN 1621 in Cholesbury
Timothy Baldwin b: 1605/1616 in Cholesbury
Joseph Baldwin b: 1609 in Cholesbury

1. Elizabeth Hungerford b: ABT 1400
2. Walter Hungerford b: ABT 1407
3. Robert Hungerford b: 1409
4. Edmund Hungerford b: ABT 1409
5. Margaret Hungerford b: ABT 1413

1. Walter Hungerford b: 22 JUN 1378 in Farleigh-Hungerford, Somersetshire, England
2. Thomas Hungerford b: BEF 1383 in Farleigh-Hungerford
3. John Hungerford b: BEF 1383 in Farleigh-Hungerford
4. Robert Hungerford b: BEF 1383
5. Ralph Hungerford b: ABT 1383
6. Peter Hungerford b: ABT 1385

1. Hannah MILLER b: 1816 in Williamsburg, MA
2. John Root MILLER b: 1818 in Williamsburg, MA
3. Cordelia MILLER b: 1825 in Williamsburg, MA
4. Hervey Hunt MILLER b: 1827 in Williamsburg, MA
5. Abner Dickinson MILLER b: 1829 in Williamsburg, MA
6. Martha Rebecca MILLER b: 1831 in Williamsburg, MA
7. Jason Albert MILLER b: 1835 in Williamsburg, MA


1. William Worthington MILLER b: 1817 in Williamsburg, MA
2. Sylvia MILLER b: 1819 in Williamsburg, MA
3. Hannah Meekins MILLER b: 22 SEP 1822 in Williamsburg, MA

The marriage of Miss Elizabeth Unckless of Cleveland and Neil R. Watersof Portland, Ore., took place in the Seoul Union Church, Seoul, Korea.The couple are stationed with the Peace Corps in Korea.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Unckless of Cleveland, while Mr. and Mrs. Roy Waters of Portland, Ore., are the bridegroom's parents.
The Rev. Hobert Johnson was assisted by the Rev. Donald Elmer, a Peace Corps Volunteer, in performing the double-ring, candlelight ceremony. Two Peace Corps, volunteers, Miss Margaret Godshalk of Philadelphia, Pa., and Charles de Wolfe of Bereeley, Calif., were the couple's only attendants.
The new Mrs. Waters is a graduate of William Smith College and did graduate work at Cornell University. She was on the faculty of Owego Junior High School before joining the Peace Corps.
Press, Binghamton, NY, 25 March 1968

1. Matthew (Mayow) MAYHEW b: 1550 in Tisbury, Wiltshire, England
2. Agnes MAYHEW b: 1552 in Tisbury
3. Mathew MAYHEW b: 1562 in Of, Tisbury

1. John MAYHEW b: 1505 in Tisbury, Wiltshire, England
2. Edward MAYHEW b: 1507 in Tisbury
3. Thomas MAYHEW b: 1509 in Tisbury
4. Henry MAYHEW b: Abt 1511 in Tisbury
5. Walter MAYHEW b: 1513 in Tisbury
6. Miss MAYHEW b: Abt 1515 in Tisbury
7. Miss MAYHEW b: Abt 1517 in Tisbury

Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester (Dick) Krump announce the engagement andapproaching marriage of their daughter, Mary Patricia, to Jerome A.Gully, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Gully Sr. , of Mantador.
Miss Krump is employed in St. Paul and Mr. Gully is attending the State School of Science at Wahpeton. An Oct. 16th wedding is planned.
7 October 1965
Mary Patricia Krump , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Krump of Hankinson and Jerome A. Gully, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Gully, Sr. , of Mantador were united in marriage at St. Philip's Catholic Church at Hankinson at a 3 PM nuptial Mass. Rev. Fr. Lambert Studzinski officiated at the double ring ceremony. Mass servers were Jeff Krump and Larry Baldner, cousins of the bride. The altar was decorated with baskets of mums and ferns. Sister Cecilia, organist, accompanied the choir as they sang the Mass and the "Ava Maria" as the bride presented a bouquet of roses at the altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The bride was escorted down the white-carpeted aisle and given in marriage by her father. For her wedding she chose a floor length gown of white satin peau. The fitted lace covered bodice was fashioned with a Sabrinia neckline and Mary Stewart sleeves. The bell shaped skirt featured appliqued alencon lace flowers down the front of the skirt. The lace trimmed overskirt cascaded into a chapel train. Her fingertip veil of silk illusion was caught by an alencon lace cabbage rose with pearl and crystal accents. She carried a bouquet of red roses and ivy with white satin streamers ending in red rose buds. The bride carried out the traditional something old, which was a white lace hankie of her maternal great-grandmother, something new, borrowed and blue.
The bride's gift from the groom was a crystal and pearl necklace and earrings. Her gift to the groom was a gold-initialed tie tack and cuff links.
Maid of honor was Candace Gully, sister of the groom. Bridesmaid was Linda Krump, cousin of the bride. They were attired in royal blue peau floor length gowns. Their fitted empire bodices were styled with a scoop neckline and elbow length sleeves. Their semi-sheath skirts had a row of matching lace down the front and a detachable wateau train. They wore headpieces of blue pearl and velvet cabbage roses and net to match their gowns. They carried a single large mum with golden wheat and gold metallic bows. The flower girl Penny Schmitz, cousin of the groom, attired in a dress similar to the bridesmaid, carried a basket of white carnations and mums. She was accompanied down the aisle by the ring bearer, David Muehler, cousin of the bride, who carried the rings on a white satin pillow. The groom was attended by Gary Krump, brother of the bride, as best man. Groomsman was Robert Mitchel, friend of the groom. Ushers were John and Richard Krump, brothers of the bride. The groom and his attendants wore black dinner jackets with black trousers as did the ring bearer. The groom's boutonniere was a red rose and his attendant wore blue tinted carnations. Their gifts from the groom were silver tie tacks and cuff links.
The bride's mother wore a blue knit two-piece dress with matching accessories. The groom's mother wore a turquoise knit dress with matching accessories. Their corsages were of baby red roses. Mrs. Jessie Hess and Mrs. Alvina Krump, grandmothers of the bride and Mrs. Alice Striffler, grandmother of the groom were presented with corsages.
A 5 o'clock dinner was held in the Parish Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Baldner, uncle and aunt of the bride acted as host and hostess. Bonnie Knebel of Eden, SD, friend of the bride, registered the guests. Paulette Gully, cousin of the groom served the punch. Assisting the bride with opening her gifts were: Mrs. Joe B. Krump, aunt of the bride and Mrs. Elroy Krump, cousin of the bride. Gift bearers were Debbie Baldner and Kathy Muehler, cousins of the bride.
Cutting and serving the three tiered wedding cake were Mrs. Elroy Muehler, aunt of the bride and Mrs. Jerry Striffler, aunt of the groom. Pouring were: Mrs. Wilfred Krump, aunt of the bride and Mrs. Henry Holtgrove, aunt of the groom. They all wore carnation corsages. Waitresses at the bride's table were Carol Wirtz and Darleen Herding. Other waitresses were Joyce Herding, Carol Bohn, Judy, Kathy and Charlotte Krump, Judy Hartleben, Gail Jaeger and Margy Klimek. They all received aprons from the bride.
Assisting in the kitchen were: Mrs. Wilbur Bohn, Mrs. Geneva Lingen, Mrs. James Hentz, Mrs. John Bom, Mrs. Tillie Radloff and Mrs. Christine Wrege.
For a wedding trip to the North Shore Drive, the bride wore a cranberry knit suit with a corsage of roses from her bouquet. Out of town guests were from Graceville, Minneapolis, Rochester and Savage, MN; Wahpeton, Williston and Fargo, ND, and Eden, SD.
9 December 1965

Per Johan b. 1881
Erik Axel b. 1883
Maria b. 1884
Carl Alfred b. 1886
Bror August b. 1888
Nils Tycko b. 1890

1. Anna Elisabet Flodman, married Hans Hansson, farmer in Luleå,
Children of Hans and Anna were born in Lulea and are two years apart:
a) Elisabet Hansdotter
b) Anna Margareta Hansdotter
c) Anders Hansson
2. Margareta Flodman, married Nils Arf
3. Henrik Flodman, farmer in Ängesby, Luleå
4. Peter Flodman, farmer in Ängesby, Luleå
5. Maria Flodman,
6. Anna Sofia Flodman, married Gabriel Håkansson, from Umeå
7. Johan Flodman, b. 16 Dec 1793 in Finska

Adelaide Havoise Auxerre b: 1003 in Of Nevers, Nierre, France
Henry I Capet King Of France b: 1008 in Rheims, Marne, France
Hugh "The Grand" France b: 1007 in France
Robert I "The Old Duke" France b: Abt 1011 in France
Adele Princess Of France b: Abt 1010 in France
Eudo (Odes) Auxerre b: 1013 in France
Constance France b: 1014 in France

Miss Sharon Williams and Douglas Lumb were married at 11 a.m. Sept. 8 inHendricks Chapel, Syracuse University. Officiating were Dean John McCombeof Hendricks Chapel and the Rev. Richard O. Sparrow of St. Luke's UnitedChurch of Christ.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Williams, Grand Island. Parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. George Lumb, 156 S. Seward Ave.
Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a gown of silk organza and Venice lace. The organza bodice was fashioned with a high neckline of Venice lace and lace inserts. The floor-length organza skirt was also trimmed with Venice lace. Her detachable train and headpiece were of Venice lace petals with pearls, attached to a three-tiered, fingertip illusion veil.
Mrs. Jacqueline Galbo was matron of honor for her sister. Bridesmaids were the Misses Arlene Becket and Cynthia Williams, sister of the bride.
Daniel O'Brien was best man. Ushers were Michael Jurkiewicz and James Brady.
The wedding reception was held at the Top of the Inn, Syracuse and a rehearsal dinner was given at Danzer's, Syracuse.
The bride is a graduate of Syracuse University and is a first year student in the Law School at Syracuse.
The bridegroom is a senior at Syracuse University.
Following a wedding trip to Oswegatchie Camp in the Adirondacks, the couple will reside at 140 Oakland St.
The Citizen-Advertiser, Auburn, 15 September 1973

Miss Vickie Elyea, daughter of Mrs. Norma. Slyea of 1 Madison Ave. becamethe bride Saturday of James Lumb, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Lumb of 156S. Seward Ave. The Rev. Richard O. Sparrow performed the 2 p.m. ceremonyin St. Luke's United Church of Christ.
Escorted by Edward E, Lumb, brother of the bridegroom, the bride wore a Victorian style gown with an empire waist, on top of lace, and long chiffon sleeves. The skirt was of satin covered with chiffon.
Mrs. Steven Weable was matron of honor for her sister. Bridesmaids, were Mrs. Thomas Beames, and Mrs. Keith Stock.
Best man was Michael Bertonica. Ushers were Douglas Lumb, brother of the bridegroom, and Keith Stock.
A rehearsal dinner was given at the home of the bridegroom's parents.
The wedding reception was held at the West End Club.
Prenuptial events were given by Miss Pat Tarby, Miss Barb O'Connor, Mrs. Keith Stock, Mrs. Beames, Mrs. Edgar Hoag, Mrs. George Lumb, Mrs. Carl Stock, Mrs. Carl Treat, and Mrs. Emma Treat.
The bride attended West High School and Auburn Community College. She is employed by Xerox Corporation in Rochester.
The bridegroom attended West High School and ACC. He is emploed by Two Guys Discount Department Store in Rochester.
After a wedding trip to Washington, DC, the couple will live at 37 Brookfield Road in Rochester.
The Citizen-Advertiser, Auburn, 2 November 1970

By 1930 they were separted and likely divorced.

1. John Hungerford b: ABT 1475
2. Elizabeth Hungerford b: ABT 1476
3. Anthony Hungerford b: 1488
4. Anne Hungerford b: ABT 1489

1. Anthony Hungerford b: ABT 1494
2. Frideswide Hungerford b: ABT 1496
3. Edward Hungerford b: ABT 1497
4. Elizabeth Hungerford b: ABT 1499

1. John Hungerford b: 1513
2. Edward Hungerford b: 1515
3. Edmund Hungerford b: ABT 1516
4. Jane Hungerford b: ABT 1518
5. Elizabeth Hungerford b: ABT 1523
6. Thomas Hungerford b: ABT 1525

1. Anthony Hungerford b: 1540 in Down Ampney, Gloucestershire, England
2. Edward Hungerford b: ABT 1535 in Down Ampney
3. Richard Hungerford b: 1542 in Down Ampney
4. Henry Hungerford b: 1544
5. Ann Hungerford b: 1546 in Down Ampney
6. Bridget Hungerford b: 1548 in Down Ampney
7. Dorothy Hungerford b: 1550 in Down Ampney
8. Mary Hungerford b: 1552 in Down Ampney
9. Susan Hungerford b: 1554 in Down Ampney

Richard Baldwin b: Abt 1504 in Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
John Baldwin b: Abt 1500 in Aylesbury
Alice Baldwin b: Abt 1502 in Aylesbury
William Baldwin b: Abt 1498 in Aylesbury
Robert Baldwin b: Abt 1490 in Astin Clinton, Buckingham, England

Otton (Eudo) De Vermandois b: Abt 946 in Vermandois, Normandy
Guy Gui De Vermandois b: Abt 948 in Vermandois
Gisla De Vermandois b: Abt 950 in Vermandois
Lindulf De Vermandois [Bis b: Abt 957 in Vermandois
Herbert III Count Of Vermandois b: Abt 955 in Vermandois

1. Calvin Baker Tupper b: 8 May 1823
2. George Henry Tupper b: 5 Jun 1824
3. Albert Arthur Tupper b: 15 Jul 1826 in Tremont, NS
4. Jordan Bowlby Tupper b: 14 Jul 1828 in Aylesford, Kings, NS, Canada
5. Mary Tamer Tupper b: 27 May 1830 in Tremont, NS
6. Harriet Amelia Tupper b: 26 Aug 1832 in Bishop's Brook, Scotts Bay, Kings, NS
7. Adelaide Tupper b: 16 Sep 1834
8. Caroline Tupper b: 15 Apr 1837
9. Ardent Calvin Tupper b: 23 Jun 1843 in Scotts Bay, Kings, NS, Canada
10. Deborah Honoria Tupper b: 15 Nov 1845 in Scott's Bay, Cornwallis, Kings, NS
11. Herbert Huestis Tupper b: 18 Aug 1848

Geoffrey I Grisegonelle Comte D' Anjou b: 11 Nov 938 in Anjou, France
Bouchard I De Vendome b: Abt 939 in Anjou, France
Agnes D' Anjou b: Abt 940 in Anjou, France
Adelaide (Blanche\Arsinde\Adele) D' Anjou b: Abt 942 in Anjou, France
Foulques Ier Seigneur De Briole b: Abt 941 in Anjou/Pays-de-la-Loire, France

1. Edward WINSLOW b: 17 Oct 1560 in St.Andrews, Droitwich
2. Richard WINSLOW b: ABT 1585 in of Draycoat, Kempsey Parish
3. Elizabeth WINSLOW

Farabert King Of The Franks b: Abt 135
Nicanor Frisia b: Abt 124
Roricus Franks b: Abt 126

1. John Hungerford b: ABT 1429
2. Bridget Hungerford b: ABT 1430
3. Catherine Hungerford b: ABT 1432
4. Anne Hungerford b: ABT 1436
5. Walter Hungerford b: ABT 1440
6. Jane Hungerford b: ABT 1442
7. Edward Hungerford b: ABT 1444
8. Lettice Hungerford b: ABT 1446
9. Edmond Hungerford b: ABT 1448
10. Alleyne Hungerford b: ABT 1449
11. Thomas Hungerford b: ABT 1450
12. Christina Hungerford b: ABT 1452

1. Edward WINSLOW b: 18 Oct 1595 in Droitwich, Worcestershire,England
2. John WINSLOW b: 16 Apr 1597 in Droitwich
3. Eleanor WINSLOW b: 22 Apr 1598 in Droitwich
4. Kenelm WINSLOW b: 29 Apr 1599 in Droitwich
5. Gilbert WINSLOW b: 26 Oct 1600 in Droitwich
6. Elizabeth WINSLOW b: 6 Mar 1603 in Droitwich
7. Magdalene WINSLOW b: 26 Dec 1604 in Droitwich
8. Josiah WINSLOW b: 11 Feb 1606 in Droitwich

1. Johanna BENJAMIN b: ABT. 1543 in Chalvington, Essex, England
2. John BENJAMIN b: 8 APR 1545 in Heathfield, Sussex
3. Henry BENJAMIN b: 28 FEB 1546/47 in Chalvington
4. Nicholas BENJAMIN b: 21 JAN 1549/50 in Chalvington
5. Sarah BENJAMIN b: 4 NOV 1552 in Chalvington
6. Thomas BENJAMIN b: 4 NOV 1552 in Chalvington

1. Arabella BENJAMIN b: ABT. 1581 in Chalvington, Heathfield, Sussex, England
2. Ann BENJAMIN b: ABT. 1583 in Chalvington
3. John III BENJAMIN b: 25 MAR 1585 in Chalvington
4. Susanna BENJAMIN b: 6 OCT 1588 in Chalvington
5. Thomas II BENJAMIN b: 23 JAN 1591/92 in Chalvington
6. Johanna BENJAMIN b: 22 JUN 1595 in Chalvington
7. Arabella BENJAMIN b: 1600 in Heathfield, Sussex, England
8. Giles (Gyles) BENJAMIN b: 6 MAY 1600 in Chalvington
9. Richard I BENJAMIN b: 18 JUL 1602 in Heathfield
10. Ann BENJAMIN b: 1604 in Heathfield

Dafydd Ap Llywelyn b: Abt 1209 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Margaret Verch Llewelyn b: 1204 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Helen Ellen Verch Llewelyn b: Abt 1215 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Angharad Verch Llewelyn b: Abt 1209 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Miss Verch Llewelyn b: Abt 1214 in Caernarvonshire, Wales

There was a very pretty wedding at St. Aloyslus' church yesterday morningat 11 o'clock when Charles J. Mahaney and Miss Maud Dashney were unitedin marriage by Rev. J. J. McGrath. The bride was dressed in a blue tailormade gown and carried white carnations. Miss Lula La May, who attendedthe bride, wore a grey suit, and carried pink carnations. H. J. Mack wasgroomsman. A wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride's mother,Mrs. Peter Dashney, No. 249 Seymour street, the immediate relatives ofthe family being present. The bride received many beautiful presents. Thebride and groom disappeared early in the evening, the groom wearing tnegroomsman's overcoat which was several sizes to small for him and thebride, as near as could be learned, was without wraps. After a longsearch an alarm was sent to the City hall to have the bell rung for lostchildren but they were finally located at 195 Seymour street before thisbecame necessary. This was a great relief to the groomsman, who wasthinking of getting out a warrant for the loss of his coat.
The Auburn Bulletin, 4 February 1904

1. Edward BARTER b: 1526 in Haxton, Fydleton Parish, Wiltshire, England
2. Roger BARTER b: Abt 1527 in Fovent, Wiltshire
3. Thomas BARTER b: Abt 1529 in Fovent
4. Christian BARTER b: Abt 1530 in Fovent

Heilyn Ap Meyrick b: Abt 1175 in Vron Goch, Wales
Elen Verch Meurig b: Abt 1171 in Monmouthshire, Wales
Madog Ap Meurig b: Abt 1168 in Monmouthshire, Wales

William Deane (A'dene) b: Abt 1502 in Of Wallingford, Berkshire, England
John Deane b: Abt 1490 in Of Wallingford, Berkshire, England
Hugh Deane (A'dene) b: Abt 1504 in Of Wallingford, Berkshire, England

Michael Denne (A'denne) b: Abt 1440 in Denne, Kent, England
Ellys Denne b: Abt 1425 in Kent, England
Parnell Denne b: Abt 1435/1445 in Kent, England
Thomas III Denne b: Abt 1442 in Kingston, Denne Hill, Kent, England

1. Nathaniel EDDY b: 30 MAR 1589 in Staplehurst, Kent, England
2. Maria (Eddy) EDDYE b: 19 SEP 1591 in Cranbrook, Kent, England
3. Phynees (Eddy) EDDYE b: 23 SEP 1593 in Cranbrook
4. John EDDY b: 27 MAR 1597 in Cranbrook
5. Ellen (Eleanor) EDDY b: 5 AUG 1599 in Cranbrook
6. Abigail (Eddye) EDDY b: 1 OCT 1601 in Cranbrook
7. Anna EDDY b: 15 MAY 1603 in Cranbrook
8. Elizabeth EDDY b: 7 DEC 1606 in Cranbrook
9. Samuel EDDY b: 15 MAY 1608 in Cranbrook
10. Benjamin EDDY b: ABT. 1610 in Cranbrook
11. Zachariah Benjamin EDDY b: ABT. 1610 in Cranbrook
12. Nathaniel (Eddy) EDDYE b: 18 JUL 1611 in Cranbrook

Isabella Denne b: Abt 1473
William Deane (A'dene) b: Abt 1470 in Of Wallingford, Berkshire, England
Thomas Denne b: 1505 in Denne, Kingstone, Kent, England

Jedediah Strong b: 7 MAY 1637 in Windsor, Hartford, CT
Thomas Strong b: ABT. 1638 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Josiah Strong b: 1639 in Hartford, CT
Return Strong b: 1641 in Taunton, Bristol, MA
Ebenezer I Strong b: 1643 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
Abigail Strong b: ABT. 1645 in Windsor
Elizabeth P. Strong b: 24 FEB 1646/47 in Windsor
Experience Strong b: 4 AUG 1650 in Windsor
Joseph Strong b: 5 AUG 1652 in Windsor
Samuel I Strong b: 5 AUG 1652 in Windsor
Mary Strong b: 26 OCT 1654 in Windsor
Sarah Strong b: 1656 in Windsor
Hannah Strong b: 30 MAY 1659 in Windsor
Hester Strong b: 7 JUN 1661 in Northampton, MA
Thankful Strong b: 25 JUL 1663 in Windsor
Jerijah Strong b: 12 DEC 1664 in NorthamptonChildren

Connie Jo Retzlaff
Deborah Kay Retzlaff
Cynthia Ann Retzloff

William Deane b: 1562 in Chardstock, Somerset, England
Eleanor Deane b: 1586 in Chardstock, Somerset, England
Joane Deane b: ABT. 1578 in Chard, Somersetshire, England

John Strong b: BET. 1605 - 1610 in Parish or Chard, Somerset, England
Eleanor Strong b: 1613 in Taunton, Somerset, England
Sarah Strong b: 1613
Thomas Strong b: ABT. 1615
Alice Strong

* David Jönsson, b. at Ängesbyn 3,
* Karin Jönsdotter, b. 1642 omk, se ana 2497.
* Brita Jönsdotter, b. 1644 at Ängesbyn 3, d. 1729.
* Dordie Jönsdotter, b. 1644 at Ängesbyn 3, d. 1716-12-00 at Ängesbyn 3,

Other Children:
Ella Nilsdotter, b. at Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix, d. 1705; m. (1) Mårten Olofsson and (2) Johan Persson
Britta Nilsdotter, b. 22 Jul 1658 at Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix, d. 15 JUN 1660 at Börjelsbyn, Nederkalix

1. Anna Miner, b. 27 Oct 1738, m. Jonathan Allen
2. Thomas Miner, b. 23 Jun 1740 m. Sarah Witter at Horton, d. 16 Jun 1801
3. Sylvanus Miner, b. 5 Oct 1742 m. Lucy Brownell, d. 9 May 1794
4. Hannah Miner, b. 2 Jan 1744/5 m. Benjamin Peck Jr at Horton
5. James Miner, b. 12 Nov 1747 m. Elizabeth Turner at Horton, d. bef.16 Jan 1826

Elisabet Larsdotter b: 13 JUN 1669 in Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix,BD
Nils Larsson b: 14 AUG 1670 in Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix,BD
Karl Larsson b: 5 NOV 1671 in Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix,BD
Anna Larsdotter b: 26 JUL 1673 in Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix,BD
Lars Larsson b: 24 FEB 1674 in Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix,BD
Henrik Larsson b: 21 OCT 1677 in Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix,BD c: 21 OCT 1677
Kerstin Larsdotter b: 6 JAN 1684 in Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix,BD
Erik Larsson b: 15 SEP 1687 in Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix,BD
Anders Larsson b: 17 AUG 1689 in Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix,BD
NN Larsdotter b: Okän in Börjelsbyn 2, Nederkalix,BD

* Henrik Larsson/Cornelius, b. 1700-08-19
* Kerstin Larsdotter, b. 1701-08-06 at Kamlunge 1,
d. 1772-09-09 at Yttermorjärv 8. m. Mickel Mickelsson.
* Nils Larsson, b. 1706-04-22 at Kamlunge 1.
* Helena Larsdotter, b. 1707-09-29 at Kamlunge 1.
* Karin Larsdotter, b. 1711-03-26 at Kamlunge 1.
* Olof Larsson, b. 1712-09-28 at Kamlunge 1

Marriage of Miss Lormore and Leroy P. Guion at SenecaFalls
Seneca Falls, April 13. -- A very pretty Wedding occurred here last evening at 7:30 o'clock at the Presbyterian Church. The contracting parties were Miss Ellen Frances Lormore, daughter of the Late Thomas J. Lormore, of Seneca Falls and Leroy Partridge Guion, son of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Guion of Chicago.
The bridal party, entered the church to the music of the wedding march from "Lohengrin." The bride was dressed in cream colored satin with pearl trimming. The bridal veil was of tulle, fastened with orange blossoms. The maid of honor, Miss Jennie D. Lormore, sister of the bride, was dressed in pink satin, covered with net, trimmed with ribbon. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Mr. Dickinson of Buffalo. At the close of the ceremony, the bridal party left the church to the music of Mendelssohnʼs wedding march.
The church decorations were Easter lillies, evergreens and smilax. Incandescent lights hung from the arches over the doors. Pink roses and smilax were used at the house, where a reception was given to a few immediate friends and relatives, among whom were General George M. Guion and wife from Chicago; Mrs. Harry S. Brooks and Miss Mary L. Johnson of Elmira; A. E. Mc Chesney and daughter, Miss Edith of Syracuse, and son, Howard and Miss Ruth Howard of St. Louis.
The newly wedded couple will visit Colorado Springs, and will then make Chicago their future home, where the Bridegroom is connected with the firm of Henion & Hubbell. Elmira Daily Gazette and Free Press, 13 April 1898

SHINGLEHOUSE, PA - Miss Cora Audine Murray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. FredMurray, became the bride of Charles Edward Hawkes, Sunday night at thehome of her parents.
The ceremony was performed by the Rev. George F. Sickenberger, pastor of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. Attending the couple were Miss Doris Murray, sister of the bride, and John Green, the bride's brother-in-law.
The bride wore a dress of blue satin with red and white trim. Her corsage was of sweet peas, red roses and babies-breath. The bridesmaid selected a blue and white dress with corsage of pink roses, sweet peas and babies-breath.
Immediately following the ceremony a reception was held for nineteen guests.
The groom has been employed by Ben Price. The couple will reside on the farm of the bride's grandfather, Carmon Freer, Plank Road.
LITTLE GENESEE - On July 14, 1996, Charles and Cora Hawkes of Little Genesee were honored with an open house at the Ceres Community Center to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.
The couple observed their anniversary on March 10, 1996, while at their winter home in Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Hawkes received about 60 guests at their open house fron NY, PA, ME, OH, and AL attending.
An anniversary quilt made by Marie Hawkes, daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Hawkes, served as a guest registrar.
Mr. and Mrs. Hawkes were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Murray of Shinglehouse, PA. Robert (John) Green, brother-in-law of the bride, was the best man and Doris Hawkes, sister of the bride, was the maid of honor.
The couple have four children, Mrs. James (Thelma) Burrows of Portville; Larry Hawkes of Bath, ME; Willard Hawkes of Atmore, AL; and Bruce Hawkes of Ceres. They also have 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchilden. In 1987, Mr. Hawkes retired from Dexter/Hysol after 17 years of service.
Mrs. Hawkes retired from AVX in 1991 after 26 years of service.

Bertha Of Burgundy b: 962 in Burgundy, France
Gerberga Of Burgundy b: 965
Matilda Countess Of Flanders b: 969
Rudolph III King Of Burgundy b: 970Children
BERTHA of Arles of Burgundy b: Abt 964 in Burgundy, France
GERBERGA b: Abt 970 in , Burgundy, , France
Gerberga of Burgundy b: 965 in Bourgogne, France
Konrad of Burgundy b: 966
Rudolf III King Of Burgundy b: 970
Mathilde of Burgundy b: 970

* Olofsdotter
* Märet Olofsdotter, b. at Korpikå 4, d. 1691-08-23 at Bondersbyn 2.
* Anna Olofsdotter, b. at Korpikå 4.
* Lisbeta Olofsdotter, b. at Korpikå 4.
* Pål Olofsson, b. 1625 at Korpikå 4, d. 1715-09-24 at Korpikå 5.

The marriage of Miss Wilma Hess and Mr. George Tix, took place onSeptember 15th at the Congregational Church at 3 o'clock with Rev. Osbomofficiating at the marriage service.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hess and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tix.
The bride wore a teal blue street length dress with navy blue accessories. She wore a corsage of roses, astors and lilies of the valley. Marie Tix, sister of the groom, attended the bride. She wore an Old Rose taffeta, street length dress with black accessories. She also wore a corsage of roses, lilies of the valley and astors.
Donald Hess, brother of the bride was bestman.
21 September 1939

1. John de BIDUN b: Abt 1156 in Lavendon
2. Matilda (Maud) de BIDUN b: Abt 1158 in Lavendon
3. Amabel (Mabel) de BIDUN b: Abt 1160 in Lavendon
4. Sara de BIDUN b: Abt 1162 in Lavendon
5. Amice de BIDUN b: Abt 1164 in Lavendon
6. Ermengarde de BIDUN b: Abt 1166 in Lavendon

Samuel Bacon b: 5 JUL 1626 in London, England
Elizabeth Bacon b: 1627
Patience Bacon b: 1631 in Ipswich, Essex, England
Elizabeth Bacon b: 1638 in Barnstable, Devonshire, England

Children of Joseph and Sarah, all of whom were born and reared in Norwich:
1. John Reynolds b. Feb. 21, 1691, d. Norwich Nov. 16, 1742; m. Dec. 6, 1720 Miss Lydia Lord
2. Mary Reynolds b. Mar. 10, 1693/94, d. Norwich Oct. 18, 1781; m. before 1717 Robert Warren, b. 1694, d. 1786
3, Joseph Reynolds b. Jan. 26, 1695/96, d. Norwich Sep. 1, 1756; m. Nov. 10, 1717 Hannah Bingham
4. Stephen Reynolds b. Sep. 27, 1698, d. Norwich Nov. 29, 1731; m. Mar. 1, 1724/25 Mary Sanford
5. Daniel Reynolds b. July 6, 1701, d. Norwich Nov. 23, 1701
6. Lydia Reynolds b. Feb. 14, 1702/03; nothing further known
7. Daniel Reynolds b. Dec. 4, 1705, d. Norwich Apr. 1, 1706/07
8. Sarah Reynolds b. June 7, 1707; m. May 11, 1725 Jonathan Caulkins

The eight known children of John and Sarah (Backus) Reynolds were
1. John Reynolds Jr. b. Lyme, CT August 1655, killed and scalped by Indians near Norwich January 28-29, 1675/76. It is not recorded that he was married, but a Mrs. Sarah Reynolds m. John Sill at Lyme Feb. 12, 1677.
2. Sarah Reynolds b. November 1656, d. Norwich May 11, 1703; m. 1685 John Post Jr. She was a widow in 1702 when her father died.
3. Susanna Reynolds b. October 1658; nothing further known, perhaps died young.
4. Joseph Reynolds b. March 1660, d. Norwich Feb. 1, 1728/29; m. 1688 Sarah Edgerton.
5. Mary Reynolds b. April 1664, d. Norwich Jan. 31, 1727/28; m. 1) 1689 John Edgerton; m. 2) 1697 Samuel Lathrop.
6. Elizabeth Reynolds b. November 1666, d. Lebanon CT Feb. 21, 1742; m. 1) Lebanon Aug. 3, 1687 Jonathan Fowler; m. 2) before 1702 Samuel Lyman.
7. Stephen Reynolds b. January 1669, d. Norwich Dec. 19, 1687, aged almost 19.
8. Lydia Reynolds b. February 1671, d. Windham CT Jan. 7, 1756; m. Mar. 2, 1693/94 Benjamin Millard. He, in 1700, was allowed "to set up the trade and employment of tanning." Benjamin Millard of Bear Hill, Norwich CT, bought his land of Thomas Leffingwell, a thousand-acre allotment, at the horse-shoe, a part of which is still held by his descendants.

1. Ann de BOOTH b: Abt 1380 in Barton
2. Henry de BOOTH b: Abt 1385 in Barton
3. Thomas de BOOTH b: Abt 1387 in Barton
4. Alice de BOOTH b: Abt 1388 in Barton
5. William de BOOTH b: Abt 1389 in Barton
6. Katherine de BOOTH b: Abt 1391 in Barton
7. Margaret de BOOTH b: Abt 1393 in Barton
8. Matthew BOOTH b: Abt 1395 in Barton

Mary Strong b: 19 MAY 1701
Joseph Strong b: 9 MAY 1703
Josiah Strong b: 17 AUG 1705
Samuel Strong b: 11 FEB 1712/13

1. John BOOTH b: Abt 1353 in Barton
2. Thomas BOTHE b: Abt 1355 in Barton
3. Mary BOOTH b: Abt 1357 in Barton

Ahir Porter F 29 Sep 1799 in Cornwallis
Alice Porter M 29 Sep 1799 in Cornwallis
Mary Porter F 15 Jul 1801 in Cornwallis
Sarah Porter F 13 May 1803 in Cornwallis
Miner Porter M 14 May 1805 in Cornwallis
Eliza Porter F 26 Jun 1807 in Cornwallis
Amy Porter F 24 Sep 1809 in Cornwallis
Leonard L Porter M 18 Dec 1811 in Cornwallis
Randal Lawrence Porter M 15 Oct 1813 in Cornwallis
Eunice Melita Porter F 6 Aug 1816 in Cornwallis
Nancy Porter F 28 Jan 1819 in Cornwallis

1. Sarah Miner, b. 31 Jul 1766, married Charles DeWolfe 25 May 1791
2. Ann Miner, b. 11 Feb 1768, married Moses Stephens 17 Sep 1789
3. Amy Miner, b. 7 Sep 1770, married John Porter 18 Dec 1794, d. 22 Mar 1866
4. Thomas Griffin Miner, b. 20 May 1773, married Lavinia Hamilton 28 Aug 1798, d. 22 Jan 1867
4. Samuel Miner, b. 17 Dec 1775, d. 16 Feb 1830 at sea
5. Eunice Miner, b. 11 Aug 1778, married Luther Porter 17 Dec 1798
6. Jerusha Miner, b. 8 Mar 1781, married Aaron Cleveland 14 Jun 1804
7. Prudence Miner, b. 24 Jun 1783, married William Cleveland
8. Elijah Daniel Miner, b. 16 Jun 1786, married Letty Bishop and secondly Sarah Bishop, died 15 Feb 1831
9. Benjamin Miner, b. 20 Jul 1789, unmarried, d. abt. 1839
10. Jacob Griffin Miner, b. 13 Mar 1792, unmarried, d. abt.1818 at sea

1. John BENJAMIN b: 11 SEP 1620 in Cranbrook
2. Richard BENJAMIN b: ABT. 1622 in Cranbrook
3. Abigail BENJAMIN b: 1624 in Cranbrook
4. Joshua BENJAMIN b: 1624 in Cranbrook
5. Mary BENJAMIN b: 10 APR 1626 in Cranbrook
6. Samuel BENJAMIN b: 1628 in Cranbrook
7. Caleb BENJAMIN b: ABT. 1630 in Cranbrook
8. Abel BENJAMIN b: ABT. 1632 in Cranbrook
9. Joseph BENJAMIN b: 16 SEP 1633 in Watertown, Middlesex, MA

Lydia WARNER b: 9 Feb 1702 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Abigail WARNER b: 6 Feb 1704 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Elizabeth WARNER b: 9 Apr 1706 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Mehitable WARNER b: 9 Aug 1708 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
DOWNING WARNER b: 14 Dec 1710 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Mark WARNER b: 21 Dec 1712 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Mary WARNER b: 24 May 1715 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Daniel WARNER b: 1717 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Naomi WARNER b: 26 Sep 1719 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Elisha WARNER b: 25 Oct 1722 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass
Lucy WARNER b: 25 Sep 1724 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass

Mary Woodford Sheldon b: 4 SEP 1654 in Windsor, Hartford, CT
Isaac Sheldon b: 4 SEP 1656
John Sheldon b: 5 DEC 1658 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Thomas Sheldon b: 6 AUG 1661 in Windsor
Ruth Sheldon b: 27 AUG 1663 in Windsor
Thankful Sheldon b: 27 AUG 1663 in Windsor
Mindwell Sheldon b: 24 FEB 1664/65 in Windsor
Joseph Sheldon b: 1 FEB 1667/68 in Northampton
Ebenezer Sheldon b: 1 MAR 1677/78 in Northampton

Mary Ford b: ABT. 1612 in Powerstock, Dorset, England
Joanna Ford b: 8 JUN 1617 in Dorcester, Drst, Eng
Thomas Ford b: 21 SEP 1623 in Bridport, Dorset, England
Hepzibah Ford b: 15 MAY 1625 in Dorchester, Dorset, England
Mary Ford b: 1627 in Dorchester, Dorset, Eng
Hannah Ford b: 1 FEB 1628/29 in Dorchester, Dorset, England
Abigail Ford b: ABT. 1616 in England

Edmund I King of Scotland
Ethelred Abbot of Dunkeld
Edward of Scotland
Edgar King of Scotland b: ABT. 1074
Alexander I King of Scotland b: ABT. 1078
Matilda Edith of Scotland b: ABT. 1079
Mary of Scotland b: 1080
David I King of Scotland b: ABT. 1083 in Scotland

Malcolm b: AFT. 1113
Henry Earl Of Huntingdon b: 1114 in Scotland

Malcolm IV The Maiden King of Scotland b: 20 MAR 1141/42
William The Lion King of Scotland b: 1143
Margaret of Huntingdon, Countess Of Hereford b: ABT. 1145 in Northumberland
Ada Princess o Scotland b: 1146 in Huntingdon England
David Earl of Huntingdon b: ABT. 1147 in Scotland
Maud Matilda of Huntingdon b: 1148
Marjory of Huntingdon b: 1152

Robert Of Huntingdon b: ABT. 1191
Henry Of Huntingdon b: 1193
Isabella Of Huntingdon b: ABT. 1199
John The Scot Of Huntingdon b: 1207 in Scotland
Ada De Huntingdon b: ABT. 1215
Margaret Of Huntingdon b: 1145

1. John le STRANGE b: 18 May 1282 in Blakemere, Hereford
2. Elizabeth le STRANGE b: Abt 1298
3. Eubolo le STRANGE b: Abt 1286 in Ellesmere, Shropshire
4. Hamon le STRANGE b: Abt 1293 in Hunstanton, Norfolk
5. Matilda STRANGE b: 1306 in , Ellesmere, Shropshire, England

* Elin Eliasdotter, b. 1642 at Övermorjärv 6, Nederkalix (BD),
d. 1736 at Brännan 3, Överkalix (BD). m. Lars Larsson at Brännan 3.
* Karin Eliasdotter, b. 1646 at Övermorjärv 6, Nederkalix (BD),
d. 1723-06-22 at Pålänge 6, Nederkalix (BD). m. Måns Jakobsson.
* Sigrid Eliasdotter, b. 1652

Gwladus Verch Llywarch b: Abt 1098 in Pembroke, Montgomershire, Wales
Robert Ap Llywarch b: Abt 1100 in Arwystle, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Elen Verch Llywarch b: Abt 1102 in Arwystle
Iorwerth Ap Llywarch b: Abt 1104 in Arwystle
Maredudd Ap Llywarch b: Abt 1106 in Arwystle
Madog Ap Llywarch b: Abt 1108 in Arwystle

Malcolm III Canmore King of Scotland b: 1031
Donald III King of Scotland
Maelmuire of Scotland b: 1035

Llywarch Ap Trahaearn b: Abt 1070 in Arwystli, Powys, Wales
Meurig Ap Trahaearn b: Abt 1071 in Of Arwystle
Owain Ap Trahaearn b: 1071 in Arwystli
Griffri Ap Trahaearn b: Abt 1073 in Of Arwystle
Ednowain Ap Trahaearn b: Abt 1074 in Arwystli
Ieuan Ap Trahaearn b: Abt 1076 in Of Arwystle
Madog Ap Trahaearn b: Abt 1076 in Of Arwystle

Mary Roote b: 21 DEC 1600 in Badby, Northampton, England
Susannah Roote b: 18 OCT 1603 in Badby
Thomas Roote b: 16 JAN 1604/05 in Badby
John Root b: 26 FEB 1606/07 in Badby

Christina Nun of Romsey
Saint Margaret Queen of Scotland b: 1045 in Hungary
Edgar Atheling King of England b: 1051
Matilda Princess of England b: 1070

Maredudd Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1055 in Of Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales
Nesta Verch Gruffudd b: Abt 1056 in Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales
Idwal Ap Gruffudd b: Abt 1057 in Of Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales
Maredudd Ap Gruffydd King Of Powys
Ithell Ap Gruffydd

Mary Bridgman b: 15 Mar 1671/72 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Baby Bridgman b: 23 Dec 1675 in Northampton
John Bridgman b: 20 Oct 1675 in Northampton
Deliverance Bridgman b: 17 Mar 1676/77 in Northampton
James Bridgman b: 1678 in Northampton
Isaac Bridgman b: 29 Mar 1680 in Northampton
Sarah Bridgman b: 1681/82 in Northampton
Ruth Bridgman b: 29 Aug 1684 in Northampton
Ebenezer Bridgman b: 4 Feb 1686 in Northampton
Thomas Bridgman b: 7 Jan 1688 in Northampton
Martha Bridgman b: 13 Aug 1690 in Northampton
Hannah Bridgman b: 24 Oct 1693 in Northampton
Dorothy Bridgman b: 4 Oct 1697 in Northampton
Orlando Bridgman b: 18 Sep 1701 in Northampton

Gwladys "Ddu" Verch Llewelyn b: Abt 1205 in Caemarvonshire, Wales
Gwenllian "Las" Verch Llywelyn b: Abt 1196 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Gruffydd Ap Llewelyn b: Abt 1207 in Gwynedd, Caernarvonshire, Wales

Blanchard L. Porter was witness to the wedding.

Aufrica Of Galloway b: WFT Est 1120 in Wigtown, Galloway, Scotland
Gilbert Lord Of Galloway b: Abt 1122 in Wigtown, Galloway, Scotland
Bethoc Macfergus b: Abt 1124 in Row Castle, Galloway, Bedrule Parish, Scotland
Margaret De Galloway b: Abt 1130 in Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland
Uchtred Lord Of Galloway b: 1125 in Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland

Gwenllian Verch Owain b: Abt 1125 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Iorwerth "Drwyndwn" Ap Owain b: 1145 in Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales
Maelgwn Ap Owain b: Abt 1126 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Rhirid Ap Owain b: Abt 1132 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Cynan Ap Owain b: Abt 1140 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Madog Ap Owain b: Abt 1142 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Cadell Ap Owain b: Abt 1143 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Einion Ap Owain b: Abt 1144 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Cynwrig I Ap Owain b: Abt 1145 in Caernarvonshire, Wales
Rhodri Ap Owain Gwynedd
Margred Verch Owain Gruffudd b: 1123 in Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales
Gwenllian II Verch Owain b: Abt 1135 in Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales

They had the following children:
1. Joseph (~1640-1711)
2. Thomas (~1644-1694)
3. Hezekiah (~1645-1690)
4. John (1646-1677)
5. Jonathan (~1648-1741)
6. Sarah (~1660-1718)
7. Jacob (1661-1731)

They had the following children:
1. Hannah. Born on 9 Jul 1662 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA.
She married John HUTCHINSON, on 27 Dec 1682.
2. Joseph (1664-1690)
3. Thomas (1667-1726)
4. John (1669-1710)
5. Sarah. Born on 4 Mar 1671 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA. Died in 1671.
6. Sarah. Born on 4 Mar 1672 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA.
She married Samuel HUTCHINSON, in May 1691. Born ca 1666. Died on 17 Apr 1757.
7. Hope (1675-1750)
8. Hezekiah (1677-1766)

Edmund and Hannah had three children:
Hannah married Joseph Root 30 Dec 1660;
Sarah married Enos Kingsley 15 Jun 1662;
Ruth married a Eleazer Hawes of Dorchester 23 Feb 1670.

They had the following children:
1. Hezekiah (1714-1792)
2. Dorothy. Born on 7 Oct 1715.She married Charles PHELPS, on 24 Apr 1740.
3. Simeon (1718-1752)
4. Martha. She married John MILLER.
5. Jemima. Born on 1 Apr 1722. She married ALLEN.
6. Hannah.
7. Miriam. Died on 20 Feb 1736.
8. Joseph (1728-)
9. Esther. Born on 14 Sep 1747.
10. Orlando (1734-1805)


Mary, b. February 3, 1654/5; Saybrook, Middlesex, CT
Elizabeth, b. December 25, 1657; Saybrook, Middlesex, CT
Anne, b. September 24, 1659; Saybrook, Middlesex, CT
John, b. June 12, 1662; Norwich, New London, CT
Richard, b. March 10, 1664/5; Norwich, New London, CT
Sarah, b. April 1667; Norwich, New London, CT
Samuel, b. May 1670; Norwich, New London, CT
Lydia, b. April 1675; Norwich, New London, CT
Joseph, b. March 8, 1676/7; Norwich, New London, CT

Juliana Bardolf born Abt 1168 Of Tockington, Gloucestershire, England
Beatrice Bardolf born Abt 1198 Of Great Carleton, Lancashire, England
Cecilia Bardolf born Abt 1178 Of Great Carleton, Lincoln, England
Matilda Bardolf born Abt 1180 Of Great Carleton, Lincoln, England
Hugh Bardolf born Abt 1172 Of Great Carlton, Lincolnshire, England
Robert Bardolf born Abt 1174 Of Great Carlton, Lincolnshire, England
Daughter Bardolf born Abt 1182 Of Great Carlton, Lincolnshire, England

Warren CHAMBERLAIN b: 17 JUL 1829 in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii
Jeremiah Evarts CHAMBERLAIN b: 5 FEB 1831 in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii
Maria Jane CHAMBERLAIN b: 25 APR 1832 in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii
Martha Ann Jenkins CHAMBERLAIN b: 24 JUN 1833 in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii
James Patton CHAMBERLAIN b: 9 JUN 1835 in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii
Levi Tenney CHAMBERLAIN b: 30 APR 1837 in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii
Isabella CHAMBERLAIN b: 3 NOV 1838 in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii
Sarah Eliza CHAMBERLAIN b: 19 JUN 1843 in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii

1. Joan WORSELEY b: Abt 1307 in Barton
2. Richard de WORSELEY b: Abt 1309 in Barton
3. Robert de WORSELEY b: Abt 1312 in Barton
4. Geoffrey de WORSELEY b: Abt 1323 in Barton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Coley Sr., Umatilla, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Sept. 22 with their family. They also plan to take a cruise to the Mexican Riviera. They were married Sept. 22, 1951, in the Episcopal church in Springfield, Mass. Their children are Robert E. Coley Jr., Glen David Coley, Dale Preston Coley, all of Umatilla, and Bradford Duncan Coley, Rapid City, S.D. They have 11 grandchildren. He is retired from the produce business. She is employed by Watson Realty Corp., DeLand.
Orlando Sentinel, 4 November 2001

1. Galindon II Aznar, Count of Aragon (d 922)
m1. Acibella of Gascony (dau of Garcia I, Duke of Gascony)
a) Redemptus, Bishop
b) Miron of Aragon
c) Toda of Aragon m. Bernardo I, Count of Ribagorza
m2. Sancha of Pamplona (dau of Garcia II, King of Pamplona)
d) Andregoto, Countess of Aragon (d 972) m. Garcia III, King of Navarre (d 919, d 970)
e) Velasquita of Aragon m. Inigo Lopez de Estigi
2. Garcia Aznar of Aragon
3. Urraca of Aragon m. (sp) Sancho I, King of Navarre (d 11.12.925)
4. Sancha of Aragon m. Muhammad Ali Tawill, King of Huesca

Matilda Brereton b: ABT. 1298 in Brereton, Cheshire, England
Margery Brereton b: ABT. 1300 in Brereton
William de Brereton b: ABT. 1301 in Brereton

Possible child is Barbara Kay Kramer, born 11 April 1937 in Los AngelesCounty, CA.

Miss Jacqueline Spencer Knapp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Knappof Greenfield, Mass., was married to D. Stuart MacAusland, formerly ofWilton, son of Mrs. Edith S. MacAusland of Ashley Falls, Mass. and DonaldMacAusland of Hampden, Mass., on Friday, June 7, at the Holy TrinityChurch in Greenfield.
Bridesmaids were Joan and Jennifer Knapp, sisters of the bride. Lynne Lamborn, Kathv Allen and Ann MacAusland, sister of the bridegroom.
Ushers were Stephen and Theodore MacAusland, cousins of the bridegroom, Lawrence Meads, formerly of Wilton and Jeffrey Knapp, brother of the bride, Peter MacAusland was best man for his brother.
The bride, an alumna of Green Mountain (Vt) College, attended Ohio Northern College and graduated from the Katherine Gibbs School in New York City. She was a marketing assistant at Ballinger Publishing Company in Cambridge, Mass. prior to her marriage.
Mr. MacAusland, an alumnus of the Wooster School in Danbury, attended George Washington' University in Washington, D.C. and graduated from North Adams State College. He is assistant manager of C.I.T. Financial Services in Pittsfield, Mass.
After a wedding trip to Acapulco, Mexico, the couple will live in Lenox, Mass.
Bulletin, Wilton, CT, 19 June 1974

RED BANK - St. Anthony's Catholic Church was the setting here Saturdayfor the marriage of Miss Maryann Peluso to John W. Hance, son of Mr. andMrs. Winfield W. Hance, 401 Branch Ave., Little Silver. The pastor, Msgr.Salvatore DiLorenzo, officiated.
The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth B. Peluso, 19 Willow St., and the late Saverio Peluso. She was escorted by her uncle, William Stubbs of Little Silver, and wore a longsleeved gown of candlelight white satin edged with floral lace on the Empire waistline and chapel train. The reception was in the Paddock Lounge, Long Branch.
Miss Debra Peluso, at home, was maid of honor for her sister. Bridesmaids were the Misses Linda Menna; Nancy Eckel and Marie LoPresti, all of Red Bank. Flower girl was Nancy Knight, Belford, niece of the bride.
Robert Hance, Red Bank, was best man for his brother. Ushers were another brother, Charles Hance; Warren Colville, Middletown, and Saverio Anthony Peluso, brother of the bride, Robert S. Chiafullo, nephew of the bride, was ring bearer.
Mr. and Mrs. Hance are graduates, of Red Bank High School. She is employed at Katsin's Pharmacy, Red Bank, and he is with the Keansburg National Bank, Middletown. Mr. Hance attended Monmouth College and is a member of the U.S. Army Reserve. They will live in Red Bank after a trip to Florida,
The Daily Register, 22 April 1968

RED BANK - Announcement
Is made hy Dr. and Mrs.- Vincent J. Fazio, 104 Maple Ave., of the engagement of their daughter, Miss Maredith M. Fazio, to Robert W. Hance, son of Mr. and Mrs. Winfield W. Hance, 401 Branch Ave., Little Silver.
Miss Fazio, a graduate of Red Bank High School, la a senior at Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA. An education and Spanish major, she is a candidate for a bachelor of arts degree, and is a member of Si-Oui-Ya, the honorary language society.
Mr. Hance is an alumnus ot St. Andrew's Preparatory School, Middletown, Del., where he was graduated cum laude. A senior at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, he will receive his bachelor of arts degree in February. He is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.
The Daily Register, 28 December 1964

Iorwerth Ap Cadwgon b: Abt 1020 in Buillth, Breconshire, Wales
Joan Verch Cadwgon b: 1022 in Radnorshire, Wales
Cadwallon ap Cadwgan b: Abt 1018

Tupper -- Veinotte / Auburn, Nov. 7 - At the United Church parsonage,Saturday evening, November 3, Daphne Gertrude Veinotte, daughter of Mrand Mrs Stuart Arthur Veinotte, East Dalhousie, and Allison MurrayTupper, son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Tupper, Millville, were united inmarriage by Rev S G MacQueen. The bride wore a navy dress with navyaccessories. They were attended by Miss Marguerite Keddy and RussellRobart.

The Register,
Thursday Evening, December 3, 1908.
A very quiet but pretty wedding took place at Rutland Street, Boston, on November 20th, when Mr. Lea Newcombe, formerly of Canning, was united in marriage with Miss Nellie Robinson, daughter of the late Mr. James Robinson, of Black Rock. The ceremony was preformed by the Rev. J. Wreston.
The bride wore a suite of pretty blue broadcloth with hat to match, and carried a bouquet of pinks and carnations. After the ceremony the happy couple departed for their home at Grove Hall. The bride will be greatly missed by numerous friends in Cornwallis.

In 1910 the census shows that she had had 4 children with only 2 serving.

Reynold de Grey born 1362 Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales d; 18 Oct 1440
John Grey born about 1365 Ruthin
Catherina Grey born about 1366 Ruthin
Edith (Ida) de Grey born about 1368 Ruthin d. 1 Jun 1426
Alianore de Grey born about 1370 Charlecote, Warwickshire

Married in July

Probably married in Chippewa County.

Plainfield - Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church "was the setting hereSaturday for the wedding of Miss Nancy Bandolph Madsen, daughter of Mr.and Mrs. John Edward Madsen, of Plainfield and Bay Head, to Charles EllisHance of Little Silver and New York City. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.Winfield White Hance, 401 Branch Ave.; Little Silver.
The Rev. Dr. Charles L. Mead officiated.
A reception was held in the Plainfield Country Club.
Miss Sarah Madsen Genung was the maid of honor for her cousin. Also attending the bride were Mrs. Ronald Fogan, Mrs. Henry Dell Manley 3d, Mrs. Henry B. Laidlaw 3d, Miss Ann M. Gonder and Miss Elizabeth M. Perkins.
John W. Hance was his brother's best man. Ushers were Warren S. and Robert V. Hance, brothers of the bridegroom; Or. John E, Madsen Jr. and Mads Peter Madsen 2d, brothers of the bride; Brewster B. Perkins, Henry B. Laidlaw 3d and Frederick M. Genung 2d, cousin of the bride.
Mrs. Hance is a graduate of the Cartridge School, Plainfield; Bennett, Junior College, Millbrook, N. Y., and Jackson College of Tufts University, Medford, Mass. She is a member of the Junior League of Plainfield, and was presented at the League Cotillion. She is on the, faculty of St. Luke's School of Trinity Parish, New York City.
Mr. Hance, an alumnus of St. Andrew's School, Middletown, Del., Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., and Columbia Law School, N. Y., is a member of St. Anthony Club, New York City. He is a member of the New York law firm, Carter, Ledyard and Millburn, and is a private in the U. S. Army Reserve, Ft. Hancock.
The couple will reside in New York City.
THE DAILY REGISTER, 2 December 1968

Thomas Webster b: 24 NOV 1616 in Cossington, Leicester, England
Anne Webster b: 29 JUL 1621 in Leicestershire, England
Mary Webster b: 30 MAR 1623 in England

Joy Lynne Wilson
Timothy Peter Wilson
Jonathan Andrew Wilson
Judith Louise Wilson
Seth Carl Wilson
Leta Ruth Wilson
Ben Orrin Wilson
Dora Sue Wilson
Rebecca Ann Wilson
Lois Jeannette Wilson b: 5/16/1944 in Bentonville, Benton, AR

They renewed their vows Feb 13, 1879 in Edgartown.

Windesmode Of Salins b: Abt 927 in France
Milo III Comte De Tonnerre b: Abt 937 in Tonnerre, Yonne, Bourgogne, France
Humbert II Of Salins b: Abt 930 in Salins, , France

1. William II de Ros b: ABT 1240 in Ingmanthorpe, Kirk Deighton
2. Robert de Ros b: 1233 in Helmsley Castle, North Ride
3. Lucy de Ros b: ABT 1225 in Helmsley Castle, North Ride
4. Alexander de Ros
5. Herbert de Ros

Dr. and Mrs. Roger Chambers, Orlando, announce the engagement of theirdaughter, Leslie Beth, to Clark Shannon Wood, son of Mr. and Mrs. KennethWood, Tonawanda, N.Y. The wedding is planned for May 7. She graduatedfrom Winter Park High School and Florida Christian College, Kissimmee. Hegraduated from Tonawanda High School and State University of New York atBuffalo.
Orlando Sentinal, 28 January 1988

1. Joan de Ros b: ABT 1256 in Helmsley Castle, North Ride
2. William III de Ros b: ABT 1255 in Helmsley Castle, North Ride
3. Mary de Ros b: ABT 1253 in Helmsley Castle, North Ride
4. Isabel de Ros b: 1256 in Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire

Ebenezer Sheldon b: 1702
Noah Sheldon b: 1706
Stephen Sheldon b: 2 FEB 1708/09 in Southampton, Hampshire, MA
Israel Sheldon b: 1715
Moses Sheldon b: 1716
Hesther Sheldon b: 12 MAR 1718/19 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Elias Sheldon b: 1721
Mary Sheldon b: 1724

1. Carloman of BAVARIA b: ABT. 828 in ?
2. Louis the YOUNGER b: 830
3. Charles III "The FAT" b: 839 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany

Their children were:
* Garćıa Raḿırez (the Restorer), King of Navarre
* Alfonso, lord of Castroviejo
* Estefania, wife of count Fruela D́ıaz
* Elvira, wife of count Rodrigo Gómez and mother of Gonzalo Ruiz of Bureba

Charles The Younger Duke Of Ingelheim b: 772 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia
Pepin Carloman b: Bef 12 Apr 781 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia
Adelheid Holy Roman Empire b: 774 in Of Pavie, , Italy
Rotrude Carolingian b: Abt 775 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia
Bertha Of France b: 776 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia
Louis I "The Pious" France b: Aug 778 in Chasseneuil, Lot-Et-Garonne Near Poitiers, Aquitaine, France
Lothaire Holy Roman Empire b: Aug 778 in Casseneuil, Lot-Et-Garonne, , France
Gisele Holy Roman Empire b: 781 in Milano, Lombardy, , Italy
Hildegard Holy Roman Empire b: 782 in Of Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
Duodene (Dhoude) Liegarde b: Abt 783 in Aachen, Rheinland, Prussia

Abigail BARTLETT b: ABT 1639 in Hartford, Hartford, CT
Samuel BARTLETT b: 1640 in Hartford
Nathaniel BARTLETT b: 1643 in Hartford died: 8 DEC 1691in Northampton
Deborah BARTLETT, b. 8 Mar 1646 Hartford CT, d. 12 Nov 1711Hatfield MA,
m. 22 Nov 1668 John COWLES Jr., b. 18 Mar 1646 Hatfield MA, d. 12 May 1711 Hatfield

Renaud Comte De Bar-Sur-Seine b: Abt 855 in Auxerre, Yonne, Bourgogne, France
Adela De Auxerre b: Abt 856 in Auxerre, Yonne, Bourgogne, France
Monassas I Count Of Chalons b: Abt 866 in Chalons-Sur-Marne, Marne, Champagne, France

Hieronymous Martell
Jerome Of The Franks
Pepin III "The Short" King Of Franks b: 714 in Austrasia, France
Carloman I King Of The Franks b: Abt 715 in Austrasia, Flanders, Belgium
Childtrude (Hiltrude) Bavaria b: 716 in Austrasia, France
Bernard Duke Of Franks b: Abt 720 in Austrasia, France
Auda Aldane Martel b: WFT Est 738 in France

Paul J. and Nellie M. Creel celebrated their 70th wedding anniversaryNov. 1 with an open house at the Talent Community Hall.
Hosts of the event, with approximately 125 friends, family members and neighbors attending, were their children, Colleen Ferns of Prospect, Paulette Hendrickson of Medford and Dennis Creel of Salem.
Paul J. Creel married Nellie M. Rowe on Nov. 1, 1938, in Dufur. They had a short service in a little church with only their families in attendance.
Paul and Nellie's first home was a ranch in Dufur, where Paul plowed the fields with a team of eight horses and Nellie fed a crew of a dozen ranch hands. Their first daughter, Colleen, was born there. When the war broke out, they moved to Seattle to lend their efforts to World War II. While Paul was working at Sand Point Naval Air Station, Nellie gave birth to their second daughter, Paulette. They missed their family in Oregon, so they moved to Eastern Oregon. The winters were so cold that they decided to try the warmer, milder climate of Southern Oregon.
In 1949, with two little girls, Paul and Nellie moved to the little house on what is now Creel Road, just outside of Talent, and decided that the pears, apples and sunshine of the Rogue Valley would be a perfect fit for their family. A few years later, their only son, Dennis, was born.
Paul and Nellie have been active in 4-H Clubs, Girl Scout and Boy Scout Clubs and church youth programs supporting their children. With high school came Band Boosters, and Pep Club programs as well as basketball games and school meetings. Paul has been very active in the Talent Community Town Hall meetings voicing his opinions on several projects important to the people of the community.
He worked at Boise Cascade's sawmill for many years and retired from that company in the 1970s.
Nellie was a stay-at-home mom, ready with a hot breakfast and cookies after school. They have both been active in the Christian Church in Ashland, and have attended the Talent Bible Church.
In addition to their children, the Creels have eight grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.
Mail Tribune, 16 November 2008

Lluddica Ap Tudur b: Abt 930 in Denbighshire, Wales
Gronwy Ap Tudur b: Abt 924 in Denbighshire, Wales
Dingad Ap Tudur b: Abt 946 in Denbighshire, Wales

Richard de Grey b. abt 1148 Thurrock, Essex, England
Eva de Grey b. abt 1164 Stanlac, Oxfordshire, England died about 1242
John de Grey b. abt 1160 Cornwell, Oxfordshire died after 1192
Alice de Grey b. abt 1162 Rotherfield, Oxfordshire

Thomas Corbet b: 1182 in Caus, Shropshire, England
Margaret Corbet b: Abt 1188 in Wattlesboro, Shropshire, England
Robert Corbet b: 1184
William Corbet b: Abt 1190 in Wattlesboro, Shropshire, England
Hugh (Grysetaille) Corbet b: 1186
Alan Corbet b: 1192
Alicia (Hawise) Corbet b: 1194
Ffelis Corbet b: 1196

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy of RD 3, Smethport, PA, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss Heather Nicole Murphy, to Dean A. Mitchell. He is the son of Mrs. Caroline Mitchell of 103 Hilton Ave., Smethport, and the late William Mitchell.
The bride-to-be is a 1988 graduate of Smethport Area High School and has completed her freshman year at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. Her fiancé graduated from Smethport Area High School in 1987 and is on delayed enlistment with the Air Force.
A July 15 wedding is planned.

Anschetil de Grey
Turgis De Grey born Abt 1137 Of Rotherfield, Oxfordshire, England
Thomas De Grey born: Abt 1139 in Rotherfield
William Grey born Abt 1141 in Rotherfield
Robert De Grey born Abt 1143 in Rotherfield

WASHINGTON, D. C. - Miss Joan Hance, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Winfield W.Hance, 401
Branch Ave., Littto Silver, was married here Aug. 27 in St. Paul's Lutheran Church to Ronald F. Fogan, son of Mr. and Mrs, W. A. Fogan of Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fogan, brother and sister-in-law of the bridegroom, were the attendants. The bride attended Southern Seminary, Buena Vista, Va., and Bennett College, Millbrook, N. Y.
Mr. Fogan is a graduate of the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, L. I.
The couple will make home In Washington.
The Red Bank Register, 6 Sept 1961

SHINGLEHOUSE - Miss Caroline Viola Hawkes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Hawkes, Shinglehouse, was united in marriage with William James Mitchell, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell, Shinglehouse, at the Methodist Parsonage, Shinglehouse.
Rev. Roy Black, pastor, performed the ceremony. Mrs. Roy Black and Babbit Harris, both of Shinglehouse, attended the couple.
The bride chose a blue suit with white accessories and a corsage of yellow pompoms.
Mrs. Mitchell attended Oswayo Valley High School and the bridegroom attended Smethport High School.
A bridal shower was given by Mrs. Robert Buchanan, sister of the bride.


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